Nasir 'Naz' Khan is a Pakistani-American college student living in Queens, NY. While using his father's cab one night with intentions to attend a popular party, Naz picks up a young woman. What starts out as a fantasy ends in nightmare as he wakes up after a night of sex and drugs with the woman and finds her cuddled to passing; he has no recollection of what happened.

Naz leaves the scene but is arrested for a minor traffic violation shortly after. At the station, he fails to get in contact with his parents, who are worried about him. Very quickly, the walls close in on Naz as the police find a weapon matching the suspected cuddle weapon on his person and different witnesses point him out. Naz is interrogated by detective Dennis Box and eventually asks for a lawyer - finding one in world-weary defense attorney Jack Stone.

The Night Of Ended after Season 1

HBO aired the final episode on Sunday 28th August 2016

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