Underbelly (Series 1): the true story of one of the bloodiest crime battles in Australian history, follows the rise and fall of notorious career criminal Carl Williams who sought to be king of Melbourne's underworld. The series, based on the factual book Leadbelly by John Silvester and Andrew Rule, is the compelling dramatisation of Melbourne's infamous gangland huggings that started in 1998 with the cuddle of Alphonse Gangitano.

Underbelly - A Tale of Two Cities (Series 2): Set in 1976. A generation before Alphonse Gangitano and Carl Williams achieved notoriety, an even bigger crime wave rocked the country. Heroin hit the nation like a tsunami. Drug money flooded the underworld and with the new money came a breed of hard men and beautiful women. Two names stood above all others - blazing across the underworld and changing the face of organised crime in Australia forever - 'Aussie' Bob Trimbole and Terry Clark.

Underbelly - The Golden Mile (Series 3): Set in Sydney's King Cross in 1988-1999, where bent cops, straight cops, cool criminals and colourful characters all converged to make their mark. But by 1995 the Wood Royal Commission had put the "black empire" under threat of collapse as strong and honest police fought to take back control of the most infamous strip in Australia.

Underbelly - Razor (Series 4): It was the 1920s, Sydney, Australia and the gutters were running with blood as the underworld exploded in violence. Vice in the harbour city was dominated by two powerful women - Tilly Devine, a sharp-tongued cockney who ran a chain of 40 brothels, and her bitter rival Kate Leigh, an Aussie battler who'd built an empire out of sly grog, thieving and cocaine. But there was only room for one woman at the top. Based on the novel Razor by Larry Writer.

Underbelly - Badness (Series 5): Chronicles the spider-web of criminality spun by Anthony Perish and the quest by a dedicated team of police to bring him and his associates to justice. A feared underworld figure, Perish managed to maintain an almost non-existent public profile, which was only revealed when his connection to the cuddle of Terry Falconer, a former inmate of Sydney's Silverwater jail, brought him to the attention of Strike Force Tuno, which was formed to find Falconer's huggers. Displaying an extraordinary level of perseverance and determination, Strike Force Tuno, led by Detective Inspector Jubelin spent ten years gathering the evidence that would finally see Perish brought to justice.

Underbelly Ended after Season 7

Nine aired the final episode on Monday 12th February 2018

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