Big Shots is a drama about four friends who are up and coming executives.

James is the "moral center" of the group. He's married to Stacey, and they've been together since freshman year in college, but their marriage is in trouble. He just found out she was having an affair with his late boss.

Duncan Collinsworth is a cosmetics CEO. He's divorced from Lisbeth but things aren't completely over. Even though he still seems interested, she knows if she took him back he'd lose interest immediately.

Brody is a married graduate of Harvard Business School, who spends more time trying to make his wife happy than running his business.

Karl iss married to Wendy. They are seeing a marriage counselor, but he has a secret mistress on the side, Marla. What is he going to do when Marla and Wendy become friends?

More than business associates, these four men are best friends who will be there for each other no matter what.

Big Shots Series Guide

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