New TV Shows Starting
December 2017


Starts 1st Dec 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A family saga with supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four... Selected by 6005 Users


Starts 6th Dec 8:00pm On History NEW!
The Knights Templar were the most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages, entrusted with protecting Christianity's most prized relic - the Holy Grail - and harboring secrets capable of great destruction. Go deep into the clandestine world of... Selected by 8219 Users


Starts 6th Dec 10:00pm On Syfy NEW!
Nick Sax is a drunken and corrupt former cop who becomes a hit man, and who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a job goes wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a small, relentlessly positive, imaginary winged horse named... Selected by 3767 Users

Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Starts 15th Dec 8:00pm On Amazon NEW!
Jean-Claude Van Damme is a global martial arts and film sensation, also operating under the simple alias of 'Johnson' as the world's best undercover private contractor. Retired for years, a chance encounter with a lost love brings him back to the game. This time, he'll be... Selected by 3528 Users

Returning TV Shows in December 2017

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Returns 1st Dec 8:00pm On ABC NEW!
After surviving events on the Helicarrier, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson puts together a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases. They investigate Project Centipede, eventually uncovering that Centipede is backed by the organization Hydra, which has... Selected by 56560 Users


Returns 1st Dec 8:00pm On Netflix NEW!
With an eclectic, star-studded cast, this fresh anthology follows diverse Chicagoans fumbling through the modern maze of love, sex, tech and... Selected by 3136 Users

Shut Eye

Returns 6th Dec 10:00pm On Hulu NEW!
Charlie Haverford is a scammer with a small chain of fortune-telling storefronts and contracts building tricks for a family that controls the business in the greater chunk of Los Angeles. A blow to the head from a client's angry boyfriend intersects with a hypnosis session... Selected by 3073 Users

Top Chef

Returns 7th Dec 10:00pm On Bravo NEW!
Top Chef is a reality show unlike any other while it searches for the world's next top chef. Each week this talented group of chefs, professionally trained and self-taught, will be challenged and judged by some of the best known chefs in the industry. Over the course of the... Selected by 4465 Users

The Crown

Returns 8th Dec 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
The Crown tells the inside story of two of the most famous addresses in the world - Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street - and the intrigues, love lives and machinations behind the great events that shaped the second half of the 20th century. Two houses, two courts, one... Selected by 10428 Users

The Grand Tour

Returns 8th Dec 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Instant Video NEW!
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back with The Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship... as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it's even a show about cars.... Selected by 12464 Users

Robot Chicken

Returns 10th Dec 11:59pm On Adult Swim NEW!
Robot Chicken is original in the ways that there hasnt been any like it since Action League NOW! The great fact is the episodes are so incredibly random, yet they still happen to pull through and manage to be completely hilarious, without losing the viewers attention... Selected by 9592 Users

The Librarians

Returns 13th Dec 8:00pm On TNT NEW!
Eve Baird is chosen by The Library to be a new Guardian as well as Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jacob who were asked to apply to the Library to become The Librarians, but weren't chosen in favour of Flynn Carsen. While Flynn is searching for the Library (which is lost in time... Selected by 14348 Users

The Tunnel

Returns 14th Dec 9:00pm On Sky Atlantic NEW!
When a prominent French politician is found dead on the border between the UK and France, detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann are sent to investigate on behalf of their respective countries. However, the case takes a surreal turn when a shocking discovery is made... Selected by 5707 Users


Returns 15th Dec 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A fifteen-year-old boy stumbles upon a magical amulet that transforms him into a warrior with the title of Trollhunter. He is the chosen defender of the trolls that live below the human town of Arcadia from miscreants who try to disrupt... Selected by 1788 Users

Father Brown

Returns 18th Dec 2:15pm On BBC one NEW!
Father Brown is based on G. K. Chesterton's detective stories about a Catholic priest who doubles as an amateur detective in order to try and solve... Selected by 1268 Users


Returns 20th Dec 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
The series follows the struggle of a group of characters trying to get selected as part of 3% approved to go to 'That side'. The plot takes place in a world where all people, upon reaching age 20 can enroll in a selective process where 3% are accepted to transfer to a... Selected by 8871 Users

Cable Girls

Returns 25th Dec 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
In 1920s Madrid, four women at the National Telephone Company ring in revolution as they deal with romance, envy and the modern... Selected by 1454 Users


Returns 29th Dec 9:00pm On Sky1 NEW!
Gina was once married to Leo Vincent, a successful entrepreneur, chef and hotel owner in Cornwall. Leo owes much of his success to Gina's exceptional cooking, but since leaving her for the glamorous Sam, his business has continued to thrive. When Sam has suspicions that Leo... Selected by 881 Users

Black Mirror

Returns 29th Dec 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Over the last ten years, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives before we've had time to stop and question it. In every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a smartphone - a black mirror of our 21st Century existence.... Selected by 30760 Users
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