The harsh, unforgiving streets of Los Angeles are the scene of TNT's original dramatic series WANTED, a gritty, edgy crime thriller that follows a specialized team of law enforcement officers as they track down the city's 100 most wanted criminals.

Wanted is a pumping, stylistic, no-holds-barred look at an elite team of crime fighters from various federal and local law enforcement agencies as they track down the city's 100 most wanted fugitives.

Each individual officer in WANTED brings something unique to this strike force. Team leader Lt. Conrad Rose is from L.A. Metro SWAT and is considered the moral center of the unit. Jimmy McGloin is an ATF officer and a bona fide card-carrying conservative. Carla Merced is a former Naval Intelligence officer and one of the best hostage negotiators around. Although she wasn't hand picked for the team by Rose, after being out in the field with her, the team realizes what a valuable asset she can be. Tommy Rodriquez is from the FBI and not above using his good looks and charm to stop any criminal. Rodney Gronbeck is with the LAPD and a technical genius armed with state-of-the-art computer equipment to aid the team in catching the bad guy. Joe Vacco is a DEA officer who is currently living at the team's warehouse headquarters after having getting kicked out of his own place. And Eddie Drake, an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Marshal Service and graduate of the L.A. Metro Police Academy, where Rose was his favorite training officer, is recruited after a passing in the squad.

At home, Rose is faced with his impending divorce from Lucinda. Even though they still love each other, they just can't live together, which also puts a strain on their two children, older son Tony and younger daughter Millie.

As the team tracks down criminals, often using unconventional (and legally questionable) methods, they discover there is a fine line between justice and the law. Every time they go out to get a bad guy, they must walk that line, all in an effort to make Los Angeles a safer place to live for every citizen.

Wanted Ended after Season 1

FOX aired the final episode on Monday 26th December 2005

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