New TV Shows Starting
June 2019

Perpetual Grace, LTD

Starts 2nd Jun 4:00pm On EPIX NEW!
Follows James, a young grifter, as he attempts to prey upon Pastor Byron Brown (Kingsley), who turns out to be far more dangerous than he suspects.... Selected by 1363 Users

American Princess

Starts 2nd Jun 9:00pm On Lifetime NEW!
When she discovers her fiance is cheating on her hours before their wedding, Manhattan socialite Amanda runs off to join a Renaissance fair as the latest... Selected by 908 Users


Starts 2nd Jun 10:00pm On AMC NEW!
Based on Joe Hill's novel of the same name, NOS4A2 tells the story of Charlie Manx, a seductive immortal who feeds off the souls of children, then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland - an icy, twisted Christmas village of Manx's imagination where every day is... Selected by 4609 Users

Malibu Rescue: The Series

Starts 3rd Jun 8:00pm On Netflix NEW!
A ragtag group of aspiring junior lifeguards from The Valley compete against the snobby local kids for bragging rights and the ultimate tower at Malibu beach.... Selected by 538 Users

Wild Bill

Starts 12th Jun 9:00pm On ITV NEW!
When US Cop Bill Hixon, who is appointed chief of police in rural England, arrives in Boston, Lincolnshire, with his 14 year-old daughter Kelsey in tow, he's hoping they can flee their painful recent past. But this unfamiliar, unimpressed community will force Bill to... Selected by 1855 Users


Starts 13th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A group of teenagers' lives are disrupted when a spiritual figure appears in front of them in the ancient city of Petra. They must try and stop Jinn before he destroys the... Selected by 2087 Users


Starts 14th Jun 10:00pm On Cinemax NEW!
Fresh out of prison, world-class thief Daisy 'Jett' Kowalski is forced back into doing what she does best by dangerous and eccentric criminals determined to exploit her skills for their own... Selected by 3102 Users

Los Espookys

Starts 14th Jun 11:00pm On HBO NEW!
A group of friends obsessed with horror films and monster makeup live in a fantastic dreamworld version of modern day Mexico... Selected by 880 Users


Starts 14th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
An unexpected friendship forms when three teenage girls meet in Shoplifter's... Selected by 1049 Users


Starts 14th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
India's first dystopian story, Leila is set in an imagined world, Aryavarta in which there is great suffering, extreme and totalitarian rules of engagement and fictional extremes constructed around an obsession with purity, communal and divisive societal dramas and grit.... Selected by 700 Users

Too Old to Die Young

Starts 14th Jun 11:59pm On Amazon NEW!
A grieving police officer who, along with the man who shot his partner, finds himself in an underworld filled with working-class hit men, Yakuza soldiers, cartel assassins sent from Mexico, Russian mafia captains and gangs of teen... Selected by 2447 Users


Starts 16th Jun 9:00pm On HBO NEW!
A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and... Selected by 2976 Users

City on a Hill

Starts 16th Jun 9:00pm On Showtime NEW!
In early 1990s Boston, assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rhodes. Together, they take on a case that ultimately changes the city's entire criminal justice... Selected by 2402 Users

Grand Hotel

Starts 17th Jun 10:00pm On ABC NEW!
Charismatic Santiago Mendoza owns the last family-owned hotel in multicultural Miami Beach, while his glamorous second wife, Gigi, and their adult children enjoy the spoils of success. The hotel's loyal staff round out a contemporary, fresh take on an upstairs/downstairs... Selected by 1478 Users

Reef Break

Starts 20th Jun 10:00pm On ABC NEW!
A thief-turned-fixer for the governor of an island paradise becomes enmeshed in fast-paced adventures with friends, enemies and lovers, including an FBI agent ex-husband, her imprisoned crime boss, and a police detective lover who is in over his head.... Selected by 1650 Users

Mr. Iglesias

Starts 21st Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A good-natured high school history teacher tries to help gifted misfit kids at his alma... Selected by 841 Users

The Loudest Voice

Starts 30th Jun 8:00pm On Showtime NEW!
A look at the rise and fall of former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger... Selected by 917 Users

The Rook

Starts 30th Jun 8:00pm On Starz NEW!
After waking in a park with total amnesia - and surrounded by dead bodies, all wearing latex gloves - a young woman must fight to uncover her past, and resume her position at the head of Britain's most secret (supernatural) service before the traitors who stole her memory... Selected by 5004 Users

Returning TV Shows in June 2019

Fear The Walking Dead

Returns 2nd Jun 9:00pm On amc NEW!
Fear the Walking Dead is a gritty drama that explores the onset of the undead apocalypse through the lens of a fractured family. Set in a city where people come to escape, shield secrets, and bury their pasts, a mysterious outbreak threatens to disrupt what little stability... Selected by 29757 Users

So You Think You Can Dance

Returns 3rd Jun 8:00pm On FOX NEW!
Contestants perform a particular style of dance each week with a partner. The audience votes on their favorite couple leaving the 3 couples with the least votes up for elimination. After each dancer performs a solo of their choice for the judges, one male and one female... Selected by 4910 Users


Returns 3rd Jun 10:00pm On SPIKE NEW!
Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seamier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace. Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries... Selected by 1114 Users

Black Mirror

Returns 5th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Over the last ten years, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives before we've had time to stop and question it. In every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a smartphone - a black mirror of our 21st Century existence.... Selected by 37139 Users

The Handmaid's Tale

Returns 5th Jun 8:00pm On Hulu NEW!
Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birthrate, the dystopia of Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalism in its militarized 'return to traditional values'. As one of the few remaining fertile women, Offred is a Handmaid in the Commander's household, one of the... Selected by 23535 Users

Queen of the South

Returns 6th Jun 9:00pm On USA Network NEW!
Teresa Mendoza, is a woman who is forced to run and seek refuge in America after her drug-dealing boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico. In the process, she teams up with an unlikely figure from her past to bring down the leader of the very drug trafficking ring that... Selected by 5201 Users


Returns 6th Jun 10:00pm On History NEW!
Alone puts survivalists by themselves in the wilderness, without camera crews, support teams, or producers - on a single mission to stay alive for as long as possible. The last person standing will win... Selected by 905 Users


Returns 7th Jun 8:00pm On ABC NEW!
BattleBots promises to wow viewers with next generation robots-bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. The show will focus on the design and build of each robot, the bot builder backstories, their intense pursuit of the championship and the spectacle of the event.... Selected by 2130 Users

Designated Survivor

Returns 7th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
On the night of the State of the Union, an explosion claims the lives of the President and all members of the Cabinet except for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman, who had been named the Designated Survivor. Kirkman is immediately sworn in as President... Selected by 17999 Users


Returns 7th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
The series follows the struggle of a group of characters trying to get selected as part of 3% approved to go to 'That side'. The plot takes place in a world where all people, upon reaching age 20 can enroll in a selective process where 3% are accepted to transfer to a... Selected by 9024 Users

Good Witch

Returns 9th Jun 8:00pm On Hallmark CHANNEL NEW!
A mysterious, darkly beautiful woman named Cassandra Nightingale moves into an old, abandoned house which is reputed to be haunted by its original owner, "The Grey Lady". The small community is divided in their opinion of her: Some want her to stay (especially widowed... Selected by 5482 Users

Big Little Lies

Returns 9th Jun 9:00pm On HBO NEW!
Subversive, darkly comedic drama Big Little Lies tells the tale of three mothers of first graders whose apparently perfect lives unravel to the point of... Selected by 16047 Users


Returns 9th Jun 9:00pm On TNT NEW!
Claws is a midnight-dark, wickedly funny meditation on female badness set in a South Florida nail salon. The dramedy that follows the rise of five diverse and treacherous manicurists working at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon, where there is a lot more going on... Selected by 1656 Users

Ink Master

Returns 11th Jun 10:00pm On SPIKE NEW!
Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, 10 of the country's most creative and skilled tattoo artists descend on NYC to compete for a hundred thousand dollars and the title of "INK MASTER". The stakes couldn't... Selected by 2013 Users


Returns 11th Jun 10:00pm On FX NEW!
Set in the 1980s, Pose is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and the downtown social and literary... Selected by 1976 Users


Returns 12th Jun 10:00pm On MTV NEW!
From the producers of the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary film "Catfish'' comes a TV version, which follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person. Filmmakers Yaniv ''Nev'' Schulman - whose own online love drama... Selected by 2469 Users


Returns 12th Jun 10:00pm On TVland NEW!
Based on the novel by Pamela Redmond Satran, "Younger" follows 40-year old Liza, a suddenly single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find it's nearly impossible to start at the bottom at her age. When a chance encounter with a young guy at a bar... Selected by 7936 Users

Queen Sugar

Returns 12th Jun 10:00pm On OWN NEW!
The series follows the life of two sisters, Nova Bordelon and Charley Bordelon, who, with her teenage son Micah moves to the heart of Louisiana to claim an inheritance from her recently departed father - an 800-acre sugarcane... Selected by 1835 Users


Returns 12th Jun 10:00pm On Syfy NEW!
Set two generations before the destruction of Superman's home planet, Krypton follows Seg-El, the legendary Man of Steel's grandfather - whose House of El was ostracized and shamed. With Krypton's leadership in disarray, Seg-El encounters Earthly time-traveler Adam Strange... Selected by 12829 Users

Strange Angel

Returns 13th Jun 8:00pm On CBS All Access NEW!
Jack Parsons is a brilliant and ambitious blue-collar worker of 1930s Los Angeles who started as a janitor at a chemical factory but had fantastical dreams that led him to birth the unknown discipline of American rocketry. Along the way, he fell into a mysterious world... Selected by 2278 Users


Returns 13th Jun 10:00pm On FX NEW!
In Bakersfield, California, Chip Baskets sets out on following his dream of becoming a professional clown. After failing to get a degree at a prestigious clowning school in Paris, he is stuck with a job at a local... Selected by 3223 Users

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Returns 14th Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Ever since her short-lived stint as a Super Hero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic, badass private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Plagued by self-loathing, and a wicked case of PTSD... Selected by 40509 Users

Top Gear

Returns 16th Jun 8:00pm On BBC TWO NEW!
BBC's hit motoring show is more than just a show to review new cars. Top Gear is essential viewing. Not just for petrol heads, it also has a huge following amongst people with little or no interest in cars - both male and female. This is due to the show's irreverent... Selected by 23527 Users

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Returns 17th Jun 8:00pm On ITV NEW!
Fool Us challenges magicians to perform in front of Penn and Teller. If they can fool Penn and Teller, they win a five star trip to Las Vegas to perform as the opening act in Penn & Teller's world famous show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Las Vegas legends Penn & Teller... Selected by 2623 Users

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Returns 17th Jun 9:00pm On The CW NEW!
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1998-2004, 2013 - ?) is a continuation of the British show of the same name which aired from 1988 to 1998 with many of the same performers. It features some of the nation's finest improvisational comedians, including Florida's Wayne Brady... Selected by 4219 Users

Ackley Bridge

Returns 18th Jun 8:00pm On Channel 4 NEW!
The merging of two schools causes plenty of problems for headmistress Mandy who has to deal with explosive fall-outs and problem... Selected by 720 Users

Good Trouble

Returns 18th Jun 8:00pm On Freeform NEW!
'The Fosters' spin-off will follow Callie and Mariana as they embark on the next phase of their young adult lives in Los... Selected by 2253 Users

The Detour

Returns 18th Jun 10:30pm On TBS NEW!
The Detour is a what-in-the-living-hell-is-wrong-with-this-family comedy created by comic super-couple Jason Jones and Samantha Bee and inspired by their own experiences with family trips. Nate is the unfiltered dad, who hits the road with wife Robin and kids Delilah... Selected by 3013 Users


Returns 19th Jun 10:00pm On Paramount Network NEW!
Follow the violent world of the Dutton family, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Led by their patriarch John Dutton, the family defends their property against constant attack by land developers, an Indian reservation, and America's first... Selected by 3205 Users


Returns 21st Jun 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A family saga with supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four... Selected by 12018 Users


Returns 24th Jun 10:00pm On FX NEW!
David Haller, AKA Legion, is a troubled young man who may be more than human. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he's confronted with the possibility that the voices... Selected by 24966 Users

Final Space

Returns 24th Jun 10:30pm On TBS NEW!
An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick Mooncake embark on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of 'Final Space', the last point in the universe, if it actually does... Selected by 3434 Users

Big Brother (US)

Returns 25th Jun 8:00pm On CBS NEW!
"Big Brother" is a long-running reality show on CBS where a group of contestants known as houseguests enter a house in Los Angeles, without being able to leave, or have contact with the outside world, and be monitored by cameras 24/7 while they compete in challenges, form... Selected by 1825 Users


Returns 30th Jun 8:00pm On CBS NEW!
Dr. Dylan Reinhart, a gifted author, university professor and former CIA operative is lured back to his old life by NYPD Detective Lizzie Needham to help her stop a serial killer who is using Dylan's first book as a... Selected by 5542 Users
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