Holby City
Season 1

s01e01 / Whose Heart Is It Anyway?

12th Jan '99 - 8:00pm
Whose Heart Is It Anyway?

In the surgical department of Holby City Hospital, surgeons Anton Meyer and Nick Jordan race against time to carry out a heart transplant operation, but first they have to make the difficult choice between two possible recipients, Alan Kenyon and Simon Harwood.

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s01e02 / Happy Families

19th Jan '99 - 8:00pm
Happy Families

Nick Jordan is put to the test when he is the only cardio-thoracic surgeon available to perform an urgent operation.

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s01e03 / Kill or Cure

26th Jan '99 - 8:00pm
Kill or Cure

Kirstie Collins, who is helping Muriel McKendrick with the trial of a new drug, finds a severe adverse reaction from a patient, and wants to alert the drugs company, but McKendrick warns her against doing so.

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s01e04 / Love and Death

2nd Feb '99 - 8:00pm
Love and Death

Kirstie Collins catches Nick Jordan in a compromising situation with Ellie Sharpe in a linen cupboard.

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s01e05 / Never Judge a Book...

9th Feb '99 - 8:00pm
Never Judge a Book...

Nick Jordan has to assist Anton Meyer on a heart operation on a new-born baby, but he expresses his reservations to him.

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s01e06 / Brave Heart

16th Feb '99 - 8:00pm
Brave Heart

Nick Jordan helps a family to make a difficult decision, but he can't escape a clash with Karen Newburn over their troubled past, as well as an altercation with an ex-boyfriend of Ellie Sharpe's.

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s01e07 / Take Me with You

23rd Feb '99 - 8:00pm
Take Me with You

The treatment of a young woman, Christine, causes conflict between Anton Meyer and Muriel McKendrick.

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s01e08 / Staying Alive (1)

2nd Mar '99 - 8:00pm
Staying Alive (1)

Sunny Sunderland enters a radio phone-in competition, winning a large sum of money - for charity.

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s01e09 / Staying Alive (2)

9th Mar '99 - 8:00pm
Staying Alive (2)

Jasmine Hopkins is operated on by Nick Jordan, but hovers between life and death; it's discovered she's in the early stages of pregnancy.

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