Holby City
Season 10

s10e01 / Bitter from the Sweet

16th Oct '07 - 8:00pm
Bitter from the Sweet

Mark and Donna end up in danger as they attempt to rescue James. Louise has shocking news for Clifford. Kyla finds herself missing Abra.

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s10e02 / The Last Throw

23rd Oct '07 - 8:00pm
The Last Throw

Clifford finally has to make the decision of choosing between the two different women in his life. Jac is determined to use whatever method is necessary to gain promotion.

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s10e03 / No-One Likes a Cry Baby

30th Oct '07 - 8:00pm
No-One Likes a Cry Baby

Jac finds out about a job position that is on offer. Elliot catches his son going through his wallet. When Sam leaves Grace with Maddy things dont go to plan.

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s10e04 / The Apprentice

6th Nov '07 - 8:00pm
The Apprentice

A patient dies whilst Kyla is drunk on duty. Elliot discovers that Mark really is dependent on cocaine and he threatens to tell Chrissie the truth.

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s10e05 / Dust Off Your Wings

13th Nov '07 - 8:00pm
Dust Off Your Wings

Kyla's problems continue and a nun offers her help. Chrissie declares war on Stuart.

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s10e06 / Unfinished Symphony

20th Nov '07 - 8:00pm
Unfinished Symphony

Elliot is in surgery performing a transplant on a music producer. Michael Spence arrives from America to start work at the hospital with a mysterious past he would like to keep hidden. Maria finds her first day as a fully trained nurse a difficult one.

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s10e07 / Someone to Watch Over Me

27th Nov '07 - 8:00pm
Someone to Watch Over Me

Sam is depressed after finding out what is wrong with himself but he ends up getting some fresh hope. Mark is determined not to use anymore cocaine. Jac is shocked when Michael informs her he knows about her past.

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s10e08 / Mirror Man

4th Dec '07 - 8:00pm
Mirror Man

Chrissie is shocked to learn Mark's secret and when Doug and Stuart become involved things turn nasty. Jac decides it is time she took matters into her own hands after an encounter with Michael.

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s10e09 / The Reckoning

11th Dec '07 - 8:00pm
The Reckoning

It is the day of James' court hearing and somebody surprises Elliot. Stuart unsuccessfully tries to get back into Chrissie's good books. Maria continues to suffer from a lack of confidence.

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s10e10 / Into the Void

19th Dec '07 - 8:00pm
Into the Void

Everyone feels the stress as they try to deal with the shootings that happened in reception.

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s10e11 / Elliot's Wonderful Life

27th Dec '07 - 8:00pm
Elliot's Wonderful Life

Eliot walks out of the hospital wishing he had never been born after everything that has happened in his life. Then me meets a stranger and who takes him on a magical journey who shows him what a good man he is.

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s10e12 / For Your Consideration

1st Jan '08 - 8:00pm
For Your Consideration

Connie returns to work to find the hospital in chaos following the recent attack and she is determined to restore peace and harmony again.

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s10e13 / Queen of Hearts

8th Jan '08 - 8:00pm
Queen of Hearts

When Connie is insensitive she starts to loose respect amongst her colleagues. As her injured colleagues return to work she is forced to work hard to regain their respect and save her position on the ward.

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s10e14 / Stolen

15th Jan '08 - 8:00pm

Linden Cullen starts work at the hospital and a patient who was abducted 40 years ago is admitted. Despite having chemotherapy Sam is determined to prove that he can still do the job. Ric is furious when he finds out that Michael has struck up an agreement with Jayne to open a new private ward.

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s10e15 / Physician, Heal Thyself

22nd Jan '08 - 8:00pm
Physician, Heal Thyself

After his comatose brother Harry is brought into the hospital for emergency surgery, Joseph finds it hard to cope. Sam operates on a patient with possible Gulf War Syndrome much to Connie's concern.

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s10e16 / The Key Is Fear

29th Jan '08 - 8:00pm
The Key Is Fear

Chrissie discovers Sam's lost patients' notes in Stuart's locker. Faye talks to Joseph about how her second husband's death effected her.

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s10e17 / Final Cut

5th Feb '08 - 8:00pm
Final Cut

Stuart gets drunk and then attempts to win back Chrissie's heart but things don't go to plan. Joseph attempts to save his brother's life which Lady Byrne sees.

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s10e18 / The Extra Mile

12th Feb '08 - 8:00pm
The Extra Mile

Stuart thinks he has managed to hide the truth from everyone but Connie becomes suspicious about him. Ric finds himself having money problems.

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s10e19 / Complications Ensue

19th Feb '08 - 8:00pm
Complications Ensue

When Joseph returns to work he learns that Jac might be getting a job on his ward. Kyla finds the going tough without Stuart.

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s10e20 / On a Mission

26th Feb '08 - 8:00pm
On a Mission

Fay attempts to keep Jospeh in the dark about what is going on. Jac puts her career in danger.

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s10e21 / We Serve All Who Come to Us

4th Mar '08 - 8:00pm
We Serve All Who Come to Us

Connie clashes with Elliot at work. Mark is concerned about Linden. Maria tries to sort out her relationship with Sam.

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s10e22 / No Cars Go

11th Mar '08 - 8:00pm
No Cars Go

Connie finds life tough as her daughter battles for her life. Donna steps up her efferts to get closer to Michael.

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s10e23 / Long Dark Night

12th Mar '08 - 8:00pm
Long Dark Night

Sam blames Connie for what has happened to their daughter. When somebody from Faye's past shows up Joseph isn't happy. Linden shocks everyone when he reveals something about his past.

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s10e24 / Hour Nightmare

18th Mar '08 - 8:00pm
Hour Nightmare

Jac clashes with with Robert and Lucy. Maria stands up to Connie. Joseph ponders making changes to keep Faye interested in him.

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s10e25 / Love Will Tear Us Apart

25th Mar '08 - 8:00pm
Love Will Tear Us Apart

Maddy is distracted after Clifford calls her and she ends up annoying Linden by making a mistake during surgery. When Donna attempts to get closer to Michael things dont go to plan. Faye isn't happy when Joseph is nice to Jac.

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s10e26 / All This Useless Beauty

1st Apr '08 - 8:00pm
All This Useless Beauty

Chrissie hears some bad news about her scar. Maria finds out that Sam's feelings aren't exactly what she thought they where.

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s10e27 / Pants on Fire

8th Apr '08 - 8:00pm
Pants on Fire

When Faye goes to the police station Joseph is suspicious. Donna attempts to seduce Michael.

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s10e28 / You're So Vain

15th Apr '08 - 8:00pm
You're So Vain

Jac tries to prove to her colleagues that she can be trusted. When Donna gossips about him, Michael becomes paranoid.

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s10e29 / The Softest Music

22nd Apr '08 - 8:00pm
The Softest Music

Lady Byrne finds her first day in charge of the foundation tough. Mark feels that Linden is taking advantage of him.

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s10e30 / Battle of Who Could Care Less

29th Apr '08 - 8:00pm
Battle of Who Could Care Less

When an old friend shows up it causes problems for Ric. The staff compete to be the face of the Byrne foundation.

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s10e31 / Springflower

6th May '08 - 8:00pm

Linden is thrust under the spotlight by Jayne. Abra continues to try and cause problems for Ric. Elliot tries attempt to try and solve a funding problem.

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s10e32 / TKO

13th May '08 - 8:00pm

Faye beleives that she might be pregnant and Joseph ponders whether she is the woman he really wants to be with. After Daisha is assaulted by her landlord she ends up finding herself having to deal with his mystery injury.

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s10e33 / Any Port in a Storm

20th May '08 - 8:00pm
Any Port in a Storm

Kyla learns that Abra is back from Africa and has to face some of her demons. Faye has to make some tough decisions about her relationship with Joseph.

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s10e34 / Send No Flowers

27th May '08 - 8:00pm
Send No Flowers

Ric is worried by Abra. Maria finds herself in a difficult situation. Kyla is reunited with her son.

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s10e35 / Natural Justice

3rd Jun '08 - 8:00pm
Natural Justice

Michael managed to revive Max and Connie tells Kyla that he needs surgery. But a decision about surgery can only be agreed when Max's foster parents Lindsey and Andrew arrive. Kyla found out that Lindsey had been out drinking and told Max's social worker that Lindsey was an alcoholic and tried to persuade him to let her have Max back. But Roger wouldn't believe her and insisted Max was better off in his new home. Meanwhile, Michael suspected Abra was a liability after he struggled during an operation. After another operation when pear-shaped and with some persuasion from Ric, Michael agreed to cover for Abra. Meanwhile, Elliot bottled out of a coffee date with Lady Byrne but later apologised and agreed to take her out for a coffee.

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s10e36 / Love You

10th Jun '08 - 8:00pm
Love You

Hewson demands the money Faye owes him outside the hospital. Jac has an accident whilst out on her motor bike. Max wants to stay with Kyla.

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s10e37 / Doctor's Dilemma

18th Jun '08 - 8:00pm
Doctor's Dilemma

The Byrne Foundation is launched by Lady Byrne and Elliot. Elliot has doubts about continuing their relationship though. Jac's life remains in danger and Joseph is upset when Fay disappears.

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s10e38 / New Lands, New Beginnings

24th Jun '08 - 8:00pm
New Lands, New Beginnings

Linden and Joseph decide to try and find out where Faye has gone. They find themselves in Cape Town where some secrets from her past are revealed.

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s10e39 / Change of Heart

1st Jul '08 - 8:00pm
Change of Heart

Linden is upset after his wife's grave is vanalised. Michael is out played by Connie and Elliot. Jac tries to win back Joseph's trust.

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s10e40 / Only Believe

8th Jul '08 - 8:00pm
Only Believe

After a patient dies, Linden finds himself being blamed. Ric's career is in danger by his continued concern over Abra.

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s10e41 / Crossing Borders

15th Jul '08 - 8:00pm
Crossing Borders

Linden helps a mother with conjoined twins even though he is suspended. The team arrange an engagement party for Joseph and Faye. Maddy starts to think that Jamie could be involved in Liam Harris' death.

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s10e42 / On the Brink

22nd Jul '08 - 8:00pm
On the Brink

When Ric goes after the Director of Surgery job he is forced to choose between friendship and ambition. Connie is also determined to get the job. Maddy tries to get Sam to help her prove Linden's innocence.

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s10e43 / You Do It to Yourself

29th Jul '08 - 8:00pm
You Do It to Yourself

Abra spirals more out of control. When Maddy tries to help Linden it doesn't do any good. Lola and Faye clash whilst at work.

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s10e44 / Eighteen and a Half

5th Aug '08 - 8:00pm
Eighteen and a Half

Abra's problems continue and Kyla end up forcing him to reveal the truth about what happened whilst he was away. Ric finds help from an unlikely source in his quest for the Director of Surgery job.

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s10e45 / The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

12th Aug '08 - 8:00pm
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Linden is determined to help the Korean couple no matter what. Faye has doubts about a future with Joseph. Mark learns that Daisha is expecting a baby and must decide where his loyalties are.

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s10e46 / Hope, Faith and Charity

26th Aug '08 - 8:00pm
Hope, Faith and Charity

Michael asks an old friend to help the Tan family. Daisha makes a decision about the baby. Ric receives some bad news.

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s10e47 / To Govern a Kingdom

2nd Sep '08 - 8:00pm
To Govern a Kingdom

Ric is offered the Director of Surgery job just before he attends his son's funeral. Jac attempts to mess up Faye and Joseph wedding plans.

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s10e48 / Whatever It Takes

9th Sep '08 - 8:00pm
Whatever It Takes

Jac discovers a big secret whilst looking for dirt on Faye. Jayne finds herself in serious trouble when she has to face the board. Connie might be the only person able to save the day.

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s10e49 / Separate Lives

16th Sep '08 - 8:00pm
Separate Lives

The conjoined twins' separation is put into doubt following a surprise discovery. Ric has to make a difficult decision. Maria has an email relationship.

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s10e50 / Leave It to God

23rd Sep '08 - 8:00pm
Leave It to God

There is a crisi involving the twins. Maddy has to ru the run the AAU without Linden. Daisha has a bad day when she is let down by the father of her child.

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