Holby City
Season 3

s03e01 / The Deep End

5th Oct '00 - 8:00pm
The Deep End

A serious road accident involving a motorbike cuts short the bus journey to work for Jasmine Hopkins & Julie Fitzjohn. Meanwhile, back at Holby City, new cardio-thoracic surgeon Alex Adams and new junior nurse Sandy Harper are immersed in a struggle to cope with the chaos caused by an infection scare.

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s03e02 / Too Much Too Young

12th Oct '00 - 8:00pm
Too Much Too Young

Victoria Merrick is thrown into the deep end in pediatrics. Jasmine Hopkins's traumatic past helps her care for a patient who's convinced she has ovarian cancer.

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s03e03 / The Real Thing

19th Oct '00 - 8:00pm
The Real Thing

When a well-known hospital fundraiser, John Wooldridge, demands a risky operation, Mike Barratt has to decide whether to refuse, or bow to management pressure.

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s03e04 / First Impressions

9th Nov '00 - 8:00pm
First Impressions

The pressure is mounting for Julie as her trial period as ward sister comes to an end. Difficult patients, incompetent staff and domestic problems all contribute to making this a day from hell. Meanwhile, Steve is proved right when an apparently straightforward case turns out to be something far more sinister.

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s03e05 / Against All Odds

16th Nov '00 - 8:00pm
Against All Odds

Sandy makes a play for Adams at the hospital party. Kirstie takes hospital rules into her own hands when she gives an elderly patient an unlicensed drug.

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s03e06 / Moving On

23rd Nov '00 - 8:00pm
Moving On

Keri befriends a teenage runaway with a guilty secret. Kirstie performs a dangerous emergency rescue. Victoria teaches a difficult patient a lesson.

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s03e07 / The Trouble with the Truth

30th Nov '00 - 8:00pm
The Trouble with the Truth

Jasmine's involvement with a patient causes a stir on the ward. Mike has to make a difficult decision. Romance is in the air as Sandy plays Cupid.

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s03e08 / A Christmas Carol (1)

14th Dec '00 - 8:00pm
A Christmas Carol (1)

Meyer faces his greatest challenge when his surgical career is threatened by illness. Is he capable of operating on eminent surgeon and former teacher Ian Richards? Julie is forced to reassess her priorities when her daughter, Rosie, is taken seriously ill.

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s03e09 / A Christmas Carol (2)

21st Dec '00 - 8:00pm
A Christmas Carol (2)

With her daughter's life in jeopardy, Julie believes that only Meyer can save her. But is Meyer up to the challenge? Stan and Danny set about putting on a show for the children in Otter ward.

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s03e10 / Anyone Who Had a Heart

28th Dec '00 - 8:00pm
Anyone Who Had a Heart

Tensions run high on Otter Ward when a major road traffic accident brings tragedy to one family as they face up to the death of their son, and joy to another as they are told that their daughter can have a long-awaited heart transplant. Meanwhile, Dr Taylor gets tough with Keri.

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s03e11 / Extra Time

16th Jan '01 - 8:00pm
Extra Time

Janice Taylor finds herself at the centre of a legal battle when a teenage girl refuses life-saving treatment. Kath attempts to reconcile an estranged couple.

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s03e12 / Runaway

23rd Jan '01 - 8:00pm

Tash faces a professional crisis when a patient fails to come round after an operation. Steve and Jasmine confront danger as they hunt for a missing boy. Dr Taylor clashes with an over-protective mother. Keri has to deal with an unexpected visitor to the ward.

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s03e13 / Choices

30th Jan '01 - 8:00pm

Mike's day gets off to a bad start when a politician dies during a routine operation - and when a newspaper reporter gets hold of the story, things go from bad to worse. Alex solves a riddle with welcome consequences for a new mother.

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s03e14 / Night Shift

6th Feb '01 - 8:00pm
Night Shift

Its a tricky night for the otter ward staff when a young nurse takes it apon herself to take part in a round of the ward with possible tragic concequences. Victoria manages the situation and gets her first "well done " from her boss Janice Talyor.

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s03e15 / Winner Takes All

13th Feb '01 - 8:00pm
Winner Takes All

Janice Taylor becomes emotionally involved with a young patient when he demands more than medical help after his mother dies. Victoria Merrick jumps to conclusions when she treats a young teenage girl with amnesia and bruising.

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s03e16 / Silent Witness

20th Feb '01 - 8:00pm
Silent Witness

An ex-alcoholic is admitted with a bleeding oesophagus: his wife suspects that he's been drinking again, but is it fair to jump to conclusions? Meanwhile, the staff of Darwin Ward celebrate too hard in advance of Liam Evans's wedding, which does not go according to plan.

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s03e17 / Tip of the Iceberg

27th Feb '01 - 8:00pm
Tip of the Iceberg

Tash Bandara faces difficult personal and professional decisions when her estranged father pays her a visit and is diagnosed with a serious illness. Meanwhile, Liam Evans helps melt the ice between two dancing partners whose feelings for each other are more than just work-related.

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s03e18 / Borrowed Time

6th Mar '01 - 8:00pm
Borrowed Time

Danny Shaughnessy faces a career crisis when he reveals more than he intends to a 15-year-old patient, and Keri McGrath finds herself embroiled in a mother/daughter conflict. Meanwhile, young love on the ward encourages Victoria to reconsider a romantic proposition.

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s03e19 / Private Lives, Public Faces

20th Mar '01 - 8:00pm
Private Lives, Public Faces

Alex Adams's professionalism is under the spotlight when he becomes irate with a young heart-transplant patient who forces him to confront his past. Dr Anil Bannerjee's competence is questioned when a patient claims to have been awake under general anesthetic during an operation.

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s03e20 / Family Ties

27th Mar '01 - 8:00pm
Family Ties

When Julie Fitzjohn adopts the role of mediator in an effort to reconcile a dying man with his estranged son, she is soon forced to reflect on her own situation.

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s03e21 / Snakes and Ladders

3rd Apr '01 - 8:00pm
Snakes and Ladders

The arrival of a childless couple on Keller Ward forces Kath Shaughnessy to face up to changes in her relationship with her son, Danny.

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s03e22 / A Change Is Gonna Come

10th Apr '01 - 8:00pm
A Change Is Gonna Come

An allegation of professional misconduct pushes Steve Waring to the brink, and his relationship with Jasmine Hopkins is tested when he calls on her for help.

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s03e23 / Going Gently

17th Apr '01 - 8:00pm
Going Gently

Anton Meyer's absence leaves laid-back Professor Alan Fletcher in charge.

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s03e24 / Release

24th Apr '01 - 8:00pm

Victoria Merrick is traumatised by the death of a patient.

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s03e25 / I'm Not in Love

1st May '01 - 8:00pm
I'm Not in Love

Victoria Merrick has a tough time when a teenager steals her wallet, and Janice Taylor gives her a dressing down.

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s03e26 / Getting Even

8th May '01 - 8:00pm
Getting Even

Two cases of severe assault are admitted, to different wards, and Steve Waring makes a connection.

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s03e27 / The Mourning After

15th May '01 - 8:00pm
The Mourning After

Alex Adams faces Samantha Kennedy's jealousy and the hostility of colleagues in the aftermath of the shocking news.

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s03e28 / New Beginnings

22nd May '01 - 8:00pm
New Beginnings

Alex Adams and Guy Morton are forced into uneasy proximity.

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s03e29 / Hearts and Flowers

29th May '01 - 8:00pm
Hearts and Flowers

It's the day of Julie Fitzjohn & Martin Bradford's wedding, and there's a series of surprises in store for her, including overhearing only part of a conversation of Sandy Harper's saying why she's glad she's leaving.

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s03e30 / The Road Less Travelled

5th Jun '01 - 8:00pm
The Road Less Travelled

Mike Barratt considers a transfer to a hospital in New Zealand, to get away from the frustrations of the constraints on his work at Holby.

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