Holby City
Season 16

s16e01 / If I Needed Someone

15th Oct '13 - 8:00pm
If I Needed Someone

Malick struggles to accept that he is now a patient for the foreseeable future. He pushes his son away and doesn't acknowledge that he needs counselling for his trauma. Meanwhile, Elliot is delighted to be working with his new mentee Zosia, but she proves to be quite a handful when she voluntarily decides to "psyche" a patient's mother - much to Elliot's chagrin. Elsewhere, Sacha feels uneasy about lying to Chrissie about his secret kiss with Mo. He decides to come clean to his wife, but realises that being honest isn't always the best policy.

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s16e02 / Friends Like You

22nd Oct '13 - 8:00pm
Friends Like You

Harry ends up on the wrong side of Gemma when an old friend turns up on AAU.

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s16e03 / Flesh Is Weak

29th Oct '13 - 8:00pm
Flesh Is Weak

Mary-Claire tries to pull the wool over Harry's eyes but can she get away with it?

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s16e04 / Last Dance

5th Nov '13 - 8:00pm
Last Dance

Malick is adjusting to life out of surgery when his old mentor arrives as a patient on Keller. How long will he be able to play by the rules and keep out of theatre?

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s16e05 / Arthur's Theme

12th Nov '13 - 8:00pm
Arthur's Theme

Chantelle is torn apart when she is forced to confront her most frightening demon - Cameron. When Arthur professes his true feelings for her too, Chantelle realises she has reached a crossroads in her life... but what will she do?

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s16e06 / Merry-Go-Round

19th Nov '13 - 8:00pm

Overwhelmed by too much heartbreak, too many decisions and too many memories, Chrissie must look inside herself to find what she truly needs... but where will that lead her?

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s16e07 / Sink or Swim

26th Nov '13 - 8:00pm
Sink or Swim

Malick is shocked to discover Jake is back working at Holby, but when a difficult case compromises them both will Malick step up?

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s16e08 / Fait Accompli

3rd Dec '13 - 8:00pm
Fait Accompli

Guy is determined to get stuck in to his new plans for Holby as CEO, but when he is confronted with familiar faces from his past, will he be able to give up his old ways?

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s16e09 / Heart of Hope

10th Dec '13 - 8:00pm
Heart of Hope

Mary-Claire is shocked to learn that Edward stood her up for his ex-wife Serena, and when challenged on it he bites back, eager to bury the fact that they had a relationship in the first place. Goading, she wonders what Serena would think if she found out; but when threatened, Edward gets nasty...

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s16e10 / Father's Day

17th Dec '13 - 8:00pm
Father's Day

Still reeling from Chrissie rejecting his offer to elope, Michael jeopardises his career when faced with a heartbreaking case. Michael goes all out in his attempt to save a father and his teenage son.

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s16e11 / All I Want for Christmas is You

24th Dec '13 - 8:00pm
All I Want for Christmas is You

Serena and Edward arrive at work loved-up and energised, but when Mary-Claire makes clear she won't forgive Edward's treatment of her and their 'relationship', Edward is forced to confess to the affair. But is his drink problem as easily dealt with?

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s16e12 / Ring in the New

31st Dec '13 - 8:00pm
Ring in the New

Guy's failure to mend his relationship with Zosia has him finally admit defeat and accept his daughter's wish of keeping it purely professional. How long will it take until their feelings bubble to the surface?

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s16e13 / Self Control

7th Jan '14 - 8:00pm
Self Control

Jac's delivery date looms. When she starts experiencing contractions ahead of schedule, Jac panics and the team on Darwin scramble into action.

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s16e14 / Intuition

14th Jan '14 - 8:00pm

Colette is under some professional scrutiny. A controversial figure returns Whilst Jac and Jonny find it hard to cope as their baby's life hangs in the balance.

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s16e15 / Life After Life

21st Jan '14 - 8:00pm
Life After Life

Emma is about to have her surgery as Jac attempts to defeat her demons and be there to support her daughter. Arthur and Dominic continue to clash with some potentially disastrous consequences.

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s16e16 / Prince Among Men

28th Jan '14 - 8:00pm
Prince Among Men

There's a new registrar on AAU and he's determined to revolutionise the ward. When a patient arrives in a critical condition and the hospital lacks a vital piece of equipment necessary to save him, this wayward hero decides to build his own version.

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s16e17 / Things We Lost in the Fire

4th Feb '14 - 8:00pm
Things We Lost in the Fire

As Sacha continues to put Zosia, Arthur and Dominic through a punishing teaching schedule, Arthur begins to feel resentful of his new teacher. Dominic, meanwhile, would like nothing better than to take Arthur down a peg or two and impress Sacha in the process. When the two are assigned to the same case, the competition heats up. But when things take a turn for the worse, which young doctor will triumph?

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s16e18 / Eat Your Heart Out

11th Feb '14 - 8:00pm
Eat Your Heart Out

When Harry witnesses dynamic Raf having a photo-call for a medical journal, Harry is determined to find a specialism. Raf rejects his attempts at joining his resus team, so Harry looks elsewhere. When a bariatric patient arrives Harry seizes his opportunity to shine, but at the expense of a far more severely ailing patient.

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s16e19 / Aftertaste

18th Feb '14 - 8:00pm

Zosia is excited when Sacha finally gives her the opportunity to prove herself with a psychiatrically vulnerable patient, but her own vulnerabilities are exposed as she struggles to grasp the severity of the case.

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s16e20 / Anything You Can Do

25th Feb '14 - 8:00pm
Anything You Can Do

It is Jonny's first day as the clinical nursing manager on Darwin. However, he is struggling to juggle all of his new duties. With Jac breathing down his neck, he is forced to assert his authority and use his new skills to help save the life of a vulnerable patient.

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s16e21 / Instinct

4th Mar '14 - 8:00pm

Beth is still in a coma and Guy is determined to try and boost the Tressler Neurosurgical Foundation's profile. Dominic is determined to prove himself after showing up late for work.

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s16e22 / Exit Strategy - Part One

11th Mar '14 - 8:00pm
Exit Strategy - Part One

Jess gets ready to undergo surgery as Ric finds it hard to step back as a doctor and let Serena deal with the case. Guy is feeling under pressure following the withdrawal of the Tressler fund.

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s16e23 / Exit Strategy - Part Two

18th Mar '14 - 8:00pm
Exit Strategy - Part Two

uy is pulled up before the board after Zosia backs a patient's complaint against him. However, Guy is more worried about protecting Zosia's career than his own, especially when tensions mount and Zosia begins to crumble. The last person Zosia wants help from is her father, yet Guy is the only one who can give her the answers she so desperately craves. Are either of them ready to handle to truth?

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s16e24 / Green Ink

25th Mar '14 - 8:00pm
Green Ink

A new consultant pharmacist called Amy catches Harry's eye but they soon clash over the best way to treat a patient. Jac refuses to play happy families but after events spiral out of control during the hen party, Jonny decides that enough is enough.

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s16e25 / The Cruellest Month

1st Apr '14 - 8:00pm
The Cruellest Month

Jonny and Bonnie's wedding day arrives but he still has lots of things to do before he's ready to get married. Zosia finds it hard to cope on the anniversary of her mother's death. Serena becomes obsessed with the new patient satisfaction surveys as she attempts to impress Connie.

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s16e26 / The Win

8th Apr '14 - 8:00pm
The Win

Harry is agitated to learn that Raf's wife Amy is the new consultant pharmacist on AAU, but is intrigued to discover that their marriage may not be as perfect as it seems.

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s16e27 / Cold Heart, Warm Hands

15th Apr '14 - 8:00pm
Cold Heart, Warm Hands

Raf and Amy are set to discover whether their final round of IVF has been successful. However, Raf soon gets consumed in a diverting case - a patient who has been technically dead for several hours but whom Raf believes is a candidate for a Lazarus-like resuscitation. Torn between his wife's emotional needs and cutting-edge medicine, Raf's priorities are tested and his marriage buckles beneath the strain.

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s16e28 / Battle Lines

22nd Apr '14 - 8:00pm
Battle Lines

The custody battle goes on as Jac plays dirty twisting Jonny's words and setting her lawyer against him. Arthur attempts to impress Guy and new anaesthetist Jesse.

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s16e29 / Wild Child

29th Apr '14 - 8:00pm
Wild Child

Raf and Amy's relationship in under real pressure which results in a heart-wrenching betrayal. Jac finds the going tough as her past threatens to repeat itself.

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s16e30 / My Name Is Joe

6th May '14 - 8:00pm
My Name Is Joe

Despite being on probation, Zosia is determined to move on and show Sacha she can keep up with the rest. But when an unusual patient raises her suspicions, can she prove that she has learnt from her past mistakes?

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s16e31 / No Apologies

13th May '14 - 8:00pm
No Apologies

Sacha quickly quashes Zosia and Arthur's concern over a patient with a suspicious past. As Sacha struggles to keep his junior doctors in line, will he be able to follow the rules himself?

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s16e32 / Keeping Mum

22nd May '14 - 8:00pm
Keeping Mum

Serena has been really busy recently whilst trying to care for her mother, Adrienne. After Guy requests an urgent report outlining the hospital's chances of becoming a Neurosurgical Feeder Centre she's stretched to her limits. Elliot hasn't been feeling himself and keeps forgetting important things.

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s16e33 / Crush

27th May '14 - 8:00pm

Amy desperately tries to put her mistake with Harry behind her, but her day takes an unexpected turn when she discovers she's finally got what she always wanted. However, she's forced to question at what cost when it's clear Harry is going to be in her life for a very long time.

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s16e34 / Collateral

3rd Jun '14 - 8:00pm

While dealing with the consequences of recent events, Amy is caught in the middle of Raf and Harry's fractious personality clash. Guy offers to transfer Harry, but Amy decides to deal with him herself.

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s16e35 / Masquerade

10th Jun '14 - 8:00pm

A determined Amy throws her weight behind helping Harry shine. Jac's childcare nightmare gets worse when Elliot lends a hand.

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s16e36 / Little Star

18th Jun '14 - 8:00pm
Little Star

Jac and Jonny prepare for their day in court, both determined to win Emma. However, Jac's carefully-laid plans are thrown into disarray by a powerful force from her past. Even at death's door Paula proves she still has the power to tie Jac in knots - will Jac rise above her machinations?

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s16e37 / Every Dog Has Its Day

24th Jun '14 - 8:00pm
Every Dog Has Its Day

Elliot finds a kindred spirit when he treats a shanty-singing fisherman.

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s16e38 / All Before Them

1st Jul '14 - 8:00pm
All Before Them

Reeling from the news that Amy cheated on him, Raf demands that she take a paternity test.

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s16e39 / Captive

9th Jul '14 - 8:00pm

Jesse's paranoia builds as Guy is on the verge of discovering his affair with Zosia.

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s16e40 / The Spirit

15th Jul '14 - 8:00pm
The Spirit

Elliot is forced to confront his biggest fears on the day of the Herzig launch.

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s16e41 / A Heart Man

22nd Jul '14 - 8:00pm
A Heart Man

Elliot faces his fears about his brain surgery and decides to proceed despite complications, but his future at Holby may be in jeopardy along with his health.

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s16e42 / One Small Step

29th Jul '14 - 8:00pm
One Small Step

Arthur struggles to keep Zosia in line when she gets emotionally involved with a patient. It is the end of term and Zosia drowns her sorrows with disastrous consequences.

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s16e43 / Affair of the Mind

5th Aug '14 - 8:00pm
Affair of the Mind

Mo feels the pressure of running Darwin as Zosia causes concern with her constant partying. Serena's mother takes a turn for the worse and she finds herself being confronted about it from all sides.

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s16e44 / Star Crossed Lovers

12th Aug '14 - 8:00pm
Star Crossed Lovers

The new nurse arrives on the ward in the form of Fletch from the ED as Elliot returns to work.

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s16e45 / The Art of Losing

19th Aug '14 - 8:00pm
The Art of Losing

As news of Jac's new appointment as head of cardiothoracics spreads, Elliot is gracious in defeat. But Jac, with a further twist of the knife, tells Elliot that he will no longer be in charge of the Herzig. Faced with the fact his Darwin daughter has stolen his life's work - can Elliot forgive her?

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s16e46 / 'Going, Going..'.

26th Aug '14 - 8:00pm
'Going, Going..'.

As Holby prepares for a big charity gala, Guy tasks Arthur with making sure an old patient of his gets the full VIP treatment on Keller, but when Zosia forms a close bond with the gentleman and pushes for a decidedly unconventional approach, Arthur is left scrambling in her wake. Arthur begins to wonder if Zosia is really coping.

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s16e47 / The Looking Glass

2nd Sep '14 - 8:00pm
The Looking Glass

Amy and Raf's conflicting feelings about the unborn child collide when they discover the sex of the baby. Still smarting from Jac's betrayal, Elliot takes on a patient's case against Jac's explicit instructions. Sacha's determination to make Essie happy forces her to make a brave decision.

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s16e48 / Hoops

9th Sep '14 - 8:00pm

With Arthur adjusting to the pressures of leading a team, his anxiety over Zosia brings him face to face with Guy, but what exactly should he tell Mr Self?

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s16e49 / Forgive Me Father

16th Sep '14 - 8:00pm
Forgive Me Father

Raf resolves to give Harry a chance to prove himself. But when he sees an opportunity to undermine the ambitious registrar, he makes a dramatic intervention with disastrous consequences for Harry.

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s16e50 / Mummy Dearest

23rd Sep '14 - 8:00pm
Mummy Dearest

When Serena admits her mother to AAU, the women's relationship comes under scrutiny, particularly when Adrienne makes some damning allegations. And though she tries to keep them separate, Serena's personal and professional worlds collide with dramatic consequences.

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