Holby City
Season 12

s12e01 / ?The Hands That Rock the Cradle (1)

20th Oct '09 - 8:00pm
?The Hands That Rock the Cradle (1)

Faye finds it hard to cope after Archie's condition gets worse. Lauren the nurse who is looking after him makes a big mistake when she administers his medication. Vanessa is introduced to the team by Michael and he lays out his plans for the future. Mark wonders if the wards need a matron but he is soon won over. Judith begins to wonder if Mark is needed though.

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s12e02 / ?The Hands That Rock the Cradle (2)

21st Oct '09 - 8:00pm
?The Hands That Rock the Cradle (2)

Vanessa suspects foul play after Archie suddenly dies. Connie, Ric and Faye are dismissed from the hospital so that there can be a full police inquiry. Mark is able to get Chantelle to confess to Maddy's hug.

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s12e03 / Myself, Coming Back

27th Oct '09 - 8:00pm
Myself, Coming Back

Donna finds herself having to deal with Derek's meagre effects and sets off on a trip that ends with her having to confront some serious responsibilities. Joseph is determined to get to the bottom of Faye's suspension and he ends up confronting Lauren. Judith ends up realising that Mark is really needed at the hospital after he saves the day.

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s12e04 / The Professionals

3rd Nov '09 - 8:00pm
The Professionals

Elliot finds it hard to run the ward without Connie. Penny discovers that he is suffering with angina. Vanessa appoints a new locum registrar. Joseph, Faye and Faye's mother attend Archie's funeral. Judith is given bad news about her divorce settlement. Maria returns to work.

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s12e05 / Home Truths

10th Nov '09 - 8:00pm
Home Truths

Linden's daughter, Holly, comes back into his life after her grandparents learn that she plans to leave college and move out. Jac manages to earn Oliver's respect. Penny decides to avoid Thandie and act on Elliot's advise.

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s12e06 / To Have and to Hold

17th Nov '09 - 8:00pm
To Have and to Hold

Joseph leaves Thandie and Elliot to look after the ward as he attempts to get his hands on Archie's notes. Chrissie clashes with Judith after finding out that put Mark's job under threat. Oliver realises that he has to accept help something.

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s12e07 / Break Away

24th Nov '09 - 8:00pm
Break Away

Penny's plan to impress Elliot doesn't go the way she hoped. Oliver spots something crucial that Jac has missed when he works on a case with her.

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s12e08 / And That's What Really Hurts

1st Dec '09 - 8:00pm
And That's What Really Hurts

Joseph is determined to prove to both Vanessa and the police that potassium killed Archie. Elliot finds himself loosing confidence in Joseph. When Judith tries to improve the relationship between herself and Chrissie she ends up making thinks worse.

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s12e09 / Now We Are Lonely

8th Dec '09 - 8:00pm
Now We Are Lonely

After Joseph accuses Lauren of being responsible for Archie's death he is accused of bullying of her by Vanessa and is threatened with a suspension. After he tells his theory that Archie died after being given potassium, it soon becomes clear that Lauren could be responsible after all. Vanessa manages to disappoint Michael.

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s12e10 / Too Close for Comfort

15th Dec '09 - 8:00pm
Too Close for Comfort

Mark offers Judith his support after her teenage son is admitted to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Elliot accuses Penny of being too close to Scott. Maria attempts to impress Daisha.

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s12e11 / Stand by Me

22nd Dec '09 - 8:00pm
Stand by Me

Linden and Holly makes plans for Christmas at home together. Their plans are ruined though when Linden's past memories come back to haunt him after Holly gives him a present. Linden tries to deal with not being able to have saved his wife's life. Before shes leaves for the Philippines, Dais ha gets cosy with Oliver. Chrissie announces that she is expecting a baby.

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s12e12 / Resolutions

29th Dec '09 - 8:00pm

The police arrest Faye for the hug of her son, Archie. Joseph still suspects Lauren of making a mistake over his medication; Thandie realises Joseph is right, and risks her own reputation to get Lauren to confess. Oliver is amazed when Jac lets him help on an exciting operation, saving a patient's life. They are both so hyped-up on adrenaline post-op that they get it on in the locker room together, missing the New Year's Eve party - all photographed by Penny. Having taken Maria for granted all day, Donna realises the man she fancies is gay. Perhaps friends are more fun after all.

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s12e13 / Talk to Me

6th Jan '10 - 8:00pm
Talk to Me

Faye is back at work and trying to get on with her day but can't resist confronting Lauren who tries to blame the hospital system for Archie's death. Ric returns from 'gardening leave' with a new relaxed attitude to work, but it doesn't last long when he disagrees with Jac over the treatment of a patient. Chrissie is shocked when a previous

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s12e14 / A Glorious Reunion

12th Jan '10 - 8:00pm
A Glorious Reunion

Lauren receives a visit from her mother. In the relatives room Sandra tells the whole story from her daughter's respective. Faye realises she needs to stop blaming Lauren for what happened and release the anger she feels. The board decide not to renew Judith's contract when they need a scapegoat. Oliver tries to stop Daisha from seeing pictures of his dalliance with Jac after they are posted around the hospital.

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s12e15 / Stop All the Clocks

26th Jan '10 - 8:00pm
Stop All the Clocks

Linden tries to be friends with Faye again and help deal with her loss. When Faye has to deal with the death of a young child whilst at work she finds it difficult. Thandie hopes to be reunited with Ric but when she mishandles a case at work that no longer seems possible. Maria finds the going tough when she has to run the ward and comes to a few realizations.

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s12e16 / Promises

27th Jan '10 - 8:00pm

Donna finds herself having to make some difficult decisions about the welfare of her young niece. Jac finds herself being to pleasant to Joseph for a change. Chrissie thinks that the new locum George is too good to be true.

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s12e17 / ... And the Devil Makes Three

3rd Feb '10 - 8:00pm
... And the Devil Makes Three

Ric wants to get rid of Thandie. He tries to prevent her being considered for a full time post, but realises he would do

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s12e18 / Too Cold to Crash and Burn

9th Feb '10 - 8:00pm
Too Cold to Crash and Burn

Penny admits that she had been seeing Scott but denies mishandling the case on the day he is due to have his heart surgery. Penny finds herself having to choose between a relationship with Scott and her career. Jac is determined to prove to Michael that she is the right person for the consultants job. When Oliver lets Jac down she ends up blowing her top at Penny. Dalisha finds out about Oliver and Jac's fling.

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s12e19 / ?Downstairs, Upstairs (2)

16th Feb '10 - 8:00pm
?Downstairs, Upstairs (2)

(Crossover with Casualty; part one is S24E24: Love Is a Battlefield (1))

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s12e20 / Together Alone

17th Feb '10 - 8:00pm
Together Alone

Michael could see Connie looked better than ever; immaculate, confident, and on top of the world. However, he discovered that Connie was no longer queen bee in her new job, and saw an opportunity to tempt her back to Holby. He wasn't successful and neither was Elliot. Refusing to return Connie couldn't help but feel guilty about the people she'd left behind.

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s12e21 / Amare

23rd Feb '10 - 8:00pm

Thandie and Ric's relationship is put to the test when her brother Moses, who is terminally ill, arrives at Holby. Ric is persuaded to treat Moses in secret, but then Moses takes things one stage further, he asks Thandie to help him die.

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s12e22 / The Butterfly Effect (1)

2nd Mar '10 - 8:00pm
The Butterfly Effect (1)

Faye tells Joseph their marriage is over. While Faye turns her attentions to Linden, Joseph becomes involved in a major incident in town, making Faye regret what she has done and pray for his safe return.

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s12e23 / The Butterfly Effect (2)

9th Mar '10 - 8:00pm
The Butterfly Effect (2)

Joseph appears to self-destruct after he and Daisha find themselves involved in a shoot out. Daisha ends up being fatally wounded. Will Daisha survive this? The team struggle to deal with two major incidents. Michael tells Vanessa that she must remove Toby Geddes or they will lose both Elliot and Jac. As Daisha's life hangs in the balance, Ollie finds it hard to cope.

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s12e24 / Faith No More

16th Mar '10 - 8:00pm
Faith No More

Joseph works out that something is going on between Faye and Linden and he ends up attacking Linden. Mark finds his loyalty torn between Daisha and Judith and in the process loses both of them. Chrissie isn't too happy when she finds out that Sacha is back at the hospital.

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s12e25 / Tipping Point

23rd Mar '10 - 8:00pm
Tipping Point

After Daisha says goodbye, Mark has to deal with a difficult shift. After Maria is sent home by Vanessa because of her back injury, Mark decides to try and get her some compensation. Faye and Elliot work out that Linden's injuries were caused by Joseph. After he begins to doubt Faye, Linden decides to end their relationship.

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s12e26 / Enemies Closer

30th Mar '10 - 8:00pm
Enemies Closer

Jac hides the fact from the rest of the team that a new patient at the hospital is her mother. Jac has to break the news to her mother that she is going to need a new kidney. After arriving late for a session, Oliver is determined to impress both Connie and Elliot. New nurse, Roberta tells him a few home truths after he passes Penny's research off as his own. Mark decides to with the claim for compensation for Maria when he learns it could cost her career. Mark resigns after becoming fed up with Vanessa's interference.

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s12e27 / For the Greater Good

6th Apr '10 - 8:00pm
For the Greater Good

After Michael finds out about Mark's resignation he accepts that Vanessa needs to go. His plan doesn't go to plan though when Vanessa makes him look stupid in a board meeting before she leaves the hospital. Joseph apologises to Linden and lets Faye move back into their flat in an effort to sort things out. Not everything goes to plan though and he ends up in somebody elses arms.

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s12e28 / Bette Davis Eyes

13th Apr '10 - 8:00pm
Bette Davis Eyes

Jac attempts to remain unaffected by her mother's situation. After her condition deteriorates though Jac is forced to admit to Michael and Joseph that she's the mother who left her. Jac ends up offering her mother a new kidney. After Chrissie goes into early labour she has to have an emergency C-section. Mark finally learns that Sacha is the father of the baby.

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s12e29 / X-Y Factor

20th Apr '10 - 8:00pm
X-Y Factor

Chrissie finds it hard to embrace Sacha's family especially when his mother, Esther starts talking about wedding. Chrissie ends up telling Sacha they wont be a family but he will always be a father to the baby. Michael, Ric and Joseph battle to save Paula' when the operation for the kidney transplant hits some problems. After Paula pulls through, Jac celebrates her birthday with her mother for the first time in many years. Michael isn't happy when Cunningham says he wants him to share the Director of Surgery responsibilities with Connie. Michael attempts to convince him to let him job share with Ric instead

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s12e30 / What Goes Around

27th Apr '10 - 8:00pm
What Goes Around

Paula goes missing whilst Jac is caring for her at home. When Jac finds her she also meets also her grandfather and half-sister too. Jac realizes she has been conned by her mother and vows to move forward with her life without her family in it. When Faye finds out she is pregnant she has to decide whether to tell Linden or not

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s12e31 / Apply Some Pressure

4th May '10 - 8:00pm
Apply Some Pressure

The porters have gone on strike and the hospital has come to a halt. Cunningham is impressed after Mark manages to sort the problem out single handily and he later suggests that Mark should consider applying for the CEO post at the hospital. Connie finds out about Ric and Michael's director of surgery job-share and she tries to get involved with Joseph's research project. Michael realises he has to let Ric in if he is to save his marriage.

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s12e32 / Take No Prisoners

12th May '10 - 8:00pm
Take No Prisoners

Mark still wont apply for the CEO position because he is not happy with the politics involved. When he discovers a patient whose quality of life could be enhanced significantly by new laser treatment he has a change of heart about applying for the position. After Oliver gains a promotion things go wrong. Penny is moved back to AAU after it comes out that she slept with a patient. Maria has to cope on her own when Donna disappears for the whole day.

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s12e33 / Time and Tide (1)

18th May '10 - 8:00pm
Time and Tide (1)

The hospital finds itself full of patients following a flash flood in the south west of the country. The basement is is danger of flooding. As Connie and Joseph operate on Elaine the back-up generator fails.

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s12e34 / Time and Tide (2)

19th May '10 - 8:00pm
Time and Tide (2)

Mark finds himsef in demand when everyone turns to him for advice on the emergency flood situation. Donna and Maria are stuck in a lift with a critical patient following the power cut. Connie finds her patient going into crisis in theatre. A visiting doctor supports Penny.

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s12e35 / Brutally Frank

25th May '10 - 8:00pm
Brutally Frank

Mark learns that he has got the CEO job and informs the staff that he will be helping out with day-to-day duties as it is his last day. Connie feels guilty after Elaine is diagnosed with brain damage. Donna is determined to prove herself in her new position.

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s12e36 / Taking Over

1st Jun '10 - 8:00pm
Taking Over

Greg Douglas, the new registrar arrives on Darwin Ward much to Elliot's surprise. When Greg's thinks that paediatrics patient Ben could have his life-saving operation in America with out having to wait it makes Elliot question him. Linden finds out that Faye is pregnant and she tells him she isn't sure who the father of the baby is. Linden offers to stick by her but she still has to tell Joseph.

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s12e37 / Cross My Heart

8th Jun '10 - 8:00pm
Cross My Heart

Greg and Joseph have to retrieve a heart for a transplant but when they arrive at the hospital it quickly becomes apparent that everything is not well. After Elaine dies, Connie attempts to make peace with Kevin but she believes he is out for revenge. After Kevin ends up rescuing her from an attack by an ex-patient's relative Connie's hopes of them sorting out their problems are dashed by Kevin's subsequent character assassination of her. Connie ends up turning to Greg for some support.

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s12e38 / Thursday's Child

15th Jun '10 - 8:00pm
Thursday's Child

Faye discovers that the baby she is expecting is a boy and finds herself caught between Joseph and Linden's opposing views on a Chorionic Villus Sampling test.

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s12e39 / Fool's Gold

1st Jul '10 - 8:00pm
Fool's Gold

Michael is determined to keep his marriage break-up a secret and he throws himself into his work in an effort to forget about it. After he becomes frustrated with a tricky patient he ends taking his irritation out on Elizabeth and Donna. After he looses a patient in theatre, Michel ends up hitting rock bottom. Elliot is determined to raise the remaining funds that are needed to treat Ben.

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s12e40 / Swimming with Sharks

6th Jul '10 - 8:00pm
Swimming with Sharks

A complaint is given to Mark about Sacha making inappropriate comments about a patient. After checking up on Sacha's past he discovers he was accused of sexual harassment at the last hospital he worked at. After Mark confronts Sacha, he complains to Michael that Mark has abused his power. Mark remains suspicious about Sacha even after all the charges are dropped. Elliot works out that he has been scammed by Maggie when the laser fails to show up and is then forced to perform a laser-less interim procedure on Ben.

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s12e41 / Secrets You Keep

13th Jul '10 - 8:00pm
Secrets You Keep

Elliot is finally able to perform Ben's life-saving laser surgery. It is revealed that Elliot paid for the laser himself with the proceeds from his house after the truth about him being scammed by Maggie is revealed. Mark reports the crime after Elliot refuses to call the police. Linden attempts to stop his personal issues with Joseph from affecting his work. Sacha and Jac compete against one another to get a rise out of Elizabeth but Jac takes the joke a step too far.

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s12e42 / All Cried Out

20th Jul '10 - 8:00pm
All Cried Out

Kate, a Trust member with the task of allocating funds left in a will, is shown around the hospital by Ric. Ric comes up with the idea of the funds be invested in the NHS rather than Holbycare. Michael isn't happy when he realises that Ric is getting the better of him both professionally and personally sand he ends up announcing on the ward that he and Annalese are finished and that he's having dinner with Kate. Elliot doesn't like all of the attention that his OBE has received.

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s12e43 / Two in Five Marriages

27th Jul '10 - 8:00pm
Two in Five Marriages

Linden is fed up with Joseph and his constant involvement with Faye and the baby. Joseph decides that he wants to be present at the birth which results in Linden announcing that he and Faye are moving to Scotland. When questioned by Faye, Linden admits to her he doesn't know how much longer he can go on with things as they are at the moment.Kate turns turn Michael offer to be his date for a charity event and their affair comes to an end. After Michael defends her, Connie ends up agreeing to go with him.

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s12e44 / Dandelions

3rd Aug '10 - 8:00pm

Ric is concerned about some test results and ends up clashing with Michael over the Moyles Fund. The continued sexual tension between Greg and Connie interferes with their care of some patients. Faye ends up alienating Linden by pushing Joseph for a divorce.

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s12e45 / Man with No Name

10th Aug '10 - 8:00pm
Man with No Name

With the battle for funds reaching new levels, Michael and Ric both must pitch their ideas to the board. After Ric runs into Annalese their connection becomes more conspicuous by the minute. Greg who is suffering with a hangover has to teach Oliver all day much to Connie's amusement. Penny is pleased to be made the unofficial boss on the Acute Assessment Unit, but her happiness soon wains when she and Frieda encounter disturbed patient.

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s12e46 / Skipping a Beat

17th Aug '10 - 8:00pm
Skipping a Beat

Greg attempts to make Connie see that they need to be discreet about their relationship. Connie ends up teasing him though in front of a visiting American surgeon. Michael's continued resentment of Annalese ends up seeing him have a night of hard drinking. Linden is not happy when he learns who has been named as the third party responsible for breaking up Faye's marriage.

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s12e47 / Transgressions

24th Aug '10 - 8:00pm

Ric realises that Michael's break-up with Annalese has hit him hard, after witnessing his increasingly chaotic behaviour. Ric decides to end things with Annalese. Michael continues to feel down. Oliver ends up standing up to Greg over a patient and ends up making a bad error of judgment. Oliver ends up managing to gain Greg's respect though.

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s12e48 / 'Til the Grave

25th Aug '10 - 8:00pm
'Til the Grave

Michael learns from Annalese that she has been seeing Ric following their separation. When Michael confronts Ric about the affair he ends up getting a surprise. Penny begins to have doubts about her career choice during her first day as an F2.

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s12e49 / The Last Day of Summer

31st Aug '10 - 8:00pm
The Last Day of Summer

Ric ends up resigning from the board and he tells Annalese that she should stay with Michael. Ric finds his life ending up in Michael's hands. Oliver's attempts to please Greg leave him overestimating his abilities.

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s12e50 / Get Busy Living

7th Sep '10 - 8:00pm
Get Busy Living

Frieda is riled by Penny who sucks up to a lazy and arrogant locum called Glyn. When Penny sees Frieda performing a procedure that only a doctor could do she ends up realising that Frieda is a trained doctor. Lady Byrne offers moral support to Joseph as Faye prepares to receive the Lowes test results. The results come back as being negative. After Lady Byrne reveals that she's been making plans for the baby, Faye informs her and Joseph that she wants nothing from either of them.

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