Holby City
Season 15

s15e01 / The Third Way

16th Oct '12 - 8:00pm
The Third Way

Hanssen is struggling to cope with the fallout from last week's interview. When a patient is then admitted who has contacted the press about his treatment at the hands of the NHS, Hanssen is determined to silence the critics.

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s15e02 / Chasing Demons

23rd Oct '12 - 8:00pm
Chasing Demons

Eddi is back on AAU and determined to prove she can cope. But when a patient case is too close to home and the pressures of a demanding ward begin to take their toll, Luc's worst fears are realised.

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s15e03 / Follow My Leader

30th Oct '12 - 8:00pm
Follow My Leader

The arrival of new CT1 Lilah Birdwood causes ripples in the AAU playground as Michael and Serena do battle for her respect. But can Lilah prove herself worthy of their tussle or will she find herself on a plane back to Australia?

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s15e04 / If Not for You

6th Nov '12 - 8:00pm
If Not for You

Pressure mounts on Hanssen, and when the son of his very first patient at Holby is admitted, Hanssen fights to save him and his own career. When Hanssen takes a mysterious call, we are left wondering if events at the hospital are all that define his decisions today.

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s15e05 / To Absent Friends

13th Nov '12 - 8:00pm
To Absent Friends

Ric finds himself being caught between his patient and the future of the hospital as Serena gets ready to take over the running of the hospital in Hanssen's absence. Jonny is without his sidekick after he and Mo had an argument last week. Michael's day begins badly with the news that his children aren't coming home until Christmas and things end up getting worse.

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s15e06 / Hail Caesar

20th Nov '12 - 8:00pm
Hail Caesar

With the new CEO Imelda Cousins due to start work today, Ric becomes determined to keep control of his ward. After Lilah attempts to run before she can walk, he finds himself in the firing line. After a difficult patient comes in, Jac attempts to get closer to Jonny through the case. Luc is forced to come out of his lab after the new CEO demands he return to ward duties.

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s15e07 / After the Party

27th Nov '12 - 8:00pm
After the Party

Imelda ends up taking a shine to Jac and enjoys the fact that she helped cast doubt over Hanssen's suitability for the job. Jac wants to impress her, but ends up getting drawn into a complicated teen pregnancy case. It's assessment day for new CT1 doctor Lilah. Serena hopes that today will be her last shift on AAU, and is even more happy after she learns that she's worked with Imelda before.

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s15e08 / How Lo Can You Go

4th Dec '12 - 8:00pm
How Lo Can You Go

Hertzig patient, Aisha, is readmitted to the hospital and Elliot attempts to do everything that he can to save her, but it's not enough. Tara is really affected by her death and after Ollie confronts her about her overreaction to Aisha's death, she knows it's time to be honest about her brain tumour or risk losing Ollie forever. After Ric fails Lilah on an assessment, she wonders if the events of the previous week had anything to do with it.

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s15e09 / Fault Lines

11th Dec '12 - 8:00pm
Fault Lines

The atmosphere between Ric and Lilah is strained and after Imelda becomes involved, she only ends up antagonising an already fragile situation. Mo's boyfriend Albie takes his dying wife to the hospital for treatment. Jonny believes that she shouldn't get involved but will she listen to him? After a patient towing a yacht shows up on AAU, Chrissie finds herself day dreaming about a Caribbean island Christmas.

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s15e10 / Through the Darkness

18th Dec '12 - 8:00pm
Through the Darkness

Ollie returns to the hospital, having spent time away attempting to research Tara's condition. Michael is paying extra attention to his romance with HCA, Ramona. Chantelle still has no clue where she stands with Rhys.

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s15e11 / And We Banish Shade

28th Dec '12 - 8:00pm
And We Banish Shade

A Vegas-bound Ric shows up at the hospital and reveals that he has got a new job in the Pharma-industry. After his expertise is needed on an emergency patient, Ric finds himself being drawn in. Jac finds herself involved in a family crisis as Jonny desperately wants to appeal to her better nature.

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s15e12 / Blood Ties

3rd Jan '13 - 8:00pm
Blood Ties

As Luc discovers a breakthrough in his research, a patient's tattoo becomes the gateway to a darker side of him. Sacha attempts to help his friend before it is too late. Lilah is back at work and is surprised to learn that Ric has not resigned. Ollie is worried that Tara's reveal the previous week has forced her back into her shell.

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s15e13 / Hanssen/Hemingway

8th Jan '13 - 8:00pm

Jac ends up travelling to Sweden to try and find Hanssen. After she finds out the reason behind Hanssen's actions, she has to decide whether to follow through with Serena's instructions or to side with Hanssen. Luc is put on a short leash by Michael following the events of the previous week. Luc is still be haunted by events from the past and despite Michael and Sacha's best efforts, it looks like he will go off the rails.

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s15e14 / Push the Button (1)

15th Jan '13 - 8:00pm
Push the Button (1)

Things could not be better between Jac and Jonny, but when she hears that the former 'love of her life' is getting married, she is thrown and jeopardises everything that she cares for.

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s15e15 / Push the Button (2)

22nd Jan '13 - 8:00pm
Push the Button (2)

Jac is feeling guilty after the events of the previous night and wants to put it all behind her. Arthur Digby shows up for his first day on Keller and fails to make a good first impression. Michael is surprised after he finds out about his new F1, Gemma Wilde's extra-curricular activities.

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s15e16 / The Waiting Game

29th Jan '13 - 8:00pm
The Waiting Game

Malick finds it hard to deal with the arrival of Jake, the son he never knew he had. Ric ends up being forced to give the registrar an ultimatum. Elliot's efforts to help a rebellious medical student don't go to plan.

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s15e17 / Spence's Choice (1)

5th Feb '13 - 8:00pm
Spence's Choice (1)

Michael divides his team over a suspected case of child abuse.

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s15e18 / Spence's Choice (2)

12th Feb '13 - 8:00pm
Spence's Choice (2)

The previous week's child protection case returns to haunt Michael, after Mandy Fairlock is admitted on to the ward, following an arson attack on her home.

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s15e19 / Ask Me No Questions

19th Feb '13 - 8:00pm
Ask Me No Questions

Gemma fears for her safety after an ex-patient takes her hostage on AAU.

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s15e20 / Unravelled

26th Feb '13 - 8:00pm

Serena's mother's operation is finally scheduled and she is determined that everything will go to plan. Gemma is determined to prove that she is ready to be back at work. Mo turns to Jonny to cheer her up when she is in a bad mood but after he lets her down, she finds herself a new friend in Sacha.

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s15e21 / Recovery Position

4th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Recovery Position

Malick's world is turned upside down when a face from his past turns up at Holby.

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s15e22 / Not Aaron

12th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Not Aaron

Jac gets a second chance to impress Hanssen with her newly-acquired surgical skills

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s15e23 / Holby's Got Torment

19th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Holby's Got Torment

Jac and Jonny's relationship reaches breaking point. Chrissie gets her cancer test results

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s15e24 / Journey's End

26th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Journey's End

It is a bittersweet day for Tara, as she is forced to face her demons head on.

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s15e25 / The End of the Beginning

2nd Apr '13 - 8:00pm
The End of the Beginning

A journalist threatens to expose the legal action Serena is taking against the hospital.

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s15e26 / Promises, Promises

9th Apr '13 - 8:00pm
Promises, Promises

When Malick is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, he struggles on whether to leave Holby for good, or stay with the son that he barely knows. A mysterious figure from Gemma's past shows up, and it seems like her problems will always catch up with her. Ollie is worried that Tara is not thinking straight concerning her upcoming operation.

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s15e27 / Great Expectations

16th Apr '13 - 8:00pm
Great Expectations

It is finally the day of Tara's big operation, and Gemma is drawn into a tricky case.

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s15e28 / Second Life

23rd Apr '13 - 8:00pm
Second Life

Arthur starts to feel the pressure of being the best junior doctor after winning the F1 award.

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s15e29 / Time Has Told Me

30th Apr '13 - 8:00pm
Time Has Told Me

Elliot attempts to help Ollie, but the tension between the pair threatens their professional relationship, especially after the latter's counsellor gets involved. Ric learns that his brief spell on AAU is to be made permanent, causing him to question his commitment to the position.

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s15e30 / Only Human

7th May '13 - 8:00pm
Only Human

Malick is given the extra responsibility he yearns for when he is put in charge of a mysterious high profile patient, but as he learns more about her relationship with a serial hugger, will he be able to continue treating her?

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s15e31 / The More Deceived

14th May '13 - 8:00pm
The More Deceived

Malick finds himself professionally compromised as he is tempted to make a deal with a hug accomplice in order to find the body of a missing girl. Will he act on his sympathies for the victim's mother or his duty as a doctor?

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s15e32 / Divide We Fall

21st May '13 - 8:00pm
Divide We Fall

Sacha is determined to be strong and positive for Rachel, hanging all his hopes on the chemo and protecting her from the truth. But when Rachel's chemo results come back, his world is turned upside down. Can he tell Rachel the truth?

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s15e33 / Back from the Dead

28th May '13 - 8:00pm
Back from the Dead

Malick is stunned when he realises that Amanda Layton lied to him. Her deathbed confession wasn't true and her victim is not buried where she told him. But there's worse to come for him, a betrayal by Dominic leads to him being suspended by Hanssen and his career hangs in the balance.

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s15e34 / Home

4th Jun '13 - 8:00pm

Holby is under the microscope as Amanda Layton's case is heard in the coroner's court. Malick's personal and professional lives are put in jeopardy.

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s15e35 / All Tomorrow's Parties

11th Jun '13 - 8:00pm
All Tomorrow's Parties

As Sacha and Chrissie wait for the results of Daniel's tests, Sacha doesn't feel much like celebrating his birthday. Chrissie tries to maintain a brave face, but even if Daniel is a match, can she put her son through the procedure?

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s15e36 / Follow the Yellow Brick Road

18th Jun '13 - 8:00pm
Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Ollie is on the brink of losing all control over his life. When his mistakes threaten to derail the entire ward, Elliot tries to protect him from Jac and insists that Ollie has to come to terms with the loss of Tara, on his own basis. Unwilling to accept anyone's help Ollie encounters Lexi, a Herzig patient, and tries to discover what is causing the Herzig to fail to prove he is still in control.

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s15e37 / Break

25th Jun '13 - 8:00pm

Ollie is adamant he is fit to work but when his erratic behaviour endangers a patient's life, Gemma has to step in. Will he let her take the fall?

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s15e38 / The Journey Home

2nd Jul '13 - 8:00pm
The Journey Home

Michael struggles to remain impartial as Seb deteriorates and his parents can't be found. Meanwhile Jasmine wants to know if she can stay in England with him, what will Michael decide?

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s15e39 / Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

9th Jul '13 - 8:00pm
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

As Oliver and Harry prepare presentations to compete for the next rotation on Darwin, Oliver reaches rock bottom as he stoops to stealing Tara's work and passing it off as his own. He finally faces up to his grief and his guilt over Tara and comes clean, exonerating Gemma in the process; he then bids Elliot and Holby a fond farewell before heading off to face his future.

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s15e40 / Make or Break

16th Jul '13 - 8:00pm
Make or Break

Arthur is given new responsibilities now that he is an F2 and put in charge of Keller for the day. As he struggles to work with Chantelle after she rejected his advances, the ward starts to fall into chaos when a family member of a patient goes off the rails.

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s15e41 / A Night's Tale

23rd Jul '13 - 8:00pm
A Night's Tale

Arthur wrestles with his guilt following the mugging as Chantelle insists on returning to work. However Chantelle's determination is challenged by a difficult patient.

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s15e42 / Never Let Me Go

30th Jul '13 - 8:00pm
Never Let Me Go

Tensions are high as Hattie deteriorates and Mo is determined to find a solution at any cost.

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s15e43 / Digby Dog

6th Aug '13 - 8:00pm
Digby Dog

While trying to discover Charlie's real identity, Chantelle begins to find her spirits lifting in his company; but following their recent kiss, will Arthur be able to keep a lid on his jealousy?

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s15e44 / Old Wounds

13th Aug '13 - 8:00pm
Old Wounds

When Mo is made to face the consequences of her actions, she starts to question if she has made the right choices. As the pressure builds from all sides, will she stick to her guns?

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s15e45 / All At Sea

20th Aug '13 - 8:00pm
All At Sea

It's the day of Rachel's fundraiser, and a stressed Sacha struggles to organise the event whilst trying to cope with his damaged relationship with Chrissie. When a patient notices Michael and Chrissie's growing closeness, Sacha becomes jealous and starts to suspect that something is going on between them, leading to a confrontation.

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s15e46 / Good Day For Bad News

27th Aug '13 - 8:00pm
Good Day For Bad News

Chrissie is nervous about her prognosis consultation while having to deal with the fall out of an RTA on AAU. She becomes emotionally involved with a patient case, reflecting on her own medical health. She reaches out to Sacha, wanting him to come home but then ultimately ends up pushing him away.

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s15e47 / Point of Impact

3rd Sep '13 - 8:00pm
Point of Impact

There is an emergency when a patient is brought in with an unexploded device embedded in his chest and Harry endangers his colleagues' lives with his maverick approach.

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s15e48 / The Kick Inside

10th Sep '13 - 8:00pm
The Kick Inside

It is the day of Jac's 20-week scan, but she is stunned to find that her baby has complications; can she and Jonny find a way to help each other through their devastating news?

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s15e49 / Contra Mundum

17th Sep '13 - 8:00pm
Contra Mundum

Jac and Jonny are still in shock after finding out about their unborn baby's diagnosis and are forced to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile, Malick is keen to prove to Hanssen that he can meet his responsibilities as clinical skills tutor. However, will new F1 Zosia prove too much for him to handle? Elsewhere, Chrissie is determined to treat today like any other day, despite the fact she is starting treatment for cancer. But she finds herself making a friend in fellow cancer patient Tim.

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s15e50 / Fredrik

24th Sep '13 - 8:00pm

Malick's career is on the line after his behaviour last week. However, when Hanssen suggests they work together on a case, will Hanssen be able to lead by example? Chrissie's struggling to cope with cancer treatment, a difficult patient and Daniel's first day of nursery. Sacha's keen for Chrissie to take it easy, but new friend Tim encourages Chrissie to carry on - who will she listen to? Jac is keen for everything to continue as normal after the traumatic events of last week, but an unusual case and a surprising suggestion from Jonny mean there may be more challenges in store for Jac.

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