Holby City
Season 2

s02e01 / Search for the Hero

25th Nov '99 - 8:00pm
Search for the Hero

Anton Meyer and Nick Jordan attempt a life-saving operation on board a jumbo jet in a desperate bid to save a pregnant woman's life.

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s02e02 / Puppy Love

2nd Dec '99 - 8:00pm
Puppy Love

Two homeless teenagers, deeply fond of each another, create emotional and professional problems for Victoria Merrick.

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s02e03 / Destination Unknown

9th Dec '99 - 8:00pm
Destination Unknown

Nick Jordan & Karen Newburn race to find a donor for a young girl cystic fibrosis patient who needs heart & lung transplant surgery. Meanwhile, the prospect of the Christmas party hangs heavy over Darwin ward.

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s02e04 / You Can Choose Your Friends

16th Dec '99 - 8:00pm
You Can Choose Your Friends

Nick Jordan's skills are tested when he discovers he is operating on the wrong patient.

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s02e05 / Knife Edge

23rd Dec '99 - 8:00pm
Knife Edge

Mike Barratt arrives back in Holby City to run Keller Ward, a new general surgery ward. His team are thrown in at the deep end when they are forced to choose between saving the guilty or the innocent after a racist attack.

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s02e06 / Tidings of Comfort and Joy

30th Dec '99 - 8:00pm
Tidings of Comfort and Joy

A mysterious man appears carrying a sick young woman and tries to persuade the sceptical staff to accompany him on a mercy mission.

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s02e07 / Chasing the Dragon

7th Jan '00 - 8:00pm
Chasing the Dragon

When Anton Meyer's sister arrives needing a heart operation, he stands to inherit her money if things go awry, while facing the disapproval of her husband. Jasmine Hopkins is inundated with work on her first day as nurse practitioner.

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s02e08 / A Marriage of Convenience

13th Jan '00 - 8:00pm
A Marriage of Convenience

Victoria Merrick discovers that the young woman involved in a car crash has been the victim of a date-rape drug.

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s02e09 / A Life Worth Saving

20th Jan '00 - 8:00pm
A Life Worth Saving

A young man with Asperger's Syndrome needs an operation to cure a hole in his heart, but he keeps delaying. The staff try to gain a better understanding of him in order to convince him to have the surgery.

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s02e10 / Staying Out

27th Jan '00 - 8:00pm
Staying Out

Suspicion is aroused on the ward when a prisoner is brought in under guard having swallowed drawing pins. The nature of his crime divides opinions and friendships between the staff.

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s02e11 / Trust

3rd Feb '00 - 8:00pm

Nick Jordan seems to have turned over a new leaf on his first day back on duty, but an argument with Karen leads to a terrible misjudgement that could ruin his career.

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s02e12 / Faith

10th Feb '00 - 8:00pm

Tash Bandara and Kirstie Collins discover the secret behind a girl's mysterious severe stomach ache, and Kath Shaughnessy comes to the aid of the hospital chaplain, Bill Moorcroft, who is struggling with a loss of faith.

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s02e13 / Letting Go

17th Feb '00 - 8:00pm
Letting Go

A secret love affair exposes a young man's embarrassing allergy, while Jasmine Hopkins deals with a case of mistaken identity that ends in tragedy.

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s02e14 / Dispossessed

24th Feb '00 - 8:00pm

Mike Barratt and his team are at crisis point when faced with a case of the deadly and contagious disease diphtheria when two Ukrainian sisters are admitted. Nick Jordan has to face his negligence hearing on the death of Janice Alexander, which gets off to a very shaky start. Karen decides that their marriage is finished.

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s02e15 / Taking It on the Chin

2nd Mar '00 - 8:00pm
Taking It on the Chin

When a breast-cancer patient is admitted to the ward, it causes Tash Bandara to worry about her own health. Meanwhile, Mike Barratt has arranged a 24-hour outdoor team-building course for six of the staff.

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s02e16 / Into the Woods

9th Mar '00 - 8:00pm
Into the Woods

Mike Barratt leads his team on the team-building course, but he steps on an illegal animal trap and breaks his leg. The others must quickly improvise treatment out in the field, or Barratt could lose his leg, or even his life.

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