Holby City
Season 5

s05e01 / Perfect Day

8th Oct '02 - 8:00pm
Perfect Day

Lisa assists with a home birth in the country, giving her an opportunity to enjoy her new car. However there are problems and Lisa has no choice but to take the woman to Holby. She is Carjacked, and has to perform the birth at the side of the road. Danny and Diane's relationship falters, and a blast from Mubbs's past turns up at the hospital - with disastrous consequences.

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s05e02 / Depths of Devotion

15th Oct '02 - 8:00pm
Depths of Devotion

Tom has to lay down the law after Ed tries to ensure that a young patient gets a new heart. Danny and Diane's relationship is put to the test when they have to treat a suspicious abuse victim. Ben tries to protect a pregnant runaway with disastorus results.

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s05e03 / Facing Facts

22nd Oct '02 - 8:00pm
Facing Facts

Jess witnesses a car-jacking while jogging to work and she runs over to help the victim. She kicks one of the perpetrators and they run off. Jess then brings the victim to Holby where Robbie Waring also is admitted with injuries. Danny embarrasses Diane at the party which he persuades her to bring him to where Chrissie becomes the center of attention.

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s05e04 / Repercussions

29th Oct '02 - 8:00pm

As Tom and Ric both compete for the post of Clinical Director, Toms drg addict brother shows up in need of a heart operation. Diane feels guilty about how she treated him at the party and she goes to his flat to aplogise, only to find him in bed with Lisa.

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s05e05 / Long Day's Night

5th Nov '02 - 8:00pm
Long Day's Night

When Danny, Lisa and Sandy host a Bon Fire night party at their flat, it soon turns to tragedy when a drunk Sandy accidentally sets fire to the flat. Ben has to be admitted to the hospital because of smoke inhalation.

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s05e06 / Lear's Children

12th Nov '02 - 8:00pm
Lear's Children

Lisa is furious when she discovers that she can't claim insurance because Sandy hasn't been paying the premium.

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s05e07 / Old Friends

19th Nov '02 - 8:00pm
Old Friends

Terry Fox takes Kath Shaughnessy into work, his daughter Lisa Fox is less than pleased when she sees them kissing eachother goodbye. Danny Shaughnessy is very shocked and disturbed when he realises that Sandy Harper is reporting for the day shift, she had just worked all night as an agency nurse, so as she can earn the money to repay her former flatmates Lisa and Danny. Chrissie Williams shares his concerns when Sandy is making several minor errors. Tom Campbell-Gore's unofficial patient, Johnjo Kinsell, returns, he was left at A&E. His condition worsens and he is brought up for immediate surgery performed by Ric Griffin. Griffin, and Diane Lloyd are deeply puzzled that someone appears to have already operated on the patient using amateur equipment. He is in a very serious condition, and when Sandy makes another Mistake in her care of him, he has to be rushed back into theatre for another operation, in which he dies. Campbell-Gore then has to explain the death to colleagues, the police

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s05e08 / Ladies Night

26th Nov '02 - 8:00pm
Ladies Night

Mubbs Hussein is in trouble after a night out on the town when he seduced a drunk lady, Gina Wilson. The next day she appears at the hospital as a patient in for a hysterectomy, but she begins to have second thoughtsa about the operation. A woman, Parmita Ashar, brings her husband into Holby after he suffers a heart attack, but it is found that she has been Hurt in a rape attack. When Mira, her daughter, arrives, the truth starts show, thanks to help from Chrissie Williams. Owen Davis lays on a big surprise for Chrissie, but she is more interested in Ed Keating.

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s05e09 / Every Cloud...

3rd Dec '02 - 8:00pm
Every Cloud...

Kath Shaughnessy and Terry Fox's plans to have a Christmas are wrecked by terrible news. When he starts suffering severe abdominal pains Kath takes him to see Ric Griffin at Holby. Ric takes him to have surgery, only to find that cancer has spread throughout Terry's Body. Lisa Fox eventually finds out the real situation with her father, and vents her feelings towards Kath Shaughnessy to her face. Following Owen Davis's proposal, Chrissie Williams is torn between him and Ed Keating, at least until when a patient, Fran Turner, tells her about her marrige breakdown... and how stupid it was. . Sandy Harper's admirer, Sean Hunt, sends her a big bouquet of flowers, and ends up lending her the money to repay Danny Shaughnessy and Lisa. In Maternity, a case of eclampsia in a woman pregnant by donor insemination leads Lisa into an awkward situation with the husband. Helen Frost, the wife of a major hospital benefactor, is admitted, and when Ric suspects she may be HIV-positive, her husband bec

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s05e10 / Leopard Spots

10th Dec '02 - 8:00pm
Leopard Spots

Terry Fox proposes to Kath Shaughnessy, But changes his mind once Ric Griffin tells him he has terminal cancer. Marty Campbell-Gore comes back to Holby, which leads to a revelation for Tom, his brother. Bob Butler is admitted to Darwin Ward for a leg artery by-pass operation, but things turn out even worse than he and his wife feared. In Maternity, Mary Jenkins has triplets by Caesarian, but a serious problem with one of them is discovered soon after birth. A teenager who is sick of her mothers drug-dabbling antics, wants to be put into care after her mother is admitted with a dangerous reaction to an ecstacy tablet, which was supplied by Tom Campbell-Gore's dodgy brother Marty.

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s05e11 / Sinners and Saints

17th Dec '02 - 8:00pm
Sinners and Saints

Chrissie Williams and Kath Shaughnessy show their engagement rings to the other staff. Kath is busy trying to arrange the wedding for as soon as possible. An old flame of Tom Campbell-Gore arrives with er husband who needs a major heart operation. Dispite Tom's best efforts and two sessions of surgery he does not survive. Kath is torn because her catholic faith will not allow a second marriage and is upset because the new and very strict chaplain Father Sankar will not bless the marriage. Mubbs Hussein runs the staff chrismas raffle, the top prize of £250 is won by Sandy Harper, a bottle of whiskey is won by Tom Campbell-Gore, who is an alcoholic. Sandy realizes that her new boyfriend Sean who's intentions over his Grandmother Minnie are financial, and he is not the wonderful person she thought he was.

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s05e12 / Sins of the Father

26th Dec '02 - 8:00pm
Sins of the Father

Tom Campbell-Gore's parents turn up at Holby, and his father is pushed into watching one of his sons operations. A pair of lungs become availible but can only go to one of two brothers, the sickest of which is given the chance, he however will not accept, and passes the opportunity to his brother. This is all due to the brother's father liking the younger and (slightly) healthier brother. The changover takes too long and the organs are taken to another hospital. In a fit of rage Tom damages the theatre and blames his problems on his father. Terry Fox and Kath Shaughnessy have to get married in hospital as Terry is too ill To go to the Registry Office. Ric Griffin also has to tell terry that he only has weeks to live.

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s05e13 / Time to Kill

31st Dec '02 - 8:00pm
Time to Kill

Holby is getting ready to See in the New Year, But Tom Campbell-Gore has returned to drink. When Ed Keating cathces him drinking before an operation, he stops Tom from operating. Kath and Terry Fox go to Terry's beach house, where Terry asks Kath to end His life, she does eventually and reluctantly accept. Danny Shaughnessy and Lisa Fox are caught in a clinch and Midnight and Chrissie Williams decides to keep her baby.

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s05e14 / Hair of the Dog

7th Jan '03 - 8:00pm
Hair of the Dog

At her Boyfriend Seans party, Sandy Harper is drugged and raped by Seans friend, Sean gave her the drug in a drink for part-payment to his friend. Lisa Fox and Kath Fox are starting to cope with Terry's death. Lisa doesn't cope well dealing with a couple and their Caesarian-born daughter, who has a potentaly serious condition. Tom Campbell-Gore was selected to perform some pioneering surgery on a heart patient using a new robotic system for Heart transplants. But the strain of having another of his patients die prior to the operation, and having to do the operation while being watched by a group of seinior medics, is too much to handle, and he turns to the vodka (again). Ed Keating finds Tom drunk and covers-up for Tom again, but later Ed gives Tom an ultimatum. The operation is a success and the party of medics leave happily.

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s05e15 / Me and My Gal

14th Jan '03 - 8:00pm
Me and My Gal

Tom continues his drinking habits despite Ed's pleas. Tom is later called into theatre for an emergancy operation where he collapses from severe intestinal bleeding. When Ric discovers how bad the condition of Tom's liver is, Tom's life and career are in Ric's hands. Meanwhile, Owen desperately tries to find a best man for his wedding and ask Ed.

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s05e16 / A Right to Know

21st Jan '03 - 8:00pm
A Right to Know

On the night of Chrissie's bachelorette party and Owen's Bachelor party, Sandy is left in charge of the ward and Lisa becomes more suspicious about her Fathers death and calls the police.

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s05e17 / 'Til Death Us Do Part

28th Jan '03 - 8:00pm
'Til Death Us Do Part

On the day of Owen and Chrissies wedding, Chrissie asmits her true feelings to Ed and Owens daughter is aginst the wedding. At the hospital, Kath gets worried when the police ask her questions about Terry's death and they decide that they need to exhume his body.

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s05e18 / Beneath the Skin

4th Feb '03 - 8:00pm
Beneath the Skin

As the police exhume Terry's body, Lisa has doubts as to whether she made th right desicion. The police start to interview Kath and charge her with Terry's hug.

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s05e19 / A Kind of Loving

11th Feb '03 - 8:00pm
A Kind of Loving

In a very Intense episode Kath Fox is standing in court on a reduced charge of Assisted Suicide of her husband Terry. Ben Saunders attends a home birth on behalf of Lisa Fox, as a hospital birth has complications. Ben's home birth takes a dangerous turn, and he has to give birth to the baby in the back of an ambulance, This allows Ben to qualify as a registered Midwife. At the Hospital There are a number of power cuts and Mubbs Hussein looses a mother in theatre due to severe bleeding. Tony Vincent spends much of the episode looking for his boyfriend (Ben Saunders) and manages to get cover at work so he can join him later for celebration Drink. However Ben meets up with Greg Townsend, the paramedic from the ambulance and they go off together for a bit. Tony arrives after this has finished so it appears Ben is off the hook.

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s05e20 / Dominoes Falling

18th Feb '03 - 8:00pm
Dominoes Falling

Sean Hunt comes to Holby to get money from Sandy but when she can't givr it to him, he starts stealing it from patients in the hospital.

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s05e21 / Wonderland

25th Feb '03 - 8:00pm

Alex's first day back proves to be stressful and Sandy continues to steal from the patients under the command of Sean Hunt.

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s05e22 / When That Shark Bites

4th Mar '03 - 8:00pm
When That Shark Bites

Sean Hunt continues to force Sandy to steal money for him from the hospital.

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s05e23 / One of Our Own

11th Mar '03 - 8:00pm
One of Our Own

It's relationship chaos for the staff at Holby this week. Owen discovers the truth about Chrissie; Mubbs and Jess's secret's out; and Tony wakes up to the reality about his relationship with Ben. In theatre, Ric and Diane try to save Tony's kidney but it's unsalvageable. He's placed on dialysis until a suitable donor is found.

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s05e24 / For Better, for Worse

18th Mar '03 - 8:00pm
For Better, for Worse

Secrets and lies abound in Holby City this week. Tension mounts between Owen and Mubbs in theatreâ-Owen's bitter and confused about Mubbs' recent accusation and takes his frustration out on him. Mubbs further arouses his suspicions when he tries to backtrack out of the revelation and seems nervous. Throughout the course of the day, Owen becomes more paranoid when he sees Chrissie and Ed talking.

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s05e25 / A Tear in My Eye

25th Mar '03 - 8:00pm
A Tear in My Eye

Chrissie's homeless, Owen's still fuming and Ben's got some bad news for Tony. Chrissie's been off work for days, and she's alarmed when she returns to find all her worldly belongings in her office. Ed's shocked to learn she's homeless and offers a bed at his but she flatly refuses.

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s05e26 / As the Day Is Long

1st Apr '03 - 8:00pm
As the Day Is Long

Tom's finding his sessions with Dr Forbes extremely therapeuticâ-he fancies her but he's careful not to disclose too much about his turbulent past. When he plucks up the courage to ask her out, he's interrupted by a phone call.

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s05e27 / The One You Love (1)

8th Apr '03 - 8:00pm
The One You Love (1)

Kaths trial for the assistance of Terry's suicide begins and everyone is surprised when she is charged with hug.

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s05e28 / The One You Love (2)

15th Apr '03 - 8:00pm
The One You Love (2)

Kath's trial continues with unflattering revelations about the pasts of her and her son. Chrissie gives her a good character reference and she is let off on all charges.

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s05e29 / Desperate Measures

22nd Apr '03 - 8:00pm
Desperate Measures

After the crash, Ben and Steve are trapped in a car severly injured. When the medics get to the scene, Ric realises that Steves leg is too damaged to save and they can't get to Ben because Steve is in the way. So Ric deides that Steve needs an amputation. When they get Steve out they can get to Ben but when they get Ben out, they discover that he is too badly injured to save and he dies.

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s05e30 / Glass Half Empty

29th Apr '03 - 8:00pm
Glass Half Empty

While Kath starts her first day back after the trial, Lisa's Plans to go to Ben's funeral are thwarted.

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s05e31 / Going It Alone

6th May '03 - 8:00pm
Going It Alone

Lisa's first day working in AAU proves to be difficult and Chrissie can no longer stand living with her mother.

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s05e32 / By Any Other Name

13th May '03 - 8:00pm
By Any Other Name

Things get serious for Chrissie and Owen when the pregnancy runs into complications and a new midwife, Rosie Sattar starts her first day of work. Meanwhile, Danny returns from Australia.

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s05e33 / Think Again

20th May '03 - 8:00pm
Think Again

Diane discovers that she is carrying the late Steve Waring's baby and requests for an immediate termination.

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s05e34 / Seasons in the Sun

27th May '03 - 8:00pm
Seasons in the Sun

Alex refuses to take treatment for his tremor until he is persuade to by Diane who is back on her first day after her termination.

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s05e35 / Mum's the Word

3rd Jun '03 - 8:00pm
Mum's the Word

On the day of the funeral of Chrissies baby, she asks Tricia to do the planning but asks her and Owen not to come, but they do.

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s05e36 / Endgame

10th Jun '03 - 8:00pm

The New health care assisstant Nic Yorke starts on his first day and gets a lot of attention from the female nurses but the only one that really catches his eye is Sandy Harper.

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s05e37 / Private Lives

17th Jun '03 - 8:00pm
Private Lives

Proffessor Zubin Khan joins the Holby Team.

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s05e38 / Can't Always Get What You Want

24th Jun '03 - 8:00pm
Can't Always Get What You Want

As Chrisie attends her daughters funeral, Elizabeth Woods is admitted to Holby where the attraction between her and Zubin grows.

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s05e39 / Loss of Faith

1st Jul '03 - 8:00pm
Loss of Faith

A new nurse Kelly Yorke starts work in Keller and Elizabeth Woods is admitted after a suppossed mugging. Her husband tries to convince her to say that Zubin raped her. When she does, Tom suspends him.

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s05e40 / Crossing the Line

8th Jul '03 - 8:00pm
Crossing the Line

While Tom juggles Anita and Diane, Alex has to decide if he should have Charles Merricks operation. Kath gets suspicious when she notices that Elizabeth Wood's Husband won't leave her side and Zubin manages to persuade her to tell the truth.

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s05e41 / Eyes Wide Open

15th Jul '03 - 8:00pm
Eyes Wide Open

Charles Merrick operates on Alex Adas and Diane comes along for support. Meanwhile, Sammi Sattar is in for a sperm test to see why they aren't able to conceive.

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s05e42 / The Parent Trap

22nd Jul '03 - 8:00pm
The Parent Trap

Tricia is assigned to be Owens PA but she annoys Rosie and Tom tries dating both Diane and Anita and he tries to persuade Anita to turn down the job at Columbia University.

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s05e43 / Carpe Diem

29th Jul '03 - 8:00pm
Carpe Diem

Tom stands up Diane to do something romantic for Anita and Ric's son Leo is admitted with pneumonia and is discovered to have traces of heroin in his blood.

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s05e44 / Home

5th Aug '03 - 8:00pm

Alex Adams feels more deppressed about his Parkinsons when he attends his father's funeral and meets his estranged family.

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s05e45 / On the Inside

6th Aug '03 - 8:00pm
On the Inside

Alex Adams returns to Holby and Ric is told unoficially that he is going to get the job of Clinical Director. Meanwhile Owen finalises his divorce papers with a bit of encouragement from Tricia.

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s05e46 / House of Cards

12th Aug '03 - 8:00pm
House of Cards

As Ric is appointed the new Clinical Director, Mubbs' parebts set him up on a blind date.

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s05e47 / To Err Is Human

19th Aug '03 - 8:00pm
To Err Is Human

Tricia applies to be Ric's PA in order to put some distance between her and Owen. Ric and Zubin become increasingly nervous when it is discovered that the recent enexplained death of Sarah Palmer wasn't due to a faulty morphine pump.

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s05e48 / All That You Leave Behind

2nd Sep '03 - 8:00pm
All That You Leave Behind

The health inspectors' report is far from positive, so Helen decides to question the nurses over who is responsible for the gross negligence. Kelly brings up her displeasure with the situation during her interview and ends up blaming Kathâ-who then suffers the brunt of Helen's bullying tactics as she takes her turn in the hot seat. Elsewhere, Rosie attempts to play Cupid for Mubbs, but things go from bad to worse when he invites his date to a lap-dancing club.

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s05e49 / A Friend in Need

9th Sep '03 - 8:00pm
A Friend in Need

Mubbs was out to impress Rubinda who was on a placement shadowing Rosie. He showed off during an operation and put himself at risk of an HIV infection. Meanwhile, Owen asked Tricia to go on holiday and she accepted. Ric thought Kath's resignation was a mistake and reinstated her. However, when Sarah Palmer's father threatened to go to the papers, Ric backtracked and suggested Kath take some unused holiday. Jess was frozen to the spot when a reporter announced that Sandy had won £150,000 on the lottery. Sandy left Jess, Ric and Kelly large sums of cash and generously paid off Lisa's mortgage.Just as Nic decided to tell Sandy he loved her, he heard she'd dropped everything to be with Danny. Later, the staff gathered for drinks to wish their absent friend well in her new life in Australia and toasted "the one and only Sandy".

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s05e50 / Love Nor Money

16th Sep '03 - 8:00pm
Love Nor Money

In a neat cossover, the wards of Holby City are bulging with patients from the train crash featured in Casualty's epic season-opener. So, back is Jason, the bitter widowed father of a newborn baby, and we now meet his mother-in-LAW (Anita Dobson). Peter Bowles guests as an old school surgeon whose competance is called into question by Zubin. And Eva Pope playes a professional escort who, it turns out, has Zubin as a client.

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