Holby City
Season 21

s21e01 / Everything Old Is New Again

2nd Jan '19 - 8:00pm
Everything Old Is New Again

On a new year road trip to compete for funding, Jac, Ric and Sacha confront some old enemies. Serena's worst fears are realised.

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s21e02 / China Crisis

8th Jan '19 - 8:00pm
China Crisis

A face from the past continues to wreak havoc when he returns to Holby. Nicky and Cameron go head to head when Jac offers one of them an opportunity for promotion. And Serena shepherds her flock down on AAU, when an old associate arrives and upsets the status quo.

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s21e03 / The Burden of Proof

15th Jan '19 - 8:00pm
The Burden of Proof

Dominic desperately tries to inveigle his way into working alongside new Consultant, Ange Goddard, only to find that she's not that impressed with him. Meanwhile, Cameron bites off more than he can chew when he clashes with Jac, and Ric's ex-wife returns as a locum for the day, much to his dismay.

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s21e04 / A Daring Adventure or Nothing At All

22nd Jan '19 - 8:00pm
A Daring Adventure or Nothing At All

Frieda is happy that her life is back on an even keel, but her contentment is shattered when ex-boyfriend Roman unexpectedly reappears. With their relationship going well, Zav is keen to step up and ease the burdens weighing on a stressed Donna. But all does not entirely go to plan when he embarks on some impromptu parenting of Mia. Ange feels the pressure as she works to sell her vision for her Young Adult Unit while treating a difficult and vulnerable patient.

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s21e05 / Mad as Hell

29th Jan '19 - 8:00pm
Mad as Hell

Ric goes above and beyond to treat his patients when Holby is overwhelmed by a winter crisis, while a grief-stricken Frieda immerses herself completely in her work, causing concern for Jac and Fletch. Ange has her work cut out on YAU thanks to an obstinate teenager, with Essie persuading her to enlist help from an unlikely source.

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s21e06 / Force Majeure

5th Feb '19 - 8:00pm
Force Majeure

Can Ange convince her patient to proceed with a life-saving operation? A resolute Ric campaigns for change. Does Nicky have the strength to fight for what she wants?

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s21e07 / Good Side

12th Feb '19 - 8:00pm
Good Side

While Holly's condition weighs heavily on an emotionally invested Ange, Holly's distraught parents must put their differences aside to make a heart-breaking decision. When new locum Chloe covers on Darwin a smitten Cameron sets out to impress. And when a disgruntled Xavier is tasked with treating spiritual Carole, it's clear she's not the only one in pain.

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s21e08 / Never Say Never

19th Feb '19 - 8:00pm
Never Say Never

Zosia returns to Holby looking for work, while a frustrated Jac tries to track down Frieda. Elsewhere, Ange admits there is no hope for her patient, Holly, while Donna and Xavier clash over their new living arrangements.

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s21e09 / Guts

26th Feb '19 - 8:00pm

Zosia's big news gets a mixed response and her situation is further complicated when a colleague from the US turns up. Sacha is rattled when an old flame appears on the ward with their ill and suffering partner. Following an incident with protestors, Jason refuses to leave Hanssen's office until his demands are met.

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s21e10 / Powerless

5th Mar '19 - 8:00pm

After a computer virus shuts down the hospital's power, Jac and Connie fight to save the lives of close friends. As the hospital is evacuated, Ric mounts a desperate rescue for a trapped Essie. Meanwhile, Ange and Serena clash over Holly's care and continued life support.

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s21e11 / A Simple Lie, Part One

19th Mar '19 - 8:00pm
A Simple Lie, Part One

A desperate Ange pleads with Holly's family to see reason, but when the ruling comes back, the anger finally boils over with devastating consequences for Fletch. Ric's son Kofi arrives at Holby wanting to find out what's going on with Darla. Struggling to keep his granddaughter's pregnancy a secret, Ric battles to keep his family together and do what's right for everyone. An excited Zosia looks forward to working with Frieda, only she doesn't get the reception she was expecting. As the pair team up to tackle a case, Zosia does her best to win over Frieda, with hilarious results.

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s21e12 / A Simple Lie, Part Two

20th Mar '19 - 8:00pm
A Simple Lie, Part Two

Fletch worries there may be more to Theo's disappearance than meets the eye. Chloe's day is thrown off balance when a surprise visitor appears, and Donna meets Xavier's mother for the first time, but things don't go as smoothly as expected.

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s21e13 / Running

26th Mar '19 - 8:00pm

Ange follows a hunch and ends up uncovering a shocking and long-buried secret - one with the potential to completely tear her life apart. A downbeat Frieda faces tough choices when an old friend of Roman's appears in Holby in desperate need of help, while Cameron and Xavier are forced together on Darwin, where Xavier appears to take delight in Cameron's dating woes.

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s21e14 / Ask No Questions

2nd Apr '19 - 8:00pm
Ask No Questions

Chloe is wrong-footed when ex-boyfriend Evan unexpectedly turns up on Darwin. As Ange reels from her recent discovery, Dom is also confronted with life-changing revelations. And when Mia appears on the ward, Donna faces some tricky parenting dilemmas.

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s21e15 / The Family Way

9th Apr '19 - 8:00pm
The Family Way

Dom throws himself into work as he struggles to process a shocking family secret. Zosia undermines Jac's authority and puts a strain on their already fraught relationship.

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s21e16 / North and South

16th Apr '19 - 8:00pm
North and South

Zosia and Jac's relationship shows no sign of mending when Jac pulls rank over a patient's treatment. A startling incident then forces them to unite, putting everything into perspective and causing Zosia to reconsider her future at Holby. Cameron feels the pressure when tasked with treating Xavier's close relative, while an indifferent Dom tries to keep Carole at arm's length.

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s21e17 / Pleased to Meet You

23rd Apr '19 - 8:00pm
Pleased to Meet You

Jac's status is challenged when a dynamic and talented new surgeon Kian arrives at Holby and instantly causes a stir. Meanwhile, Dom is irritated when Carole starts work on reception, and Donna is flattered when a new career opportunity is presented.

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s21e18 / Vinegar and Honey

30th Apr '19 - 8:00pm
Vinegar and Honey

Kian's big personality and alternative methods are beginning to grate on Jac, but is it just a case of professional jealousy? Fletch reminds her that she's only as good as her team and should allow him to thrive. Dom tells Ange he wants to be a proper part of her and Chloe's lives. In response Ange finally opens up to Dom, revealing a big family secret. When Sue makes a big mistake on her first day at the new job, Donna covers it up. However being the favourite of the new boss poses new challenges.

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s21e19 / Ex Marks The Spot

7th May '19 - 8:00pm
Ex Marks The Spot

Ange plans to tell Chloe her biggest secret, when a surprise locum throws her day into disarray. Ric's granddaughter, Darla, arrives at Holby forcing him to deal with her pregnancy head on. Meanwhile, Kian rallies Nicky and Cameron to help him find out who Jac's mystery patient is.

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s21e20 / The Wrong Horse

14th May '19 - 8:00pm
The Wrong Horse

Struggling from the news that Dominic is her half-brother, Chloe is forced to operate with him and Ange, but can they work through their personal pain? Lofty returns to Holby with a secret, but will his reunion with Dominic be a joyful one? And Sacha decides it's time to move back to his own home, but Jac isn't convinced he's ready.

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s21e21 / Unredeemed

21st May '19 - 8:00pm

Dominic faces his difficult past when he goes head to head with his abusive ex, Isaac, while Ange and Carole band together to try to help him.

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s21e22 / Bloodline

28th May '19 - 8:00pm

As Dominic continues to treat Isaac's father, Lofty is determined to protect him, but when Dominic refuses to let him it puts their marriage in doubt and plays into Isaac's hands. A hungover Jac is mortified she can't remember how the previous night ended with Ken, much to Kian's amusement. She eventually gets her answer, but not before having to save Ken's life first.

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s21e23 / In the Right Place

4th Jun '19 - 8:00pm
In the Right Place

In the hope of mending Isaac and his father Jon's relationship, Dom makes a risky decision which lands him in hot water. Hanssen finds himself in unfamiliar territory when an estranged relative arrives at Holby begging for his help. And keen for a new start, a revitalised Chloe throws herself into work when she returns.

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s21e24 / Over My Dead Body

11th Jun '19 - 8:00pm
Over My Dead Body

Isaac continues to plot to drive a wedge between Lofty and Dom, but may have gone too far when he puts Lofty in harm's way. Cameron's good intentions backfire when an intervention ends badly, but he makes a selfless gesture when he is presented with an opportunity to protect Chloe. Hanssen tries to work out what is troubling an unusually quiet Oskar.

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s21e25 / Pigeon

20th Jun '19 - 8:00pm

When Xavier's mum arrives on AAU talking in riddles, Donna does her best to shelter him from her behaviour - but will he appreciate the intervention? Sacha makes a romantic gesture but finds something unexpected in Patricia's cleaning cupboard. Nicky turns her nose up at working with Jac, who ensures she'll live to regret it.

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s21e26 / Kiss Kiss

25th Jun '19 - 8:00pm
Kiss Kiss

Xavier tries to build bridges with Donna, but she's having none of it. Cameron can't quite shift his feelings of unease around Evan, and when he overhears a phone call his suspicions are confirmed. And Fletch is anxious about his first official date with Ange, especially when work threatens to get in the way.

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s21e27 / Flying Solo

9th Jul '19 - 8:00pm
Flying Solo

Determined to put his troubles behind him, Cameron tries to prove himself to Kian, but when the pair clash over teaching methods, Evan steps in and manipulates the situation. Xavier is frustrated that Donna still isn't speaking to him, while Hanssen tries to get to the bottom of Carole's problems.

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s21e28 / Reckless

10th Jul '19 - 8:00pm

Chloe's day is thrown into chaos when Evan is attacked, and with his life on the line, he asks her a surprising question. Dominic is put under pressure when a surprise visitor arrives at Holby looking for Lofty. Wanting to keep his marriage intact, Dominic is forced to make a difficult decision. After a night of partying together, Serena and Fleur Fanshawe are thrown together to help a patient on AAU.

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s21e29 / Honeymoon

16th Jul '19 - 8:00pm

As her loved ones continue to worry about her, Chloe learns more about Evan. Cameron wants to get out from under Bernie's shadow, but he receives some devastating news. Hanssen learns that his grandson is not the only one who believes in the tooth fairy.

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s21e30 / Don't Leave Me

23rd Jul '19 - 8:00pm
Don't Leave Me

Kian struggles to cope with the anniversary of a family tragedy. The only way he can find hope is by vowing that he will save someone's life today. Hanssen fears his family history makes him unfit to raise Oskar, and questions whether nature or nurture will have a greater impact on the boy. Cameron turns down help from Alex as he tries to process a recent revelation, and Serena receives some surprising news.

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s21e31 / Things My Mother Told Me

30th Jul '19 - 8:00pm
Things My Mother Told Me

The team gives a warm send-off to a beloved colleague, but a surprising revelation leaves Cameron reeling and he soon finds himself drunk and out of control on the wards. Under Lofty's guidance, Dominic takes steps to reconcile with Carole, only to end up making things even worse between them. Chloe is determined to sever all contact with Evan, but is forced to seek him out when he goes missing.

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s21e32 / When Worlds Collide

6th Aug '19 - 8:00pm
When Worlds Collide

Jac is forced to make a career-changing decision when she is reunited with her daughter, who has been brought to the hospital by her ex's new fiancee. Cameron resists talking about his mother, while Serena's tough facade cracks as she seeks solace in an unlikely source. Dominic becomes convinced that something is going on between Carole and Hanssen, and his obsession brings him closer to learning the truth.

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s21e33 / Work Life Balance

13th Aug '19 - 8:00pm
Work Life Balance

Chloe desperately tries to convince Evan that their marriage is over as he bombards her with calls, photos and flowers and refuses to take no for an answer. Hanssen is forced to choose between work and family as he prepares for an important operation, and Dominic and Lofty are surprised by the outcome of their relationship counselling, but secrets threaten to tear them apart.

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s21e34 / Where Does It Hurt?

20th Aug '19 - 8:00pm
Where Does It Hurt?

A distressed stranger turns up looking for Raf di Lucca. Will her secret change Essie's life forever? Xav questions Ric's competence, but is Ric's outrage hiding a graver concern? Nicky learns to trust her instincts - and that includes suspicions about sinister Evan too.

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s21e35 / Babysitters and Bystanders

27th Aug '19 - 8:00pm
Babysitters and Bystanders

Phoebe is admitted to hospital, and Evan accompanies her. Chloe is left dismayed by the development, as there seems to be no hope of cutting him out of her life altogether. Essie must make a difficult decision when a former patient asks her for a drastic favour, and Ric is concerned when a member of the Trust is admitted, and places the patient in Cameron's hands.

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s21e36 / The Perfect Storm

3rd Sep '19 - 8:00pm
The Perfect Storm

As the town is engulfed by a storm, Jac faces a devastating confrontation with her old rival Faye Byrne and the man whom they both loved. Sacha helps a grieving family that is torn over the issue of organ donation to come to a difficult decision. Patsy Kensit reprises her role as Faye for the first time since 2010.

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s21e37 / Gods and Monsters

10th Sep '19 - 8:00pm
Gods and Monsters

Ric celebrates his 65th birthday, but as he continues to make mistakes at work, the return of a face from the past forces him to realise that his surgical skills are fading. Fletch risks his chances of making peace with Ange as he tries to discover if Chloe's story is true, and Essie is forced to assume the role of a newly adoptive mother after Sacha jumps to the wrong conclusion.

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