Holby City
Season 4

s04e01 / Rogue Males

9th Oct '01 - 8:00pm
Rogue Males

Anton Meyer is seriously injured in a road-rage incident and is brought to Holby for an emergency operation. Mike Barratt's replacement Ric Griffin arrives. Alex Adams plays detective when he realises that the wife of an apparent road injury victim admitted at the same time is driving around in Meyer's car.

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s04e02 / Ghosts

16th Oct '01 - 8:00pm

Anton Meyer proves not to be the ideal patient and his recovery suffers a minor setback. Alex Adams and Alistair Taylor have a clash of personalities. Keri McGrath finds herself in a compromising position with Liam Evans after Sandy Harper's 20th birthday party.

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s04e03 / Men Are from Mars

23rd Oct '01 - 8:00pm
Men Are from Mars

Keri McGrath is traumitised after her evening with Liam. A father learns of his daughters condition following the removal of a blockage from her airways. An obese patient refuses an appendectomy. Janice Taylor has another session of IVF.

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s04e04 / Things Can Only Get Better

30th Oct '01 - 8:00pm
Things Can Only Get Better

Janice Taylor holds a dinner party to welcome Anton Meyer back to work, his first case badk is a heart transplant patient who has been poorly treated by the system. Janice discovers she is now pregnant to to the latest round of IVF. Alex Adams is jealous when he finds Samantha Kenedy and Ric Griffin together. Word begins to spread about Keri McGrath and Liam Evans.

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s04e05 / Reflected Truth

6th Nov '01 - 8:00pm
Reflected Truth

Keri McGrath's rape is investigated by a tribunal. Darwin Ward is troubled by a manic depressive heart patient. Marjica Ovcar has to bring Luka back for an emergency treatment, even though she cannot pay for the treatment she has already.

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s04e06 / Starting Over

13th Nov '01 - 8:00pm
Starting Over

Janice Taylor endangers her unborn baby, and Tash Bandara's attempts to save a patients life are met with hostility.

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s04e07 / Mother Knows Best

20th Nov '01 - 8:00pm
Mother Knows Best

Janice Taylor wants to proceed with another round of IVF treatment immediately, but Alistair is not so sure. Chrissie Williams offers him a shoulder to cry on over a drink, but it leads to somewhat more. Samantha Kennedy gets badly involved with an anorexic heart patient and her over-protective mother. Janice has to tell Danny Shaughnessy not to take too much pity on a struggling single mother, but he is also becoming increasingly involved with Marija's attempt to evade the authorities.

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s04e08 / Forgiveness of Sins

27th Nov '01 - 8:00pm
Forgiveness of Sins

Danny Shaughnessy goes ahead with his wedding to Marija Ovcar, despite his mother Kath being sure it's a big mistake. Sandy Harper wangles herself the role of bridesmaid. Meanwhile, a young patient of Keri McGrath's is discovered to have had a recurrence of her cancer, while her parents argue because of their different views on religion. A woman comes into Darwin Ward with apparent appendicitis, that under surgery is found to be an infection caused by a swab left behind after a previous operation.

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s04e09 / Woman in the Dark

4th Dec '01 - 8:00pm
Woman in the Dark

Owen Davis confronts Alistair Taylor about his growing relationship with Chrissie Williams, but he claims nothing is going on. A young woman is brought in suffering from advanced liver disease. A woman prisoner is also on the ward, who, when she is fully diagnosed, wants to do something that Ric Griffin is sure will give the medical ethics board a tough decision.

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s04e10 / Care

11th Dec '01 - 8:00pm

Tragedy strikes when Steve Waring leaves his son to look after his sick mother. On Darwin Ward, a blind man regains his sight after a relatively minor procedure on his lungs, and a cantankerous young homeless man causes problems for Simon Shaughnessy on his first day at work at Holby City, assisting Stan Ashleigh. A heart patient whose son appears not to want the burden of caring for him prompts a spat between Alex Adams & Samantha Kennedy, leading them to explore their personal experiences of caring for their fathers.

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s04e11 / It's a Family Affair

18th Dec '01 - 8:00pm
It's a Family Affair

Chrissie Williams wakes up with Alistair Taylor in the Taylors' bed. Steve Waring's son is increasingly upset over his mother's death, and skips school to binge drink at home, causing Steve to have a stressful time sorting him out. On the wards, a young man is admitted with acute pancreatitis, but Tash Bandara's sympathy is more limited than the man's father's. A long-distance lorry-driver patient with a heart problem is visited by two women who each think that she is his wife. Marija has to have it pointed out to her than Danny actually fancies her.

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s04e12 / 'Twas the Night...

23rd Dec '01 - 8:00pm
'Twas the Night...

Just before Christmas on Keller Ward, David Thomas, a young rugby player is brought in having sustained a bad leg fracture. Sandy Harper takes a fancy to him and stays late to decorate his bedside with extra tinsel. He dies during the night from complications from an unsuspected head injury. Chrissie Williams has to tell Alistair Taylor repeatedly that their affair is over. Janice Taylor finds out that she is pregnant again, but finds Chrissie's badge under the marital bed and sees husband Alistair behaving suspiciously with Chrissie. She confronts him, but he denies it sufficiently convincingly.

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s04e13 / Shadow of a Doubt (1)

31st Dec '01 - 8:00pm
Shadow of a Doubt (1)

On New Year's Eve, Sophie, an ex-girlfriend of Alex Adams, arrives at Holby City, bringing with her a daughter he was completely unaware of. A strong-willed 77-year old, Annie Hackett, coerces Ric Griffin into doing an operation to remove part of her colon, against his advice. Simon Shaughnessy gets very drunk while still on duty, and has to be escorted off the premises by his family. Kath Shaughnessy's suspicions about Chrissie Williams and Alistair Taylor are as good as confirmed. Alex arranges to spend the evening with Samantha Kennedy, and she surreptitiously plies him with more drinks than he was wanting. He leaves temporarily to finish discussions with Sophie, but is then pressured into attending a road traffic accident. While driving back to rejoin Samantha, a child runs out in front of his car too late for him to avoid. He is then given a routine breathalyser on the spot.

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s04e14 / Shadow of a Doubt (2)

8th Jan '02 - 8:00pm
Shadow of a Doubt (2)

Jamie, the child that Alex Adams knocked down, is starting to recover in Otter Ward when he suddenly worsens, needing an urgent operation, but dies in theatre. Blood tests confirm the positive breathalyser, and Alex is charged with drink-driving. Samantha Kennedy becomes increasingly remorseful that she was the one at fault, but still can't bring herself to confess to him or anyone. Dr Gupta's wife gives birth by Caesarian to their fourth child, and first son, in the Holby maternity unit, but almost at the cost of her life. Alistair Taylor prepares to leave his wife for Chrissie Williams, though she continues to consistently reject him. He and Owen Davis end up brawling in the car park, after Owen intervenes to stop Alistair hassling Chrissie. Janice sees them, and finally realises what has been happening.

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s04e15 / Trust

15th Jan '02 - 8:00pm

Ric's Daughter shows up at Holby to ask for money and makes a date with Liam in the meantime, however he promptly cancells on her when he finds out whose daughter she is.

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s04e16 / Hello Goodbye

22nd Jan '02 - 8:00pm
Hello Goodbye

Marija has to make the desicion of going away with her first husband, Goran, or staying with Danny. Sam Kennedy confesses to Chrissie that she got Alex drunk and after seeing his mother's black eye, Danny beats up his father in the car park.

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s04e17 / Life Goes On

29th Jan '02 - 8:00pm
Life Goes On

As Owen Davis discovers that his ex-wife is taking his daughter away to live in Sydney, Danny tries to persuade his mother to leave his father.

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s04e18 / All My Sins

5th Feb '02 - 8:00pm
All My Sins

As Lisa breaks up with Mubbs, Alex prepare for his trial.

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s04e19 / Secrets and Lies

12th Feb '02 - 8:00pm
Secrets and Lies

As Alex goes to court, Sam still hasn't told him that she was responsible.

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s04e20 / The Love That Binds

19th Feb '02 - 8:00pm
The Love That Binds

Samantha Kennedy vows that she's off men for ever.

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s04e21 / Choose Life

26th Feb '02 - 8:00pm
Choose Life

Ben invites his parents to dinner with the intention of telling them that he is a homosexual.

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s04e22 / To Have and Have Not

5th Mar '02 - 8:00pm
To Have and Have Not

Ric Griffin's day goes from bad to worse when Samantha accidentally bumps into his car in the car park and his daughter shows up again asking for more money. He says no and makes her get a job as Owen's new PA.

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s04e23 / Fathers and Sons

12th Mar '02 - 8:00pm
Fathers and Sons

When Tash's girlfriend shows up at work for a coffee, Tash puts her hand in her bag and gets pricked by a needle. Tash fears for her life and future when she learns that her girlfriend has HIV and Tash might have contracted it. Kath gets into another arguament with Simon which leads to him abusing her worse than ever before and her being admitted to Holby and in need of an operation on her spleen.

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s04e24 / Cruel to Be Kind

19th Mar '02 - 8:00pm
Cruel to Be Kind

As Danny and Father Michael try to set up a new flat for Kath, Steve trys to start a relationship with Lisa but changes his mind.

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s04e25 / Gamblers

26th Mar '02 - 8:00pm

Tash Bandara finaly gets her HIV results and she is negative.

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s04e26 / Birthday

2nd Apr '02 - 8:00pm

Philippa Calcutt, a woman with an advanced intestinal cancer, is visited by both a friend from church and her sister, who fears the friend is having an undue influence on her.

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s04e27 / Change of Heart

9th Apr '02 - 8:00pm
Change of Heart

The morning after the party, Ric Griffin is released from police custody, and, after an unofficial reprimand from Anton Meyer, reconsiders his application for a lucrative administrative job at the nearby Hadlington private hospital.

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s04e28 / We Band of Brothers

16th Apr '02 - 8:00pm
We Band of Brothers

A case of the Norwak virus is discovered on Darwin Ward, but Ric Griffin decides to try to stay open and contain the outbreak. At the flat, Liam is disturbed by noise from next door, and going round to complain, finds an unconscious, bleeding woman in the open doorway. A man with a bat ties Liam up, but he is released when the woman comes round. In tackling the man to prevent him harming his son, Liam is badly injured in a fall.

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s04e29 / Letting Go

23rd Apr '02 - 8:00pm
Letting Go

Liam comes round from his operation, and is in pain. It is then discovered he is suffering from Peritonitis and was rished back into theatre. He then finds that he is paralysed from the waist down.

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s04e30 / Second Chances

30th Apr '02 - 8:00pm
Second Chances

As Liam finds it hard to accept that he will never walk again, Sandy tries to comfort him.

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s04e31 / Hearts and Minds

7th May '02 - 8:00pm
Hearts and Minds

A decision must be made whether a young woman or a boy with down syndrome will recieve a heart that has become available.

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s04e32 / Lives Worth Living

14th May '02 - 8:00pm
Lives Worth Living

Liam returns to find his life turned upside down. A young mother learns that her unborn child is terminally ill and must decide whether to abort the pregnancy. Alex is thrown by the news that Jess is pregnant with his child.

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s04e33 / Touch and Go

21st May '02 - 8:00pm
Touch and Go

Kath meets up with Fr Michael and makes it clear that she regrets their moment of passion. Devastated, he attempts to take his own life. Meanwhile, Alex pleads with Jess to think about the future and their baby.

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s04e34 / Coming Home

28th May '02 - 8:00pm
Coming Home

Jess gives Alex several opportunities to talk her out of the termination, but he accepts none of them, and Jess goes ahead with the procedure. Meanwhile, her father Ric is busy trying to organise his birthday drinks, oblivious to his daughter's predicament.

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s04e35 / Sweet Love Remembered

4th Jun '02 - 8:00pm
Sweet Love Remembered

Owen has to decide whether the time is right to move back in with Laura, while he struggles to support a prisoner who could be separated from her newly born baby. An old flame of Liam's returns, and he finds himself questioning whether he has a future at Holby General.

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s04e36 / Calculated Risks

11th Jun '02 - 8:00pm
Calculated Risks

Owen Davis is tempted by Chrissie Williams's advances, and the two are soon brought together by a woman forced to re-evaluate her relationship because of deteriorating health. Keri McGrath's past comes back to haunt her when her man-eating mother turns up. Holby City gets sexy when the eligible men are auctioned off for charity.

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s04e37 / Taking Cover

18th Jun '02 - 8:00pm
Taking Cover

Mubbs puts a baby's life at risk and endangers his career. The reappearance of an old girlfriend forces Tash to re-evaluate her priorities.

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s04e38 / Love and Devotion

25th Jun '02 - 8:00pm
Love and Devotion

Mary Harrow, a successful novelist who needs two operations, tests the loyalties of Darwin Ward's junior doctors to their senior colleagues. Sam Kennedy's subsequent need to prove her feelings for Ric Griffin to him culminates in an unusual request. Mubbs Hussain gives Keri McGrath the date she won at the auction, but when they get back home, her mother Pam arrives and Mubbs feels awkward in the light of what they had been doing earlier. Parents Kelvin & Marcia Lyme have their desire to adopt a child tested when he is diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia. Owen Davis visits Chrissie Williams at home to tell her he's getting back with his wife, but then proceeds to jeopardise it.

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s04e39 / High Risk

2nd Jul '02 - 8:00pm
High Risk

Registrar Diane Lloyd, an old girlfriend of Ric Griffin's, joins the team on Keller Ward, where preparations are nearing completion for Sam Kennedy's wedding to Ric. Owen Davis is getting more involved with Chrissy Williams. Alex Adams takes up the invitation to join the poorly-attended stag night, and Diane suggests moving to the casino next door, where Ric wagers the £20 000 cheque that Sam is giving him to clear his debts. A young man, Gary Sullivan, is admitted to Keller with abdominal pains, which Ric finds is advanced cancer, and is put in a moral dilemma when the patient asks him to disguise the fact that it predates his taking out a large life insurance policy in favor of his fiancée. Maternity deals with a young mother-to-be who is diagnosed with herpes, and the consequences for her relationship with the father.

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s04e40 / Winner Takes It All

9th Jul '02 - 8:00pm
Winner Takes It All

Sam Kennedy & Ric Griffin's wedding day dawns, and the final preparations are in hand. But Alex Adams is in a quandary about whether to tell Sam what Ric has done with her money, and what his true feelings for her are. Ric can't summon up the courage to tell Sam, and is beginning to have doubts about the wedding. Sam realises that she wants Alex to rescue her from her situation, but nevertheless goes to the Register Office. Gary Sullivan is found to be in a much worse condition that thought, and he has to find the courage to tell his fiancée the truth, while she has something to tell him; they decide to get married on the ward.

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s04e41 / From This Moment On

16th Jul '02 - 8:00pm
From This Moment On

Alistair Taylor is back at Holby on another temporary assignment, and proposes divorce to Janice who is nearing the end of her pregnancy. On the day after the events of the wedding day, Sam Kennedy confronts Alex Adams about their relationship. Keri McGrath makes a shocking discovery when she walks in on a meeting between her mother and Mubbs Hussein. A woman is brought in after collapsing in the street from a heart condition; her husband, who hasn't seen her for a year, is very keen to see her, and even more so when Alex lets slip that she has recently had a baby. A road traffic accident brings in an injured woman, Liv Woods, and her daughter, Natalie, who is pronounced brain dead; her husband is already there having brought in their other daughter who needs a kidney transplant. Janice has to persuade them to let Natalie be a transplant donor.

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s04e42 / Design for Living

23rd Jul '02 - 8:00pm
Design for Living

Owen Davis's day goes from bad to worse. Sandy Harper is less than pleased when Danny Shaughnessy asks Lisa Fox to move into their flat.

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s04e43 / Judas Kiss (1)

1st Aug '02 - 8:00pm
Judas Kiss (1)

A dying child needs a risky operation in order to survive. However, Sam does not have faith in Meyer's ability to carry out the procedure as he performed it before a little girl died. She voices her concerns to the child's parents who then discharge their son from the hospital. The boy returns in a critical condition. Meanwhile, Janice is thrown into turmoil when her unborn baby is in danger. And Chrissie is forced to care for Owen's runaway child.

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s04e44 / Judas Kiss (2)

6th Aug '02 - 8:00pm
Judas Kiss (2)

The child did not survive the operation and the parents hold Sam responsible as she influenced their decision. Meyer suspends Sam for breaking his trust however Sam does not feel she is to blame and resigns. Before leaving she vows to expose Meyer as she believes his methods are flawed and have caused too many deaths. Meanwhile, Janice and her baby's lives hang in the balance after a traumatic birth. Owen is shocked to discover that his daughter is admitted with severe burns due to Chrissie's babysitting.

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s04e45 / New Hearts, Old Scores

13th Aug '02 - 8:00pm
New Hearts, Old Scores

As a result of Sam's threat, Meyer's abilities as a surgeon are under investigation by a new heart consultant Tom Campbell-Gore. Adams also begins to question Meyer's judgement.

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s04e46 / Pawns in the Game

20th Aug '02 - 8:00pm
Pawns in the Game

Chrissie persuades Owen to have a house-warming party and Owen invites her to live with him. The investigation by Tom Campbell-Gore draws to a conclusion. Meyer is exonerated but the conditions are to constrictive for him. He believes that the hospital is more interested in politics rather than giving patients every chance of survival. Meyer decides to leave Holby to work in America developing artificial hearts. He invites Adams to go with him and he accepts. Now that Meyer has left of his own free will this leaves Tom Campbell-Gore able to take Meyer's old position.

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s04e47 / A Second Chance

21st Aug '02 - 8:00pm
A Second Chance

Tom Campbell-Gore's first day as consultant on Darwin does not exactly go according to plan as he clashes with Ric Griffin over patient confidentiality. Lisa Fox hosts a family lunch with unexpected consequences. Meanwhile, Danny Shaughnessy and Diane Lloyd find it hard to keep their relationship professional.

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s04e48 / The Private Sector

3rd Sep '02 - 8:00pm
The Private Sector

The atmosphere between lovers Chrissie and Owen becomes tense, and Owen immerses himself in the case of a pregnant schizophrenic who is reluctant to take medical advice. Ric finds himself in hot water after performing drastic surgery on a budding teenage sportsman in an effort to save his life.

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s04e49 / Ghosts

10th Sep '02 - 8:00pm

Tempers flare at a staff football match, and Ed Keating's past returns to haunt him. Kath accuses Danny of neglecting his studies to spend time with Diane. Terry Fox struggles to break some devastating news to Lisa.

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s04e50 / Pills and Frills

17th Sep '02 - 8:00pm
Pills and Frills

Steve finds himself under pressure on the new AAU ward when a school trip ends in disaster. Jess gets more than she bargained for during her first day as a student nurse. Diane gets cold feet when Danny asks if he can move in.

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