Season 11

s11e01 / Chain Reactions

14th Sep '96 - 8:50pm
Chain Reactions

Baz goes into labour as Charlie realises how difficult parenting can be from a patient as Mike is back in Holby on a 6 month contract.

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s11e02 / Relative Values

21st Sep '96 - 8:50pm
Relative Values

Sam Colloby arrives at Holby for an interview for a job as a nurse as Kate isn't happy about a doctor using her husband to teach medical students.

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s11e03 / It Ain't Me Babe

28th Sep '96 - 8:50pm
It Ain't Me Babe

Sam has his first day at Holby as a nurse whilst the nurses get a new uniform as Jude gets a surprise when her ex boyfriend arrives as a patient.

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s11e04 / Thicker Than Water

5th Oct '96 - 8:50pm
Thicker Than Water

After winning money on the pools, Sam comes to the help of a two people from Glasgow as an old lady makes a shocking discovery about her husband.

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s11e05 / Waterwings

12th Oct '96 - 8:50pm

Gloria finds herself made homeless after a fling with her landlord as the team have to save casualties from a swimming pool filled with chemicals.

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s11e06 / Still Waters

19th Oct '96 - 8:50pm
Still Waters

Kate's daughter disagrees with her about keeping Trevor in his current condition as a grenade blows up in an allotment.

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s11e07 / Nightfall

26th Oct '96 - 8:50pm

A father takes revenge on the man who supplied his daughter with drugs as Josh struggles to save the life of a girl injured in the middle of nowhere.

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s11e08 / Vital Signs

2nd Nov '96 - 8:50pm
Vital Signs

A pilot from the Royal Air Force struggles to cope after a crash which killed a friend as Richard tries to come to terms with his MS.

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s11e09 / Another Day in Paradise

9th Nov '96 - 8:50pm
Another Day in Paradise

The team fight to save the lives of two girls trapped in a caravan crash as Kate and her children have to decide whether to let Trevor be treated or not.

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s11e10 / Flesh and Blood

16th Nov '96 - 8:50pm
Flesh and Blood

It is Mike's last day in Holby before he returns to Africa as Trevor's condition continues to get worse.

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s11e11 / Made in Britain

23rd Nov '96 - 8:50pm
Made in Britain

Mike's replacement Jack Hathaway starts work at Holby and sets out to impress his staff as Baz has to deal with two underage girls working in a factory.

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s11e12 / Mother's Little Helper

30th Nov '96 - 8:50pm
Mother's Little Helper

A young girl seeking medical help for her mother ends up being attacked by a dog as Baz finds herself upset over the death of a baby.

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s11e13 / Trapped

7th Dec '96 - 8:50pm

Discovering that she is pregnant, Jude is keen to have an abortion as soon as possible as the team deal with a drugs mule and a corrupt police officer.

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s11e14 / Do You Believe in Fairies?

14th Dec '96 - 8:50pm
Do You Believe in Fairies?

Jude prepares to tell Matt that she is pregnant but Matt is considering a job in Crete as a cleric loses faith after his niece dies after being hit by a drunk driver.

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s11e15 / The Dying of the Light

21st Dec '96 - 8:50pm
The Dying of the Light

Jude's pregnancy keeps her occupied making her doubtful about attending the party as the team deal with a stroke victim who ends up suffering another stroke.

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s11e16 / The Homecoming

28th Dec '96 - 8:50pm
The Homecoming

Jude comes to a decision and decides to have an abortion which Matt provides support as a sex offender returns home only to face the victim's family.

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s11e17 / Hidden Depths

4th Jan '97 - 8:50pm
Hidden Depths

Baz gets a shock when Liz and Penny bring in baby Louis into hospital as the team deal with a boy brought in by air ambulance after falling into the water.

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s11e18 / Tall Tales

11th Jan '97 - 8:50pm
Tall Tales

Charlie finds himself feeling the pressure whilst dealing with a difficult patient as Louis is found to be in perfect health as the team deal with a pair of twins suffering the same problems.

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s11e19 / Déjà Vu

18th Jan '97 - 8:50pm
Déjà Vu

As Jude goes to the clinic for an abortion, Charlie faces an investigation regarding sexual assualt.

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s11e20 / Treasure

25th Jan '97 - 8:50pm

The staff are shocked when Josh gets the worst call, a fire at his home that left his wife and son dead, his daughter fighting for life.

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s11e21 / United... by Blood

1st Feb '97 - 8:50pm
United... by Blood

It is a busy shift at A&E as Josh comes in after the death of his entire family as Matt prepares to leave Holby.

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s11e22 / Make Believe

8th Feb '97 - 8:50pm
Make Believe

A mugging brings a shy woman and the man she admires together and one of Richard's old flames turns up. It's a sad night in A & E, as Matt has had enough of attending the sick and needy from behind the reception desk and is off to serve the hot and thirsty in his brother's bar in sunny Crete. His leaving party goes awry but can he really leave Jude behind?

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s11e23 / Monday, Bloody Monday

15th Feb '97 - 8:50pm
Monday, Bloody Monday

The new mural is unveiled but Jayne isn't there after a car crash as Josh deals with the fact his family have died.

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s11e24 / Perfect Blue

22nd Feb '97 - 8:50pm
Perfect Blue

The team battle on to save Jude's life after she has been embraced at Matt races back from Crete as the police hunt for the main suspect.

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