Season 7

s07e01 / Rates of Exchange

12th Sep '92 - 8:50pm
Rates of Exchange

Rookie Dr Rob Khalefa and cheeky Care Assistant Maxine Price find life in the Casualty department tougher than they had anticipated. An agonising decision over a transplant case does little to make life easier for them.

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s07e02 / Cry Wolf

19th Sep '92 - 8:50pm
Cry Wolf

Paramedic Josh becomes implicated in a motorcycle accident whilst off duty. Consultant Julian Chapman has to face the boy's distraught dad Bill and sister Lucy. Meanwhile, Charlie clashes Dr Robert Khalefa when he hands out unwanted medical advice about a patient with stomach pains. Duffy's also in a difficult situation and has to tread carefully.

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s07e03 / Body Politic

26th Sep '92 - 8:50pm
Body Politic

A seemingly unprovoked crossbow attack causes the Casualty staff to turn detective. A patient, turned away by Norma, dies later, when he's rushed back in as an emergency. A fifteen year old girl is pregnant by her step-father and her mother is horrified. Josh has to deal with another motor cycle accident and Sandra becomes a sounding board to a frustrated Julian.

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s07e04 / Will You Still Love Me?

3rd Oct '92 - 8:50pm
Will You Still Love Me?

A hit-and-run victim is admitted to Casualty but the hospital is not the safe haven she had expected when a bogus doctor attacks her. A son's death brings his parents together and an old lady makes accusations about being abused but it is only a ploy to move in with her son. Charlie's got problems with the budget which is £8000 overdrawn.

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s07e05 / Cherish

10th Oct '92 - 8:50pm

Charlie Fairhead is out of his depth when confused teenager Carol turns to him for advice about her sexuality. Meanwhile, a pregnant women has been brought in to Holby General by her husband after supposedly falling down the stairs at home. But there seems to be more to the accident than meets the eye. Sandra and Julian make a good team and three old ladies cause havoc when brought in. A daughter cracks, having to care for her mother who's suffering from ME and stabs her but she finds Norma a great help because of her own aged mother.

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s07e06 / Profit and Loss

17th Oct '92 - 8:50pm
Profit and Loss

A married couple's plan to commit suicide together is foiled by the wife's sister. An Asian man, covered in blood refuses to tell them what happened but Duffy suspects it's racism. Ash is having money problems and Charlie's unhappy about the staffing problems. The owner of a printing firm is called out, when the place burns down and learns his son, was trapped in the fire and there are some a few surprise performers at the Casualty karaoke.

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s07e07 / One Step Forward

24th Oct '92 - 8:50pm
One Step Forward

The strain's beginning to tell on Norma over the welfare of her mother and Duffy has received a letter about a second smear test. The staff have problems dealing with a handicap girl and a father's worried about his daughter's appearance. Two elderly men argue over a lost love of 40 years ago and end up in Casualty. A squash game ends abruptly when a player is seriously injured and the staff battle to save her. Ash's finances are worse and news spread about Max joining the Territorial Army. Julian puts Sandra in an awkward position when he confesses he's attracted to her.

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s07e08 / Body and Soul

31st Oct '92 - 8:50pm
Body and Soul

Duffy becomes involved with a woman whose been raped by her ex-husband. Duffy tries to persuade the patient, Ruth, to report him to the police, but she is terrified of him. Things are also complicated by the fact that Ruth attacked a stranger who tried to help her and he decides to prosecute. An accident happens at the local fox-hunt and a rider and a saboteur are injured. Julian and Sandra reach a new understanding.

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s07e09 / Tender Loving Care

7th Nov '92 - 8:50pm
Tender Loving Care

Duffy goes for tests and has to be admitted for a biopsy. Julian's paranoid about his relationship with Sandra turning into local gossip. A man collapses during a Jewish ceremony and finds himself in Casualty but fate deals a cruel blow when his wife collapses and dies. Rob treats a man with suspected pneumonia and prescribes penicillin but he is unaware the man's allergic to the drug. A student on a field trip decides that he's fed up with life and takes an overdose. A clinical error involving Sandra has far-reaching consequences for the department. Norma is under great strain, as the condition of her mother takes a turn for the worse.

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s07e10 / Money Talks

14th Nov '92 - 8:50pm
Money Talks

The budding relationship between Sandra and Julian is beginning to attract attention in Casualty but she's concerned about the disciplinary hearing she is due to attend for giving an injection on Dr Rob Khalefa's orders. Rob tells Simon Eastman that it was Sandra's fault and Ash's money problems hit rock bottom. The staff have to deal with a badly beaten man, a man whose fallen off an electric pylon and a girl who has taken Ecstasy. Sandra has more differences of opinion with Rob and Julian steps in to reprimand Rob for making a wrong diagnoses.

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s07e11 / Making Waves

21st Nov '92 - 8:50pm
Making Waves

Rob takes a day off to spend with friends, leaving Sandra to face the disciplinary board but it's suspended until he returns. Back on the river, the yacht hits a sand bank and the two women are in trouble. He ends up in Casualty and proves an awkward patient. A well known junkie tells Charlie she wants to quit and Duffy's recent tests are clear.

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s07e12 / If It Isn't Hurting

28th Nov '92 - 8:50pm
If It Isn't Hurting

Ash's day starts off badly and he and his girlfriend decide to part company. A farmer takes unhappy action when faced with eviction from the family home and kills his baby but the wife and other child are saved, when the police intervene. A paraplegic husband is left in casualty by the wife who can no longer cope and Sandra's in no mood to accept an apology from Rob, after receiving a written warning over her disciplinary hearing.

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s07e13 / Act of Faith

5th Dec '92 - 8:50pm
Act of Faith

Julian's day at the circus ends with him having to go to the aid of an injured performer. A knife thrower becomes another casualty and is also taken to Holby. Sandra's relieved to find that Laura, her daughter is safe because she was with Julian. A surrogate mother is beaten up and Sandra recognises her and shatters a childless couple's dream of a baby. Julian and Simon clash over planned staff cutbacks and the staff share a celebration drink with Max on her promotion to the TA.

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s07e14 / Point of Principle

19th Dec '92 - 8:50pm
Point of Principle

Julian Chapman is forced to make the most difficult decision of he career. The A & E department is facing a crisis of confidence over staff shortages and when newspaper reporters start investigating, he publicly criticises the management. He clashes with Dr Robert Khalefa and Charlie over the matter, as his affair with Nurse Sandra Nicholl is the talk of the wards. Then following a bitter clash with general manager, Simon Eastman, he decides he has had enough and quits. A promising young skater faces the prospects of her career ending and a owner of a Pit-bull terrier suffers horrific injuries during a dog fight. A man whose been made redundant, takes up competitive cycling and is involved with another cyclist and ends up in casualty.

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s07e15 / Silent Night

24th Dec '92 - 8:50pm
Silent Night

While festive cheer brightens up the busy hospital shift, there's little Christmas spirit for a wife who takes the law into her own hands. After years of abuse, she attacks her husband, leaving him suffering from multiple knife wounds. A young girl, seeks shelter for the night gets turned away but she's soon back, as she takes drastic action to get admitted. Sandra's having a hard time trying to cope, now that Julian's left.

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s07e16 / The Ties That Bind

2nd Jan '93 - 8:50pm
The Ties That Bind

Dr Robert Khalefa treats the fractured arm of a patient while she wonders if her business relationship with a colleague will stay intact. Duffy is in for a huge shock when she discovers that Andrew Bower, an ex-lover who is also the father of her son, is coming to work at the hospital. Bower is to fill in temporarily following the shock resignation of Julian Chapman.

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s07e17 / Live in the Fast Lane

9th Jan '93 - 8:50pm
Live in the Fast Lane

Charlie's late for a meeting with Simon Eastman as Ash and Nikki argue over her unexpected pregnancy. Sandra receives a letter from Julian and a drunk drive hits a group of people before fleeing the scene. A cry for help goes wrong, when a teenager finds the pressure too much to bare. Duffy has mixed feelings when Andrew meets young Peter.

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s07e18 / Everybody Needs Somebody

16th Jan '93 - 8:50pm
Everybody Needs Somebody

Andrew hears whose got the consultant's post. A land dispute gets out of hand, and Josh and Jane learn the dangers of being a paramedic on the front line.

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s07e19 / Getting Involved

23rd Jan '93 - 8:50pm
Getting Involved

Mike Barratt arrives to start his job as the new consultant and his first case is the electrocution of a young boy, left at home, alone and the parents wrestle with their consciences. Duffy is getting more involved with her old lover Dr Andrew Bower and on the professional front she has to care for a young mother, who's been embraced. Also, two old ladies need help when one collapses after they argue about a man whose favours they used to share many years ago.

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s07e20 / Dividing Loyalites

30th Jan '93 - 8:50pm
Dividing Loyalites

The Casualty team face their own personal dramas and the tragic consequences of a robbery. An unemployed man, keen to provide for his wife and child, becomes a driver on a ram-raid, which goes horribly wrong. Charlie's showing signs of stress and Maxine's missing father, turns up to tell her he's in love with a girl, a year older than her.

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s07e21 / Family Matters

6th Feb '93 - 8:50pm
Family Matters

When a little girl is brought in showing signs of sexual abuse, her father becomes the main suspect. The child tells Duffy that her daddy has been visiting her bed in the night. The staff also have to treat an old man who has been physically assaulted.

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s07e22 / Child's Play

13th Feb '93 - 8:50pm
Child's Play

A schoolgirl prank backfires over a crush on a good-looking teacher. Easy money has its price for a seventeen-year-old boy on the streets who is picked up by a businessman, but ends up in Holby after being sexually assaulted. Charlie faces the truth about his depression and Duffy realises how serious things have become with Dr Andrew Bower.

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s07e23 / No Cause for Concern

20th Feb '93 - 8:50pm
No Cause for Concern

The Casualty team are getting very worried about Charlie, who still isn't his old self after sessions with the psychiatric nurse. Is he up to receiving the news that Duffy has for him and will he be able cope with the major crisis when a patient contaminated with nuclear radiation in a road accident, is brought in? A captain and his first officer push themselves too far and an accident happens and Rob's got a new job.

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s07e24 / Boiling Point

27th Feb '93 - 8:50pm
Boiling Point

A group of vigilantes runs riot on an estate and the Casualty team go to tend to the injured but some troublemakers follow their friends to Holby and start a fire. The staff struggle to save themselves and their patients.

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