Season 19

s19e01 / The Ties That Bind Us (1)

11th Sep '04 - 8:50pm
The Ties That Bind Us (1)

Two frantic parents have lost their children and fears that they have left the hospital while visiting their sick great-grandfather. They have been captured on CCTV outside the hospital, but haven't been seen since. A stricken rape victim is brought in, tied with copper wire. Dad knocks on the flats around their home, and comes across a convicted pedophile, who looks shifty. Meanwhile, police have found a bloodied hood, belonging to the girl.

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s19e02 / The Ties That Bind Us (2)

12th Sep '04 - 8:50pm
The Ties That Bind Us (2)

Family friends, police, even hospital staff have rallied around in a desperate search for Adam and Kayleigh. Paramedics Luke and Nina are searching in the sewers for them and come across Adam and Nina goes to save him, but falls and is feared to be paralysed. Adam is in critcal condition and now Lee, a neighbour, is number one suspect after Adam and the rape vitcim have been tied with copper wire, found in Lee's van. Across a river, Kayleigh's body is found and Lee is arrested.

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s19e03 / Out with a Bang

18th Sep '04 - 8:50pm
Out with a Bang

The staff of Holby A&E bid a sad goodbye to friend and colleague Roxy Bird who sets off for a new carreer as a nursery nurse. However the drama happens mainly to Fin who has to go into a burning building to save trapped schoolgirls one of them being his daughter but as everyone manages to survive the shock to follow is when a man blames Fin for his wifes death after he wouldn't treat her because of his heroic actions. Elsewhere Nina appears to be falling for Abs big time

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s19e04 / Love's Labours... Lost

25th Sep '04 - 8:50pm
Love's Labours... Lost

New doctor Selena Manning makes a return to Holby A&E after working at the hospital for a brief spell 18 months ago. The police doctors first day gets off to a good start, she happens to bump into Harry who she nearly slept with when she was last on the wards of Holby. However after laughing and joking about their last meeting together Selena arrives home for a big shock - her husband in bed with hospital receptionist Bex. As Fin goes to a press conference to discuss his heroic actions following the fire he ends up being branded a hugger by grieving widower Karl.

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s19e05 / Facing Up

2nd Oct '04 - 8:50pm
Facing Up

Comfort and Fin are shocked and a bit scared this week when they arrive at a shout and when they return to the ambulance it is trashed. Not realising it could me Karl whose wife Fin left to save his daughter from a fire could be involved Fin brushes it off as kids messing about. Things take a later twist when Comfort tells Tess that she is pregnant and will surprise Fin when she cooks a romantic meal for the two of them later on. However Fin never turns up. Meanwhile Tess tells her son Sam not to tell anyone he is her son as he applies for the receptionist job at the hospital and after finally agreeing to go out on a date Abs and Nina's night is ruined when Ellen unexpectedly turns up. Contributor: Adam Hague State

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s19e06 / A Life Lost

9th Oct '04 - 8:50pm
A Life Lost

Comfort reports Fin's disappearance when he does not return home and no one has heard from him. Tess' son Sam arrives as a new receptionist and gets off to a bad start with co-receptionist Bex when he arrives late. He also hides the fact that Tess is his mother after Tess tells him it would be better that way but Bex discovers the truth. Meanwhile Ellen tells Abs she may have to leave the country soon as she is running out of money. He is further shocked when she confesses that she is terrified to return to her father as he abuses her. Also Luke turns up at Kate's house to try and help her but will she her husband's 'hugger' to help her out of her abusive relationship and Selena bins a bunch of flowers from her husband Will.

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s19e07 / When the Devil Drives

16th Oct '04 - 8:50pm
When the Devil Drives

Comfort turns to Tess for support as news of Fin's disappearance hits the papers. Nina hits the roof this week when Abs reveals why Ellen can't leave the country. Later on Nina gets a shock when she walks in on Ellen kissing Abs but is everything as it seems. Meanwhile Josh has to break up a fight between Luke & Kate's boyfriend.

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s19e08 / Three's a Crowd

23rd Oct '04 - 8:50pm
Three's a Crowd

Comfort starts to really worry about the disappearance of her husband Fin tonight. Josh discovers Fin's knife in a patients pocket who confesses he found it. After overhearing the police discuss where the knife was found Comfort rushes straight over there. As the police search for Fin, a body is found and Selena is called to pronounce a death but is the body Fin's.Elsewhere Luke invites a beat up Kate to stay at his house to escape her abusive partner.

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s19e09 / Little White Lies

30th Oct '04 - 8:50pm
Little White Lies

Abs is shocked when Ellen asks him to marry her this week. He is even more shocked when she reveals that the only reason she wants to marry him is because her visa is running out. When she sees how taken aback Abs is, she tells him she can't go back Ukraine because she will have to face her abusive father but is Ellen telling the truth? Also Comfort is asked to identify a body and breaks down when the body is Fin.

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s19e10 / Dangerous Games

6th Nov '04 - 8:50pm
Dangerous Games

Comfort faces a double blow this week when Tess shows her an article in the newspaper which includes an interview with Fin's wife. After storming round there she comes face to face with Fin's wife Ruth but refuses to believe her. She is then introduced to Fin's son but still won't believe Ruth. To add to her problems she then finds out Fin was cuddled. Sam and Bex enjoy a night on the town which leads with Sam facing the brush off from Bex and Abs considers marrying Ellen but in the end he tells her he wouldn't be able to go through with her. Contributor: Adam Hague

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s19e11 / Horses for Courses

13th Nov '04 - 8:50pm
Horses for Courses

Things go from bad to worse for Comfort at Fin's funeral when she collapses with stomach pains. After being rushed to hospital Comfort is told her baby is alive but how much more heartache can Comfort take? Elsewhere Ellen continues to get Abs to agree to marry her so she can stay in the country but he tells her that in no way he will marry her. Guppy re-thinks his decision to be a doctor after yet another mistake and after keeping quiet about being given the brush off by Bex, Sam tells Bex he is embarrassed by their not so active night.

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s19e12 / Past Imperfect

20th Nov '04 - 8:50pm
Past Imperfect

Harry starts the investigation into what happened to the patient who suffered a cardiac arrest. Abs and Ellen are interrogated by Harry and desperate to stay in the country Ellen says she will cover for Abs but only if he marries her. Facing been struck off Abs reluctantly agrees. Also Comfort discharges herself from hospital determined to keep her pregnancy a secret.

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s19e13 / Responsibility

27th Nov '04 - 8:50pm

There's a dramatic rooftop showdown this week when Comfort comes face-to-face with her husband, Fin's hugger. With murderer Karl about to jump Comfort tries to talk him round so that justice can be done but after things get heated Comfort just has to know why Karl did it and as an argument entails Comfort watches as Karl jumps to his death. Is Comfort's nightmare finally over? Elsewhere Ellen reveals her and Abs wedding plans much to the shock of their friends and colleagues.

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s19e14 / Love Bites

4th Dec '04 - 8:50pm
Love Bites

New paramedic Woody gets off to a bad start when he is caught in a sauna naked and has to be brought into Holby A&E. Selena declares war on Bex. Jim becomes worried about his forthcoming court date in the USA and Abs confides in Claire the real reason he is marrying Ellen.

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s19e15 / Who Knows Best

18th Dec '04 - 8:50pm
Who Knows Best

After finally enjoying herself while at the Christmas party things go back to bad for Comfort when she arrives home and finds Ruth has moved into her flat and she is homeless. Selena continues to harass Bex and Abs finds Sam tending to a patient.

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s19e16 / Forsaking All Others

19th Dec '04 - 8:50pm
Forsaking All Others

After Nina begs Abs not to marry Ellen because she loves him Abs has a lot of decisions to make but in the end marries Ellen to help her stay in the country leaving Nina heartbroken. Tess gets a shock when she goes round to Comfort's flat after work and finds Ruth, Fin's other wife there. Things go from bad to worse for Jim when he's struck off.

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s19e17 / Casualty@Holby City (1)

26th Dec '04 - 8:50pm
Casualty@Holby City (1)

The team of Holby pull together when a fuel tanker crashes into the hospital causing a rapid fire ripping through the hospital trapping several staff and patients.

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s19e18 / Secrets That We Keep

1st Jan '05 - 8:50pm
Secrets That We Keep

Charlie returns to work to find the hospital burned out and upside down and the staff of Holby try and come to terms with Jim's death and work is underway to repair the mess of the previous night's fire.

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s19e19 / Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers

8th Jan '05 - 8:50pm
Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers

Ellen starts to panic when she finds out her fathers coming to visit and ends up missing her immigration meeting. McFly pop by Holby A&E to surprise two fans who went a long way to meet the famous pop band. Comfort is furious to find Sam tampering with her marriage certificate leading to an argument between Tess and Comfort.

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s19e20 / First Do No Harm

15th Jan '05 - 8:50pm
First Do No Harm

Comfort faces more heartache this week when the pregnant paramedic is rushed to hospital with stomach pains and although it looks like the baby's alive but critical things take a horrible twist when she loses her baby resulting in Comfort blaming herself. Also Ellen faces problems when her father arrives early and Nina tells him Ellen told Abs he abused her. Disgusted in his daughters lies he tells Abs and Nina the truth, Ellen is in the country ilegally after fleeing the country after being charged with fraud. Elsewhere Bex throws Charlie a birthday party to remember.

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s19e21 / Thrown Out

22nd Jan '05 - 8:50pm
Thrown Out

Abs continues to ignore Nina & Ellen continues to try to get back into his good books which leads to Abs finally snapping at Ellen and throws her out into the streets. Sam continues to act very oddly and his mum Tess still oblivious to her son's odd behavior throws all her effort into getting Comfort the break she needs by jetting her off to Barbados to spend time with Fin's family. Meanwhile Bex thinks she's found Mr Right in Pete.

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s19e22 / The Cost of Honesty

29th Jan '05 - 8:50pm
The Cost of Honesty

Abs gives Ellen her marching orders when he catches her lying again. Tess gets a shock when she spots her son Sam burning patients files outside the hospital. Meanwhile new registrar Maggie stops at the scene of an accident to help out, and Charlie receives a mysterious e-mail.

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s19e23 / Truth Will Out

5th Feb '05 - 8:50pm
Truth Will Out

Abs finally stands up to Ellen by threatening to tell immigration about their 'fake' wedding but she then turns nasty. She also makes a big mistake with a patients treatment. Has Ellen made her final mistake? Woody and Luke play a practical joke on Harry, Charlie and Selena. Guppy stands up to his father. Bex feels down after finding out about Pete's cheating ways and Tess really starts to worry about Sam's state of mind.

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s19e24 / Hoping, Wishing, Longing

19th Feb '05 - 8:50pm
Hoping, Wishing, Longing

An inebriated Bex pesters Pete all night after she sees him with another woman at the Valentine's Ball, but the evening soon takes a horrific turn when he decides to walk her home. Meanwhile, Guppy refuses to bow to his father's bullying, Tess remains in denial over Sam's increasingly delusional behaviour, and the net closes in on Ellen. Contributor: Soapaholic State: Un-approved

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s19e25 / Naming Names

26th Feb '05 - 8:50pm
Naming Names

An emotional Bex reports her rape to the police, but then learns that the doctor who will be examining her is Selina, her arch enemy. Selina is a source of comfort, however, especially when Bex has doubts about pressing charges. She encourages her to ensure Pete doesn't get away with his crime. Meanwhile, faced with a possible hug charge over the death of a patient she neglected, Ellen disappears into the night. Contributor: Soapaholic State: Un-approved

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s19e26 / Boys Don't Cry

5th Mar '05 - 8:50pm
Boys Don't Cry

As Sam's condition worsens, Tess and Mike are forced to take him to see a psychiatrist. The day however takes an unexpected turn when after an argument with Tess, Mike storms off and is involved in a car accident. How will Tess cope with this added strain in her life? Elsewhere Harry reveals his very delicate financial troubles to Charlie. Luke supports Bex as she tries to deal with her rape ordeal and an immigration officer interviews Abs and Nina over Ellen's whereabouts.

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s19e27 / Family Day

13th Mar '05 - 8:50pm
Family Day

Tess is told to withdraw Mike's treatment and let him pass away but a miracle happens when he begins to come round. Are things finally looking up for Tess? The paramedics face a tough day when they are called to an accident at the docks which sees Woody save a boy from drowning even though he can't swim, putting his own life in danger. Nina has to give drugs to a critically ill woman but if the drugs don't work Josh's neck will be on the line for letting her. Meanwhile Luke continues to help Bex through her rape ordeal.

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s19e28 / Animals

19th Mar '05 - 8:50pm

Bex returns to work only to be put down by Claire at every available oppurtunity. Following this Bex drowns her sorrows in vodka and the diabetic receptionist collapses in the bathroom while Charlie and Selena find her will she survive? Abs and Nina get closer while Tess breaks down in front of Harry over her family problems and Guppy is comfronted by a face from the past.

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s19e29 / Forbidden Love

20th Mar '05 - 8:50pm
Forbidden Love

After Bex survives her suicide, Charlie advices Claire to take some time off work then Claire shares a secret kiss with Luke behind Bex's back. Abs is visited by a loan shark who says Ellen owes him £5000 and he wants it back off Abs. Tess tells Sam the truth about Mike.

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s19e30 / And on That Farm

26th Mar '05 - 8:50pm
And on That Farm

Selena is faced to work with her ex-husband Will on a police related case and as he thinks she wants him back, she tells him she wants a divorce. Luke feels guilty after his kiss with Claire and Nina tells Abs they can escape Ellen's debt by doing a runner.

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s19e31 / Running Out of Kisses

2nd Apr '05 - 8:50pm
Running Out of Kisses

Bex returns to work this week and looks back to her old self but when Claire talks to her about Pete's court case Bex breaks down. Later on Bex thinks she sees Pete outside her house so calls Luke and after being told he's no where around Bex decides she can't carry on this way and decides she can't carry on with the court case. Elsewhere Tess brings Sam home from the psychiatric hospital sooner than planned leading to an argument with Comfort. Will puts obsticles for Selena to divorce him. Abs steals money from a dead womans bag to pay off Ellen's debt but is persuaded to put it back after Nina threatens to end their relationship if he doesn't and Guppy helps out a young girl who's brother is dying.

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s19e32 / In the Dark

9th Apr '05 - 8:50pm
In the Dark

Claire is annoyed that Luke is spending more time helping Bex through her ordeal than with her as the team deal with a fire at the psychiatric unit.

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s19e33 / Cops and Robbers

16th Apr '05 - 8:50pm
Cops and Robbers

Bex is in court to prepare for her case against Pete but starts to panic as Maggie has an important exam that she needs to get away for.

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s19e34 / Sweet Revenge

23rd Apr '05 - 8:50pm
Sweet Revenge

It is the first day of the trial as Selena gives her part of the evidence as Abs gets a break when the loan shark is admitted after being badly beaten up.

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s19e35 / Desperate Measures

30th Apr '05 - 8:50pm
Desperate Measures

The trial continues as Pete enters the witness box as Nina and Abs deal with the result of a car crash outside their flat.

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s19e36 / A Question of Loyalty

7th May '05 - 8:50pm
A Question of Loyalty

It is Claire's turn in the witness box and she has to decide whether to lie for her brother or tell the truth as Tess has to tell the truth about Sam to Charlie when he can't find a few files.

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s19e37 / Fat Chance

14th May '05 - 8:50pm
Fat Chance

Bex has high hopes that the jury will deliver a guilty verdict Sam is worried about what Charlie will say over his deleting of files.

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s19e38 / Truth and Consequences

4th Jun '05 - 8:50pm
Truth and Consequences

Guppy is out with Comfort and Woody for the day as they have to deal with racial abuse as Luke tries to help a family dealing with witness intimidation as Bex returns to work after the trial.

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s19e39 / Baby Love

11th Jun '05 - 8:50pm
Baby Love

Irene finds herself struggling to cope with Stan as his condition gets worse as Josh is accused of killing a baby girl whilst providing help.

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s19e40 / Swallowers

18th Jun '05 - 8:50pm

Selena isn't pleased at the idea of working with Will as a drugs raid takes place and later is held hostage by a drugs trafficker as Guppy fears he may have contracted hepatitis B.

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s19e41 / The Long Goodbye

25th Jun '05 - 8:50pm
The Long Goodbye

Selena tries to help the two drug mules unaware that a bent cop is out to get her as Maggie finds herself struggling to cope looking after her father.

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s19e42 / A Father's Love

9th Jul '05 - 8:50pm
A Father's Love

Bex is attacked outside the department by a furious Pete who has been sacked only for Luke to attack him as Charlie finds himself in a hostage situation.

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s19e43 / There Are Worse Things I Could Do

16th Jul '05 - 8:50pm
There Are Worse Things I Could Do

Pete is rushed in for treatment after Bex pushes him down the stairs as Charlie and Luke cover for her as Abs and Nina are shocked to see Ellen back at work.

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s19e44 / Brief Encounters

23rd Jul '05 - 8:50pm
Brief Encounters

Colin feels the pressure when Will demands the CCTV tape that shows Bex pushing Pete down the stairs as Guppy is concerned Harry is involved in the drugs trial.

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s19e45 / Aftermath

30th Jul '05 - 8:50pm

Claire isn't happy that Luke left Pete's funeral as he tries to make it up to her as Kelsey Phillips has a look around the department before starting work.

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s19e46 / You Need Friends

6th Aug '05 - 8:50pm
You Need Friends

Selena returns to work after her stabbing and is annoyed at the way her colleagues are treating her as Guppy confronts Harry about his involvement in the drugs trial.

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s19e47 / Smoke & Mirrors

13th Aug '05 - 8:50pm
Smoke & Mirrors

After discovering the CCTV footage, Claire awaits the truth from Luke but doesn't get it as Selena ends up collapsing at work with an abscess on her wound.

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s19e48 / Truth, Lies and Videotape

20th Aug '05 - 8:50pm
Truth, Lies and Videotape

Claire's behaviour causes concern for Luke and Charlie when they go to spread Pete's ashes as Selena is found to have contracted MRSA.

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