Season 28

s28e01 / Bedside Manners

3rd Aug '13 - 8:50pm
Bedside Manners

A couple who have been having an affair are attacked by masked robbers, and in their effort to escape crash their car. Dixie attempts to help an elderly woman who is in a lot of pain after being knocked over by a cyclist.

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s28e02 / Once There Was a Way Home (1)

10th Aug '13 - 8:50pm
Once There Was a Way Home (1)

ED nurse Rita Freeman joins the team and is forced to help a patient even before she has started work after a neighbour whose hoarding has got out of control is hurt. Jamie bonds with an asylum seeker too worried to tell the authorities that he is gay.

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s28e03 / Once There Was a Way Home (2)

17th Aug '13 - 8:50pm
Once There Was a Way Home (2)

After Zoe returns she discovers the ED in chaos, with a crane blocking the entrance. Fletch is locked outside her office with Jamie inside barricaded with asylum seeker Ramin.

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s28e04 / What You Believe

24th Aug '13 - 8:50pm
What You Believe

Ash and Jeff attempt to save a teenager who has got into trouble in the sea. Fletch and Rita attempt to help a boy who is claiming to be the reincarnation of an elderly woman's brother.

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s28e05 / Waiting for a Star to Fall

31st Aug '13 - 8:50pm
Waiting for a Star to Fall

Lily is given an emotional case to deal with involving a teenage cancer patient in order to learn some empathy. Charlie looks at an act of heroism as a bus crash unravels a web of lies.

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s28e06 / Scars

14th Sep '13 - 8:50pm

Carl and Kelvin fall out after the latter becomes involved with some drug dealers. Things end up turning nasty though when one of the gang ends up with a screwdriver stuck in his side. Jeff clashes with Iain as they treat the injured. Jamie works out that a patient is faking his illness to get his mother's attention. Sam agrees to let Tom move in.

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s28e07 / Gloves Off

21st Sep '13 - 8:50pm
Gloves Off

A teenage couple end up fighting after he finds out that she is hiding pills, and adter they are nearly hit by a car she faints, requiring the paramedics to take them to the hospital.

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s28e08 / The Longest Day

28th Sep '13 - 8:50pm
The Longest Day

Iain attempts to help a teenager caught up in the middle of a fatal car crash deal with the truth. Fletch decides to take the blame for Tess's mistake.

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s28e09 / Love Hurts

5th Oct '13 - 8:50pm
Love Hurts

Tess needs to deal with her own problems after a pregnant woman is involved in a road accident. Robyn and Jamie see the effects of a batch of bad pills has on the nightlife in the local area.

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s28e10 / The Memory of Water

12th Oct '13 - 8:50pm
The Memory of Water

Ash and Tess work to discover why a mother and daughter are so at odds about how far the team should go to save the father's life, while Jamie accidentally helps crack open a love triangle.

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s28e11 / Crush Syndrome

19th Oct '13 - 8:50pm
Crush Syndrome

Rita spends a day working with the paramedics but ends up allowing her personal feelings cloud her judgement after they are called out to the scene of a suspected drug overdose.

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s28e12 / Three's A Crowd

26th Oct '13 - 8:50pm
Three's A Crowd

Jeff attempts to help a father and his sons after they get into trouble with a hidden bag of cash. Sam has to treat a bride on her wedding day, not knowing that Tom is getting ready to propose.

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s28e13 / Badge of Honour

2nd Nov '13 - 8:50pm
Badge of Honour

Iain ends up being deeply affected by a couple of police officers who manage to stir up memories of his life in the Army. Charlie attempts to help a couple keep hold of their little girl.

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s28e14 / Rock and a Hard Place

16th Nov '13 - 8:50pm
Rock and a Hard Place

Lily believes that steroids are to blame following a unhappy dispute between some rugby players. Sam and new porter Max attempt to help a policeman discover the truth.

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s28e15 / Between the Cracks

23rd Nov '13 - 8:50pm
Between the Cracks

George decides to run away from his care home and meets streetwise Skelly, who takes him home. After it turns out the house isn't his, they make a quick escape through the window and George hurt his ankle. In the ED, Fletch's suspicions become raised, especially when it turns out the boys gave fake names to the paramedics.

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s28e16 / No Place Like Home

30th Nov '13 - 8:50pm
No Place Like Home

The mother of George shows up at the hospital, only to learn that her son has been released into the care of Tommy, a man in his 30s posing as the brother of the patient's homeless friend Skelly.

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s28e17 / What a Wonderful Life

7th Dec '13 - 8:50pm
What a Wonderful Life

Fletch attempts to rescue a child from danger after a couple of brothers are involved in an accident. Sam realises the truth about her own relationship after she manages to re-start the heart of a patient.

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s28e18 / Away in a Manger

14th Dec '13 - 8:50pm
Away in a Manger

A young couple find themselves being forced to take refuge at a farm for the birth of their baby. After a man is electrocuted by a Christmas tree, Sam and Tom's wedding plans are disrupted. Fletch is arrested.

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s28e19 / For Auld Lang Syne

4th Jan '14 - 8:50pm
For Auld Lang Syne

New Years Eve sees Fletch witnessing an explosion at a gay club and he finds Peter Trenton a victim as Robyn tries to help a singer find his voice.

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s28e20 / Bad Timing

11th Jan '14 - 8:50pm
Bad Timing

Lily and Ethan diagnose Alice with a rare disease. Zoe and Tess attempt to save the life of Dixie's girlfriend.

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s28e21 / Brothers At Arms

18th Jan '14 - 8:50pm
Brothers At Arms

A new locum doctor called Cal shows up for work and his skills are soon tested after a girl with kidney trouble is trapped in a crashed car hanging precariously off a bridge. Ethan discovers the truth about an art student whose sight has been endangered by some flying glass.

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s28e22 / Keeping Schtum

25th Jan '14 - 8:50pm
Keeping Schtum

Dixie and Rita see a woman running away from an alley in distress, and decide to approach one of the men who was with her. After one of the men hurts himself, he blames Dixie for his injuries. Ethan and Cal are puzzled by a patient who managed to lose his voice.

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s28e23 / Blood is Thicker than Water

1st Feb '14 - 8:50pm
Blood is Thicker than Water

Rita attempts to help a rape victim have the courage to press charges. Zoe helps an eccentric veteran dancer who needs to tell the truth about the daughter she gave up for adoption.

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s28e24 / Once in a Lifetime

8th Feb '14 - 8:50pm
Once in a Lifetime

A mountain-bike race between a man and his stepson does not go to plan after both riders lose control. Jamie decides to follow Ramin to Australia, but Robyn and Jeff attempt to change his mind.

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s28e25 / Valentines Day Mascara

15th Feb '14 - 8:50pm
Valentines Day Mascara

Iain goes against orders after he runs into a burning building to save a man who is inside looking for his new fiancee. Lily becomes a magician's assistant after pensioner Yvonne is hurt.

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s28e26 / The Great Pretender

22nd Feb '14 - 8:50pm
The Great Pretender

Fletch's daughter decides to run away from and soon finds herself in danger. Robyn has to work out why a teenage girl is lying.

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s28e27 / The Last Chance Saloon

1st Mar '14 - 8:50pm
The Last Chance Saloon

An intruder breaks into Robyn's home leading her to impale her foot as Ash decides to teach Lily a lesson.

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s28e28 / Survivor's Guilt

8th Mar '14 - 8:50pm
Survivor's Guilt

With his friend still distressed, Ian tries to help as a keen eye helps a younger brother.

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s28e29 / Gravity

15th Mar '14 - 8:50pm

Big Mac attempts to calm down a former soldier called Kenny, who believes that former Army mate Iain slept with his wife. A woman goes to a neighbour's house to complain about their noisy party, but gets more than she bargained for after she attempts to take matters into her own hands.

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s28e30 / The Lies We Tell

22nd Mar '14 - 8:50pm
The Lies We Tell

A pair of environmental activists are brought in for treatment after causing the explosion of a lorry during an anti-fracking demonstration, and Ethan's conscience is tested when it turns out they are both hiding secrets from each other. Rita and Zoe help a desperate prisoner repair his relationship with his mother, while Lily and Ash go head to head at the latter's disciplinary hearing

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s28e31 / Valves to Vagrants

29th Mar '14 - 8:50pm
Valves to Vagrants

Former director of surgery Connie Beauchamp returns to the hospital and manages to make a good impression on her first day as she saves a man from prison. Ash decides to finally take his daughter Ella in hand.

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s28e32 / The Quiet Man

5th Apr '14 - 8:50pm
The Quiet Man

Connie, Zoe and Lily work together to try and help a father and his daughter, but it proves difficult as the girl suffers from ADHD. Charlie helps a biker come to terms with the fact that his his wife is suffering with dementia.

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s28e33 / Only the Lonely

12th Apr '14 - 8:50pm
Only the Lonely

A prank by a group of girls leads to the discovery of a morbidly obese man suffering a severe asthma attack - but if he is to be treated properly, the medics need to extract him from his first-floor window. The paramedics witness a motorcyclist fleeing a crime with the victim in pursuit, so when his bike skids they are well placed to deal with his badly broken leg - and before long, Dixie finds herself bonding with the angry young criminal. Back in the ED, Robyn is flattered by Cal's support for her during an assessment, only to have her hopes dashed

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s28e34 / When Nothing Else Matters

19th Apr '14 - 8:50pm
When Nothing Else Matters

Fletch attempts to build bridges between a feuding father and son following a car crash in which another sibling suffered a serious head injury. Cal tries to impress Lily as they work together on a patient who appears to have used the internet to diagnose himself with a brain tumour, and Jeff agrees to cover for Ash's daughter, Ella, after she suffers an allergic reaction to ketamine at Robyn's house party

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s28e35 / Carrot Not Stick

26th Apr '14 - 8:50pm
Carrot Not Stick

Dixie informs an injured motorbike rider that his mother is in a hospice and that if he doesn't go see her soon, it could be too late. Zoe attempts to find out more about Ginny, a woman who collapsed at her birthday party. Fletch really needs to gt his hands on some money forcing him to ask for extra shifts at work.

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s28e36 / Who Cares?

3rd May '14 - 8:50pm
Who Cares?

An adult reading lesson does not go to plan after a woman becomes jealous of her tutor's girlfriend and causes her to end up in hospital after she suffers with an asthma attack. An elderly woman and her couple of grandchildren make plans to have the best day ever but things don't go to plan.

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s28e37 / Games for Boys

17th May '14 - 8:50pm
Games for Boys

Ash works out the truth about his daughter after a patient's experience with drugs goes bad. Fletch fights to repair a broken family on a couple's wedding day.

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s28e38 / The Family Way

24th May '14 - 8:50pm
The Family Way

Tess is in a awkward position when a pregnant teenager has issues with her father. Cal has to help out a family in which two siblings are feuding after a horrible accident at a Italian restaurant.

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s28e39 / To Yourself Be True

31st May '14 - 8:50pm
To Yourself Be True

Ben collapses on a run and is brought into the ED, he's left in Connie's care and she soon realises the pressure he's under at home with a father who can't handle his sons sexuality. Cal tries to help a patient out who keeps getting stressed.

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s28e40 / The Dying Game

7th Jun '14 - 8:50pm
The Dying Game

Rita finds herself in a quandary when a fire in a care home for the elderly leaves her with access to a terminal patient whose ongoing treatment raises a number of concerns - ones that may not be popular if she opts to raise them with the regular medical staff. Lily treats a man with toothache, but persuading him to acknowledge the real cause of his pain proves to be a difficult task. Elsewhere, Connie questions Zoe's competence during a meeting with CEO Guy Self (guest star John Michie), and Lofty returns to the Emergency Department

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s28e41 / Unhinged

14th Jun '14 - 8:50pm

A man with dementia is brought in after suffering a bump to the head, and after giving the staff the runaround he finally settles down thanks to Connie. But as his condition worsens, can she save him? Jeff and Tamzin are called out to a party where the boiler has exploded, putting intense pressure on an already busy department as an influx of revellers turn in the ED. Ethan and Rita suspect one of the partygoers of being bulimic, while a frustrated father is forced to leave without his ill son being seen.

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s28e42 / Falling, Part One

22nd Jun '14 - 8:50pm
Falling, Part One

Zoe, Big Mac and Jeff lead the rescue operation, when Jess' surprise helicopter birthday trip goes wrong. Zoe has to try and protect the departments reputation when the press turn up.

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s28e43 / Falling, Part Two

29th Jun '14 - 8:50pm
Falling, Part Two

Metal thieves attempt to steal copper from a railway line, only for one of them to be injured and taken to the ED - leaving the other two to cause an accident that derails a train. Among the passengers is a boy being packed off to boarding school and Tess, who must fight to save the youngster's life. But when she becomes trapped herself, Fletch makes a massive sacrifice to save her. Back at the hospital, Connie spends her first day as clinical lead, Ethan and Lily make up, and Cal is still in the doghouse

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s28e44 / In the Name of Love

6th Jul '14 - 8:50pm
In the Name of Love

A highly competitive man ignores Ethan's advice to take it easy after a car accident, putting himself and his son in danger when they take part in a cross-country race - although it does bring Jeff a new love interest in the shape of race organiser Samantha (former Corrie star Michelle Collins), who is also injured along the way. A pregnant woman and her builder are trapped by a collapse on the site of her house build, while back at the hospital, Connie begins to assert her authority over the department

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s28e45 / First Impressions

12th Jul '14 - 8:50pm
First Impressions

A drugs counsellor enlists the help of a former addict to carry out a carjacking in his desperate bid for money - but when he ends up coughing up blood, it turns out there is something he has been keeping from his wife. Cal is negligent when dealing with the carjacking victim - something that doesn't go unnoticed by Connie - and a leukaemia survivor is suspected of hurting her baby, while Tess returns to the department with a new-found sense of direction in her life. There's tension between Tamzin and Jeff when he goes on a date with Samantha

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s28e46 / The Love You Take

9th Aug '14 - 8:50pm
The Love You Take

Rita is thrown when her husband Mark turns up at the ED after being badly beaten in prison. He refuses to have any treatment unless she agrees to talk to him about their divorce. Connie, unaware of Rita's connection with Mark, resorts to disrupting the nurse's job interview in order to get him to surgery. How long will Rita be able to keep her secret? Lofty and Cal use some creative thinking to reunite a couple struggling to cope with their autistic son, Cal also continues his game of chess with brother Ethan. Returning after a four-week break

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s28e47 / The Sicilian Defence

16th Aug '14 - 8:50pm
The Sicilian Defence

Cal and Ethan jointly solve a medical mystery after a man suffering from numerous undiagnosed conditions is brought in suffering an epileptic fit. When a patient is revealed as the revenge target of a taxi driver, Rita digs deeper and helps him to admit to his wife the full facts of the tragic road accident in which he was the driver. Following the discovery that Rita's husband is alive, the staff in the ED continue to struggle to accept the truth about the colleague they had been led to believe was a grieving widow. As Connie discusses her feelings on the senior staff nurse position with Tess, has Rita now ruined her chance of promotion?

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s28e48 / A Life Less Lived

23rd Aug '14 - 8:50pm
A Life Less Lived

Zoe is feeling the pressure of reaching her 40th birthday and finds unexpected support in the form of an ex- patient.

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