Season 14

s14e01 / Calm Before the Storm (1)

18th Sep '99 - 8:50pm
Calm Before the Storm (1)

The team battle to save Sam's life after his fall from the balcony onto reception as Tina isn't talking to Chloe following recent revelations.

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s14e02 / Calm Before the Storm (2)

19th Sep '99 - 8:50pm
Calm Before the Storm (2)

Josh and Penny bring Danny into the hospital unaware that they've been contaminated which leads the department to be closed as Jack remains hidden but is soon discovered to be on the run.

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s14e03 / Truth or Dare

25th Sep '99 - 8:50pm
Truth or Dare

Adam speaks to Charlie about his desire to return to nursing as Gerry informs Eve that he has been diagnosed with a form of cancer.

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s14e04 / Words and Deeds

2nd Oct '99 - 8:50pm
Words and Deeds

Sunny finds himself under pressure when told by Charlie to sort some junk out as Adam worries his HIV might affect him getting the nurses job.

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s14e05 / Crossroads

9th Oct '99 - 8:50pm

Tina and Sunny travel down to speak to Sam and convince him to return to nursing as Duffy learns that Adam is applying for the job.

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s14e06 / Lost Souls

16th Oct '99 - 8:50pm
Lost Souls

Eve's friend Gerry is brought in after collapsing and tells Eve he wants to die as Adam acts quickly when a patient suffers a panic attack.

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s14e07 / Everybody Hurts

23rd Oct '99 - 8:50pm
Everybody Hurts

Chloe has come to a decision about her pregnancy and plans to have an abortion as Eve is left feeling guilty after helping Gerry to die whilst Sunny faces his disciplinary hearing.

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s14e08 / Seeing the Light

30th Oct '99 - 8:50pm
Seeing the Light

On Halloween, the department has trouble with a group of drunken medical students as Adam starts his first day as a staff nurse as Eve plans to resign.

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s14e09 / Off the Wall

6th Nov '99 - 8:50pm
Off the Wall

The paramedics find themselves in the limelight with a film crew following them for the shift as new paramedics Finlay Newton and Melanie Dyson start work.

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s14e10 / Benny and the Vets (1)

13th Nov '99 - 8:50pm
Benny and the Vets (1)

A boy, Nial, is brought in choking having swallowed the heads of his toy soldiers that he has bitten off. Max and Duffy treat him, and find out he has 6 metal heads and an arm holding a grenade lodged in his stomach. Max tells the woman that they should pass naturally. A man with OCD, Benny, accidentally puts his arm through a glass window while arguing with his daughter. He is brought in to A&E but is very nervous and it is a long time before he agrees to letting Sean and Adam treat him. Duffy is nervous as she is being interviewed for the post of sister later in the shift. Before the interview Max wishes Duffy luck. During the interview Max is hard on Duffy, and so afterwards she is very annoyed with him, as she thought he was a good friend. Duffy goes up to Max's office with him and shouts at him. Max admits that he only acted the way he did because he didn't want Charlie to think that there was anything between them. Duffy was puzzled and asked Max what he meant. They started to k

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s14e11 / Benny and the Vets (2)

14th Nov '99 - 8:50pm
Benny and the Vets (2)

With the bomb having gone off, the team work quickly to deal with casualties but one of them doesn't want treatment as Duffy stops her and Max's kissing.

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s14e12 / Sins of the Mother

20th Nov '99 - 8:50pm
Sins of the Mother

Barney Woolfe starts working at the department as Adam starts to make fun of his name as Holly is busy looking for ideas for fundraising.

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s14e13 / Looking After Number One

27th Nov '99 - 8:50pm
Looking After Number One

Duffy is left feeling uncomfortable after Max suggests they go for a drink after work as despite her abortion, Chloe agrees to look after Milo for Amy.

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s14e14 / To Have and to Hold

4th Dec '99 - 8:50pm
To Have and to Hold

Holly prepares for the charity parachute jump but neither she or Adam are taking part as Sean asks Max to talk to Tina for him.

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s14e15 / Free Fall

11th Dec '99 - 8:50pm
Free Fall

It is the day of the parachute jump as Patrick Spiller starts his first day but doesn't have a great start.

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s14e16 / Just a Kiss

18th Dec '99 - 8:50pm
Just a Kiss

It is a busy shift as Sean tries to make amends with Tina unaware of her kiss with Max as the team respond to a car that has driven off a cliff.

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s14e17 / Peace on Earth

26th Dec '99 - 8:50pm
Peace on Earth

Christmas time in Holby as a family are brought in after a gas explosion at their house as Holly celebrates her birthday.

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s14e18 / The Morning After

1st Jan '00 - 8:50pm
The Morning After

New Year's day in Holby as a group of drunks end up causing trouble in the department as Josh and Penny have trouble when their ambulance won't start and their drugs are stolen.

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s14e19 / Untouchable

9th Jan '00 - 8:50pm

Duffy confronts Patrick over his arrogant attitude which has been getting on the departments nerves as Frank tries to help a young drug addict.

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s14e20 / Fall Out

15th Jan '00 - 8:50pm
Fall Out

After his mugging the other night, Adam is worried that the others have learnt that he is HIV+ as Sean starts to work out what happened between Max and Tina.

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s14e21 / Full On

22nd Jan '00 - 8:50pm
Full On

Amy receives an audition to be a singer as part of a band as things are a bit tense between Sean and Max following recent revelations.

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s14e22 / Mirror Image

29th Jan '00 - 8:50pm
Mirror Image

Frank is to attend a meeting about drugs when he is offered some by two men who threaten him as Charlie deals with an accident involving a previously unknown twin of a girl.

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s14e23 / Burned Out Hearts

5th Feb '00 - 8:50pm
Burned Out Hearts

The teams efforts to save Frank's life fail as he dies from his burns as his huggers end up being treated by Max.

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s14e24 / Tough Love

12th Feb '00 - 8:50pm
Tough Love

The day of Frank's funeral sees the team providing Max with support as Max demands answers from Angie as Amy gets ready for her song debut.

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s14e25 / Not Waving but Drowning

19th Feb '00 - 8:50pm
Not Waving but Drowning

Penny is out on a scuba diving course only for trouble to ensure underwater as Barney is reunited with an old friend who ends up getting embraced.

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s14e26 / Seize the Night

26th Feb '00 - 8:50pm
Seize the Night

Max arrives back in A&E as a patient's broken leg is being set. He proposes to Tina and then finds his first patient is a dog, who has been bitten by his owner's snake. It's taken to the staff room to recuperate whilst it's owner goes to do her snake act. But when the snake bites her, she's rushed back into Casualty but there's no snake venom because it was used on the dog. After frantic calls to surrounding hospitals, some is finally found and she is saved. Two sets of parents are at their wits ends after their daughters are rushed into A&E. The twelve-year-old is allergic to light and was knocked down by a car, as she ran after her father. Quick thinking by Max saves the day, when he orders the lights to be dimmed but she has extensive burns to her hands and face. Her parents are reunited and decide to go with her, on her dream holiday to America. The fourteen-year-old is pregnant by a young man who works for her father. He issues orders for the boyfriend to be beaten up an

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s14e27 / Life Support

4th Mar '00 - 8:50pm
Life Support

Tina is left wondering what to do when Sean reveals that he is emigrating to Australia as Holly becomes involved with her neighbours.

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s14e28 / Blood Brothers

11th Mar '00 - 8:50pm
Blood Brothers

With Sean now on his way to Australia, Tina is still uncertain of her future as Gemma arrives at the department to see Holly about baby Zoe.

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s14e29 / Being There (1)

18th Mar '00 - 8:50pm
Being There (1)

Tina has flown out to Australia desperate to spend the rest of her life with Sean as back in Holby, the department is busy as Gemma once again comes to see Holly.

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s14e30 / Being There (2)

25th Mar '00 - 8:50pm
Being There (2)

Leaving Holly and Gemma after they've been hit by a car, Joanne drags Jake and Zoe away as back in Australia, Tina has collapses in the outback but is soon found.

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