Season 2

s02e01 / A Little Lobbying

12th Sep '87 - 8:50pm
A Little Lobbying

Ewart meets the new Unit General Manager for Holby, Elizabeth Straker, and the fight's on to reopen the night. A distraught Charlie arrives for duty after finding Baz has left and Megan's getting no support from Ted as she and the other members of the staff fight to get Holby opened again. With public support, the management have to back down and the night shift is reopened.

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s02e02 / A Drop of the Hard Stuff

19th Sep '87 - 8:50pm
A Drop of the Hard Stuff

With Holby opened again, Cyril and Karen, two new student nurses join the night shift and Elizabeth Straker's looking for a victorious Ewart. A man with a drinking problem is puzzled as to how he got there and when a young girl finds she's not pregnant, storms out and becomes a victim of a drunk driver and dies. A distraught Duffy recognises a embraced patient, as the man who raped her a year ago. The shift ends in party mood and the staff celebrate in Susie Mercier's flat.

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s02e03 / Shades of Love

26th Sep '87 - 8:50pm
Shades of Love

Cyril and Karen are on hand to attend to a man who collapses with a heart attack but they fail to save him. Susie's in love with a good looking policeman as Cyril and Karen's relationship falters. Megan's disgusted when she learns Charlie's taken advantage of Karen and tells him to tell her the truth. The staff have to deal with a juggler's broken toe and a fashion model, who refuses to have tests to determine, whether she lives or dies. Ewart turns up late for a meal with his ex-wife, Roz, and upsets her over a financial matter and she tells him she's going to divorce him.

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s02e04 / Cry for Help

3rd Oct '87 - 8:50pm
Cry for Help

Kuba's native tongue helps calm the wife of a patient brought in and Cyril stops two girls fighting in the waiting room, but ends up in trouble with Charlie. There's a thief on the prowl but Ewart only acts when he becomes a victim. As Sandra and Andy talk about their relationship, they receive a call which they attend but as they return to casualty, they pick up a student, who tried to commit suicide at the local college. The student turns driver, when Andy has to attend to Sandra, fatally embraced by the other patient, who escapes, but she dies after the staff fail to save her and Andy can't be consoled.

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s02e05 / Anaconda

10th Oct '87 - 8:50pm

Frank tries to chat up Susie but she's not interested and Duffy complains to Charlie about Dr Mary Thominson. A missing snake cause havoc in the A & E department and a photographer witnesses a brutal stabbing. Andy's finding it hard to cope, as he returns to duty.

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s02e06 / Lifelines

17th Oct '87 - 8:50pm

Duffy's been promoted to Sister and clashes with Dr Mary Thominson. Charlie's called on to help a group of pot-holers and has to go down into the ground to help one of them. Back at Holby, Kuba is wrongly accused of theft and Susie's furious when her photos are circulated around the department. It's Andy's last day and the staff gather together to wish him well and Ewart demands tighter security.

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s02e07 / The Raid

24th Oct '87 - 8:50pm
The Raid

The black community erupts when the police search for drug pushers and all hell breaks out. Charlie and Ruth are called to the scene as the police have to cope with bombs being hurled at them. Back at Holby, Duffy's first stint of being in charge goes wrong and Megan steps in to restore peace. Ted in involved in an accident in his taxi and Ewart and Elizabeth enjoy a cosy night together.

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s02e08 / Cross Fingers

31st Oct '87 - 8:50pm
Cross Fingers

Megan's moonlighting in an effort to make ends meet, whilst Ted's taxi's out of service. A suspected case of meningitis comes in and Susie tries to find out who is the new man in Duffy's life. Ewart is avoiding Elizabeth, to avoid her being involved in a divorce petition by his wife. The staff are kept busy as they deal with a scalded hand, a twisted knee and a child with a broken arm. At the end of the shift, the staff gather round to wish Karen and Cyril the best of luck in their forthcoming exams.

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s02e09 / Seeking Heat

7th Nov '87 - 8:50pm
Seeking Heat

Ewart's relieved his divorce is over even though his wife took him to the cleaners, but at least he's free to enjoy Elizabeth's company now. A bomb explodes in a house, split into flats and only one person is found alive, but who is he? The jacket he was wearing tells them who he is, but it turns out later, it wasn't his and the staff now have to tell the parents, who thought their son was alive, is now dead. Megan is attacked because of her Irish accent and Duffy and Mary have healed the rift between them. Although she has passed her exams, Karen tells Charlie she intends to leave.

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s02e10 / Rock-a-Bye-Baby

14th Nov '87 - 8:50pm

The social services are called in, when a baby's brought in covered in bruises and is then taken into care. Ewart's insisting on employing a security guard after the police were called in to sort out a group of youths. An elderly mother is brought in after a fall in her home, but it's the daughter who's in need of attention because of the stress she under. A tragedy occurs when a group of school kids get high on lighter fuel and the staff have to tell the parents, their daughter has died. At the end of the shift, Duffy gets picked up by Peter and Charlie buys a jeep.

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s02e11 / Hooked

21st Nov '87 - 8:50pm

Peter tells Duffy he's HIV positive and she reacts badly to the news. On the eve of their silver wedding anniversary, Ted tells Megan he wants to go partnership with a cousin and start their own mini cab firm and she's furious because it means moving to Cheltenham. A male prostitute saves a man's life but then gets attacked by a gang he had met earlier. A religious nut causes havoc in the waiting room and a letter from Peter causes Duffy to break down. She confides in Mary, who advises her to be tested for the Aids virus. A newly wedded couple, involved in a crash, are brought in but they die of their injuries. Megan's party is in full swing but she's not and Elizabeth asks Ewart if he would like to meet her daughter.

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s02e12 / Fun Night

28th Nov '87 - 8:50pm
Fun Night

Ted and Megan take a picnic when they go to Cheltenham and although she enjoys the picnic, she doesn't like the place. Cyril bets he can get a date with Mary and finds himself in one of the most expensive hotels having breakfast. Mary tells Duffy later, she ordered everything, just to put him in his place but paid the bill. Two brothers end up in casualty, when they attack a local villain, who stabs them both but the youngest one dies later. The police are on hand to arrest him and the girlfriend, in fear of her life, tells them where the weapon can be found. Duffy's looking for Peter and tells Mary that her test for aids is clear and she's very relieved. Ewart meets Elizabeth's daughter and when he finds she's pregnant but not married, they have different views on what should happen and the evening ends disastrously. Susie regrets going to a seedy club with her friend, on her night off but her quick thinking saves the life of a young thug. He falls on broken glass and severs a

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s02e13 / Peace, Brother

5th Dec '87 - 8:50pm
Peace, Brother

Dr Mary Thominson's parents have come to stay and things are very strained between them all. Megan and Ted argue over the move to Cheltenham and she's not going. George Thominson is rushed in after overdosing and Ewart takes over as Mary comforts her mother. She arranges for her friend Brendan to come and pick her mother up and take her back to her flat and stay with her. Landowners try to drive a group of hippies off their land but a young boy is injured and taken to Holby where the staff have problems, dealing with the trouble they bring. George recovers from his overdose and is impressed with Brendan. Peter turns up and Duffy tells him she was worried about him and tells him her test is clear. The drugs cabinet's been broken into and a rookie cop gets bitten on the leg by one of the hippies and has to have a tetanus shot. Peace is restored when the hippies leave.

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s02e14 / Burning Cases

12th Dec '87 - 8:50pm
Burning Cases

Sophie Bennod suffers verbal abuse from her wheelchair bound disabled husband, Tom and when he accidentally sets fire to the bathroom curtains, he deliberately burns himself. She accompanies him to the hospital where his burns are found not to be serious but he has to stay in for a couple of days. She decides she had enough and tells Dr Mary Thominson she's leaving him but is persuaded to speak to Tom first. He is devastated and tells her he loves her, as she walks out of his life, for good.

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s02e15 / These Things Happen

19th Dec '87 - 8:50pm
These Things Happen

Ewart's recovering from a heart attack and as Megan worries about the old woman's death and the report she has to submit, Lucinda arrives to be told the bad news. When she receives a copy of her mother's death certificate, she is told by the Coroner she can't sue anyone until the inquest has been heard. Kuba lets slip to Ewart the trouble Megan's in and he's told to leave when his heart rate goes up and Elizabeth has to explain what is going on. Megan goes before the hospital board, to answer their questions and is cleared but now she has to face the inquest. Lucinda befriends Mrs King the next door neighbour, and finds a lonely woman, who's still mourning her husband and arrives in time to raise the alarm, when she tries to end it. She has to be pumped out and Lucinda complains to Charlie, who promptly spells out the risks the woman would have faced, if they hadn't done it. A birthday party ends in tragedy for three nurses, when Francine and Jane are injured in a hit and run and

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