Season 24

s24e01 / Dawn of the ED (1)

12th Sep '09 - 8:50pm
Dawn of the ED (1)

It's Adam's first day as clinical lead. His first job is to show eight new F2s around the ED, which backfires when they are not all what they seem to be. When Adam is called to an emergency at a shopping centre, he chooses new F2 Heather to accompany him. The owner of the centre has set a bomb inside, which explodes, trapping Adam, Heather, Jeff, Polly and a group of homeless people inside. Meanwhile Yuki, May and Lenny are ordered out of resus by now-Trust Doctor Ruth Winters and Curtis' memorial tree is planted.

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s24e02 / Dawn of the ED (2)

13th Sep '09 - 8:50pm
Dawn of the ED (2)

In the conclusion to the first episode, Adam and the gang get out of the shopping center however he goes back for Heather. He finds her and they set out to get out. Jeff and Lee (the security guard) go in and find them but the roof collapses on Adam, Heather, Lee and the patient. They manage to find the lifts and escape but the lift starts to fall. Adam, the patient and Lee manage to climb up to the exit but Heather, being very slow, is petrified and she screams for Adam to save her. As they both try desperately to reach out for each other, the flaming lift collapses and hits Heather, crushing her and sending her falling to her death as the lift explodes in a fireball that ricochets up the passage, nearly burning Adam. Meanwhile Jessica is frantic and worried about Adam and chaos reigns in the department when the casualties flood in. Adam feels that he has let himself down.

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s24e03 / And Then There Were Three

19th Sep '09 - 8:50pm
And Then There Were Three

May, Yuki and Lenny start their first shift after Heather's death. Adam patches them off with Zoe and she takes Lenny, Jeff and Polly take Yuki and Ruth takes May. They eventually are asked to sit out. At the end of the day the three go to a counselling session with Ben Harding. He describes May as the Scarecrow (no brain), Lenny as the Tin Man (no heart) and Yuki as the Lion (no courage) from The Wizard of Oz. Meanwhile Zoe is neglecting her work to take mysterious calls about Nick Jordan and an old face returns.

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s24e04 / Sunset Syndrome

26th Sep '09 - 8:50pm
Sunset Syndrome

The episode recaps the three weeks before Jordan goes into a coma. These include meeting a penniless Italian hotel maid and a game of cat and mouse on Zoe's part between Nick, his neurologist Dr Frances Lively and the infamous Professor Walter McFey, who Zoe persuades to operate on Nick, with a operation that could either potentially save his life, or leave him with severe disabilities if he pulls through. How far will she go to save her patient?

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s24e05 / Not Forgotten

3rd Oct '09 - 8:50pm
Not Forgotten

Ruth and Jay decide to take the next step in their relationship. Zoe believes that she might have missed her chance with Jordan. Jay issues Ruth with an ultimatum. After Ruth forgets to take the pill she is worried she could be pregnant. The F2's are fed up with the way Adam is managing them but is he is able to impress them at the end of the day.

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s24e06 / Comfort Zone

10th Oct '09 - 8:50pm
Comfort Zone

Ruth discovers that she is pregnant and decides to take a pill to terminate her pregnancy. Ruth manages to impress Sarah during surgery on an injured child. Ruth has to decide whether to take the pill or risk loosing her career. Jordan's condition continues to get better but it looks like he wont be able to continue working as a doctor. Zoe is confronted by Adam after she neglects her duties to go see Jordan. Alistair calls out the paramedic team again in the hope of seeing Polly.

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s24e07 / Love Is a Sacrifice

18th Oct '09 - 8:50pm
Love Is a Sacrifice

Ruth goes to the surgeons' dinner with Sarah Evans but leaves Jay behind - Jay turns up and is thrown out, but Ruth collapses, haemorrhaging, due to having taken an abortion pill. Charlie visits Nick, who seems to have given up on life. Meanwhile, the F2s are trapped in resus with Jessica by an angry relative of a dying patient and must perform a difficult procedure while Adam is forced to watch from outside.

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s24e08 / Not Wisely but Too Well

24th Oct '09 - 8:50pm
Not Wisely but Too Well

Ruth is shocked to have to be treated by her work colleagues after being rushed into casualty. Tess is sworn to secrecy by her about the abortion pill she has taken. When she starts to feel better, Ruth admits to Jay that she was carrying their baby. After talking to Sarah, Ruth realises she has t make a choice between Jay and her career. Polly tries to tell Alistair that they can be nothing more than friends. Zoe is shocked by what she finds out about her new boyfriend. After dumping him she discovers that he has taken a memory stick with patients information on which he uses to try and blackmail into her taking him back.

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s24e09 / Regrets

31st Oct '09 - 8:50pm

Adam and Henry aren't happy when Zoe is forced to admit she has lost patients information. Zoe tries to reassure them she will get it back though. Zoe is told she has til 4pm otherwise she will loose her job. Jordan steps in to help Zoe. Jessica is upset when Adam chooses work over helping at the children's Halloween party. Jeff doesn't want Alistair hanging around Polly. After Alistair breaks into her flat a scared Polly is forced to say that she loves him. A mysterious man asks for money and cigarettes in the hospital.

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s24e10 / Every Breath You Take

7th Nov '09 - 8:50pm
Every Breath You Take

To the delight of the hospital staff in the Emergency Department (ED), Jordan returns but, this time, in an unfamiliar administrative role. Jordan is disappointed not to be on the front line but sparks are soon flying when he steps in to assist Lenny in treating bonfire-night casualties. A major incident at a pub, involving a box of fireworks, ensures that it's going to be a long, emotional night in ED. One victim is a young anorexic girl, Fran. To her mother Jenny's consternation, she refuses to have a saline drip in case she puts on weight. Can the medical staff persuade her to accept treatment and talk to her mother about her problems?

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s24e11 / Leave Me Standing

14th Nov '09 - 8:50pm
Leave Me Standing

Injured pet shop proprietor Malcolm faces the loss of his home and business and the F2s are given their first patient to treat alone, as the medical drama continues. During a heated discussion with his landlord, Malcolm slips while holding a fish tank and suffers severe lacerations. While Malcolm is in casualty, the landlord is forced to reveal that he wants to build a car park on the site of the pet shop and Malcolm and his wife, Brenda, face losing their home and livelihood. Yuki needs to use all his diplomacy skills when, at the end of his tether, Malcolm decides to take matters into his own hands. Later, Yuki, May and Lenny are thrilled when Adam gives them their own patient to treat - Ruth's friend, Amir, who has a history of heart problems. Ignoring advice from Jordan, however, the F2s decide to follow their own course of treatment. Things go from bad to worse when the patient then goes missing. The F2s conceal their panic but are individually distraught. Elsewhere, paramedic Polly receives some disturbing news about Alistair, which she responds to calmly. However, something is affecting her normally sunny disposition and she is behaving strangely around certain patients.

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s24e12 / Second Chance

21st Nov '09 - 8:50pm
Second Chance

Tensions are running high in the emergency department as the F2s nervously await an important decision and Ruth struggles to impress Dr Sarah Evans by treating a patient alone. With the department at full stretch treating casualties from a major fire and a car accident victim with cerebral palsy, the F2s bicker through their shift as they anxiously await the fall-out from their treatment of Amir. Adam warns them that they must continue to work as part of a team but Ruth, in particular, is reluctant to work with them and the young medics are uneasy. Could this be the end of their short careers as doctors? Keen to impress neurological expert Dr Sarah Evans, Ruth refuses to ask for advice about the cerebral palsy patient, preferring to struggle on alone. But when the patient's condition worsens, the vastly experienced Jordan steps in to help. Will Ruth be honest about the situation? And where exactly does her future at the hospital lie? Meanwhile, massage parlour workers Bree and Joy are brought into Holby City hospital with burns sustained when a fire broke out in their flat. Both were making plans to escape the controlling clutches of the massage parlour owner, Tony. Bree has the help of her new boyfriend, Dave, but will it be plain sailing for the young couple? nick returns back to treatment with the F2s.

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s24e13 / The Devil You Know

28th Nov '09 - 8:50pm
The Devil You Know

The F2s are thrilled when the dean announces a Junior Academic Fellowship Award which will see one of them win a role in the ED with a lucrative salary. However, Adam warns them they must still work together as a team and not be tempted by individual success. May, in particular, is desperate to win the award. However, mentored by the impatient Ruth, things don't get off to a good start. When a bank robbery goes horribly wrong, injured bank manager, Gal, is brought into casualty with a gun-shot wound. But Gal isn't quite the hero he first appears and his obsessive behaviour brings back some disturbing memories for Polly. When Gal starts waving a gun around the ED, Polly leaps into action, putting everyone at risk. It's time for the young paramedic to relive and confront exactly what happened with Alistair in order to get her life, and career, back in order. Meanwhile, Jordan is keen to return to a more hands-on role in the ED. However, despite the department being at full stretch, Adam won't hear of it. Medical back-up soon arrives in the form of a rather unwelcome face from the past. Trevor impresses Tess with his handling of Isabel, a lonely, elderly lady who has been injured during the bank robbery getaway. Tess bravely invites him out on a date but there's something he's failed to mention to her...

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s24e14 / As Others See Us

5th Dec '09 - 8:50pm
As Others See Us

Ruth is horrified when Jonathan turns up in the Emergency Department (ED) looking for her help - much to Jay's surprise, who didn't even realise she had a brother. Jonathan swears to Ruth that he has turned over a new leaf but she sees the track marks in his arms and refuses to believe that he's changed. Later, a group of hard-drinking homeless men cause havoc in ED when they start stealing bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitiser from the wards and take it back to an unsafe hospital annexe to enjoy in private. Tragedy strikes when young security guard Mick, desperate to win Ruth's approval, confronts the homeless men on his own, but Jonathan, who has seen the commotion, is quick to get help. Will his part in the events convince Ruth that he's changed and that she can help him make a fresh start? Meanwhile, Jessica and Adam's wedding arrangements continue apace but Adam struggles to maintain his composure when interference comes from an unwelcome source...

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s24e15 / No More Heroes

12th Dec '09 - 8:50pm
No More Heroes

Competition for the fellowship hots up and the pressure is intense for the F2s, as the medical drama continues. Lagging behind the others, Yuki desperately needs to prove himself and, when a work outing goes disastrously wrong, he gets exactly the chance he needs. Yuki is failing fast in the race for the fellowship and his mentor, Zoe, blames it on his lovesick glances for May. She challenges him to ask her out for a drink. However, a coach-load of crash victims proves a serious distraction. Jim, a young man who sabotaged the bus with his best mate, Pete, for a laugh, is horrified when Becky - a girl he fancies - dies in the crash. He confesses all to Yuki, who advises him to do the right thing, but puts himself in danger in the process. Meanwhile, Jordan is desperate to return to the resus room from his exile in admin. Outside the hospital, he is recognised by a man who collapses in front of him. Once revived, it's clear the man has no idea who he is. Unable to get hold of Adam, who is at a school play with Jessica, Jordan decides to deal with the patient himself. But can he cope with the stressful conditions in resus? Elsewhere, Polly attends Alistair's funeral with his friend, Abe - who is delighted when she arrives knowing that she was the only important person in Alistair's life. When she discovers exactly how fantastical he imagined their relationship to be, however, she snaps - revealing exactly what went on between them. A disgusted Abe promises to tell the hospital, threatening Polly's career...

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s24e16 / All I Want for Christmas

19th Dec '09 - 8:50pm
All I Want for Christmas

Ruth faces a festive family crisis, Lenny considers the prospect of unwanted early Christmas leave and Zoe continues to enjoy a bit too much seasonal "spirit" in this year's festive offering of the medical drama. As the competition for the fellowship continues, May is frustrated by always being regarded the least-promising of the F2s and plays a trick on Lenny which has far-reaching consequences. Acting on May's misinformation, Lenny mistakenly tells two sisters that their father, Barry, has died. He is severely reprimanded by a stressed and furious Adam and it looks as if Lenny's Christmas leave may be lasting a little longer than he would like. Ruth, meanwhile, is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with a long-lost member of her family when she notices an heirloom has gone missing from her flat. As she's plunged into a world of stolen phones, heroin overdoses and male prostitution, Ruth realises that she's likely to face Christmas alone. Will this mean she's ready to accept the support of ex-boyfriend Jay? As matters finally come to a head between Jordan and Adam over Jordan's role in the Emergency Department (ED), Jordan is forced to face the music over his future as a doctor. Meanwhile, Zoe continues to escape the stresses of her life through the bottom of a bottle. Finally, the staff find out who is responsible for the string of disappearances in the ED. Is there a thief at large or could it be a secret Santa working in mysterious ways?

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s24e17 / Tidings of Comfort and Joy

27th Dec '09 - 8:50pm
Tidings of Comfort and Joy

It's Christmas party fever in the Emergency Department (ED) on Boxing Day as Noel heads to the celebrations at his father, David's, old people's home, and there's also the Dean's annual bash for the staff to look forward to. After a tough night in the ED, Zoe offers Noel a lift to his father's party. Noel is devastated when he doesn't recognise him but seems very close to another visitor, Jimmy. He's further worried by the fact that his father and several other residents seem ill. He begs Zoe to help his father. The F2s are on their way to help Noel's Charity Christmas visit but are suddenly called into action when they come across a car crash. Working together, they manage to stabilise their patients and get them to the ED. They are hailed as heroes by Adam in front of their colleagues and superiors at the Dean's Christmas party later that evening. The Dean, Eddie, proudly boasts to Henry that May is his daughter but she then tells him that she wants to make it on her own. Henry blurts the news to the other F2s and Lenny is disgusted at her lies and Yuki disappointed at her cover-up. Meanwhile, as Adam and Jessica's wedding day approaches, Adam completely loses his cool with a member of staff as the pressure builds at work and home. Ruth and Jay are thrown together to work on a medical case and Ruth finally admits that she's lonely after another family disaster. Letting down her guard, she accepts Jay's comfort and the pair head home together.

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s24e18 / A Day in the Life

2nd Jan '10 - 8:50pm
A Day in the Life

Feature-length episode. The big day dawns for Adam and Jessica as they prepare for their wedding but Adam is feeling rather worse for wear, as the medical drama continues. Adam emerges from the on-call room dressed as superman, following a heavy night. He walks past Henry and Zoe with as much dignity as possible but knows Jessica is going to be furious. As he prepares to leave the chaotic ED, he promises Jessica he won't be late - only to walk straight into the path of a patient, who collapses. At their country house venue, Jessica waits impatiently for Adam as the guests start to arrive. Charlie races Adam, who manages to wangle a police escort. As the service gets under way, Adam and Jessica get the giggles. But, before they are officially named man and wife, Tess interrupts - there's been a major road accident. Much to Jessica and the registrar's disgust, Adam returns to the hospital. Back at the hospital, Yuki and May are working well in the crisis unit, but Yuki is struggling to forgive May for her recent deceptions. Meanwhile, Ruth is moved by Jay's sensitive handling of a patient who has been abused. She decides that she'd like to take their relationship further. As their colleagues finish their shift, Adam and Jessica are travelling through country lanes with the kids. As Jessica chats to Zoe on the phone, Adam is forced to swerve to avoid hitting an oncoming vehicle. The call and cords is cut off just before the car skids, flips and lands on a frozen lake where the ice begins to crack. Adam tries to focus as he fights feelings of claustrophobia but, when Harry cries and Jessica leans back to comfort him, the shift in weight causes the ice to crack and the passenger front side is submerged in water. Will Adam get the family out of the car and to safety before it plunges into the icy lake... Back at the hospital, the team battle under hopeless conditions to save the accident victims. As matters go from bad to worse, Jordan faces an impossible choice - to help his desperate colleagues or stand back, knowing he's not allowed to practise. Elsewhere, Ruth and Jay's relationship has taken a turn for the better but it's time for Ruth to get something off her chest which has been troubling her for some while.

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s24e19 / Dark Places

9th Jan '10 - 8:50pm
Dark Places

The staff try to carry on as normal after the car accident, as the medical drama continues. Meanwhile, Lenny's "brother" turns up at Holby City ready to execute a long-standing plan which could have huge implications for Lenny. Lenny is delighted when long-lost friend Davey turns up at the hospital but he's less than pleased when he hears why he is back. Davey wants to carry out a plan that the two boys hatched when they were younger - to torch the children's home they both grew up in. To Lenny's horror, Davey goes through with his plan, unaware that there is someone else inside the building. Polly's career is on the line when the hearing takes place into her conduct around Alistair's death. The young paramedic is troubled when Alistair's friend, Abe, turns up to tell her that he wants her to know what it's like to lose something she cares about. She is even more concerned when Jeff's attempt to defend her turns out to be less than helpful. Charlie's son, Louis, is back in his father's life, primarily because he needs cash. Charlie is hopeful for some father-and-son bonding but Louis shows his usual disrespect and Charlie is distracted by some health problems of his own. Meanwhile, following the tumultuous events at the wedding reception, Adam has something important to tell someone. But will he find the right time and the courage?

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s24e20 / Leave Me Alone

16th Jan '10 - 8:50pm
Leave Me Alone

Following the traumatic events of the New Year, Jessica takes a look back at her life, loves and career at Holby. It's 1998 and Jessica is a young nurse, casually flirting with Sean and enjoying wild nights out with best mate Linda. When Linda leaves to travel around America she gives Jessica a pebble saying that if Jessica ever finds herself in trouble it will be her lucky charm. A few years later, Jessica and Sean get married. Sean is keen for Jessica to take elocution lessons so that she sounds like a successful surgeon's wife and Jessica is keen to return to work after the birth of Amelia - much to Sean's distaste. It appears that married life isn't a bed of roses for the couple. When Amelia is older, Sean and Jessica's marriage is on shaky ground when, at a low ebb, Jessica meets Adam in a pub, goes home with him and is moved by their strong connection. Back in the present day, Linda checks up on her old friend and it's time for Adam to find out how his confession has been received.

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s24e21 / Last Roll of the Dice

23rd Jan '10 - 8:50pm
Last Roll of the Dice

While Adam keeps waiting by Jessica's bedside, life goes on in the Emergency Department with exams approaching for the increasingly stressed F2s. When May fails to impress Ruth and makes a clinical error, Ruth unleashes a barrage of anger on her mentee. Feeling low and worried May retaliates, resulting in a furious Ruth sending her home. Lenny can't believe his luck - with May having such a rough time and Yuki unexpectedly missing, it looks like the Fellowship is in the bag. Still raw from her confession about the abortion, Ruth has a heated conversation about May with Jay, during which he tells Ruth that she should try and be more empathetic. Brought up short by this, Ruth pays May a visit at home, where she is horrified to see May slumped in a chair, with an open bottle of wine and some pills nearby. The Ambulance Trust has made its decision in Polly's tribunal about Alistair's death, but she doesn't care either way; too scarred by events, she is determined to resign anyway. Jeff and Dixie blame each other and set out to do everything they can to change her mind. After a long shift, the team head off to five-a-side football practice. Yuki is in disappointing form, but Charlie is delighted to be selected, despite his fitness levels. But his smile soon disappears when Shona arrives looking for the errant Louis. She has some big, life-changing news for Charlie and his son.

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s24e22 / The Cradle Will Fall

30th Jan '10 - 8:50pm
The Cradle Will Fall

It's a day of high tension as the young doctors try desperately to impress, with mixed fortunes, in the F2s' exam. May is given a pep talk by her father, Eddie, and is shocked when he hands her an envelope with the exam questions inside in order to help her along her way. And all the F2s are rattled when Jordan reveals that the exam will also include a day-long assessment, overseen by Henry. Yuki falters while treating Seb, a seriously ill teenager, but redeems himself when he comes up with a brilliant diagnosis. However, when he bravely tells a packed meeting that Seb told him he no longer wants to receive treatment, Henry orders him out of the room. Over-confident Lenny, meanwhile, is disappointed to be stuck in cubicles and, determined to impress, orders a series of tests for elderly patient Chick. However, he is distressed when the tests reveal something sinister and tries in vain to persuade his patient to accept treatment. May initially impresses Henry when surgeon Sarah Evans is rushed to the ED having collapsed in theatre, but she fails to chase up a test result which puts Sarah in danger. She is then horrified to discover that her father and Sarah seem unusually close. When Eddie insists he wants someone more qualified than May to treat Sarah, May is shattered. But will her lack of confidence tempt her to take a peek at the exam questions? Meanwhile, there's more heartbreak for the team as baby Harry is laid to rest and Ruth finally gathers the courage to tell Jay that she loves him, but is it too late?

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s24e23 / An Ugly Truth

6th Feb '10 - 8:50pm
An Ugly Truth

Adam and Jessica struggle to keep their personal and professional lives on track after the tragic events of the past few weeks. It's the week after Harry's funeral and Jessica is finding it increasingly difficult to live and work with Adam as he reminds her so much of everything she's lost. When Jessica's long-lost friend, Linda, turns up at the Emergency Department with an injured arm, she outlines a proposition to Jessica which gives the grieving mother some food for thought. Elderly patient Mrs Bullock, meanwhile, is brought into the ED distressed and disorientated by a disturbing vision of a clown. Could her condition have anything to do with the energy drinks she's been consuming? Dixie is delighted when her father, Arthur, turns up out of the blue but saddened when he tells her some unexpected news. When Arthur sees Dixie and Jeff sharing a joke together and tells Dixie he's glad she has a supportive boyfriend, something stops her from correcting his mistake. Dog-lover Dom is surprised to be on the receiving end of a vicious attack from reputable businessman Brian, until Brian reveals that Dom's dog had previously mauled his daughter. However, Dom might just hold the key to the family's rehabilitation. Meanwhile, it's the day the F2s find out their exam results and Noel holds firm as they each try to wheedle the results out of him.

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s24e24 / Love Is a Battlefield (1)

13th Feb '10 - 8:50pm
Love Is a Battlefield (1)

Zoe and Jordan find their volatile relationship exploding. Jeff receives a surprising proposition from Dixie. Shona is confronted by Charlie.

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s24e25 / Past Lives

20th Feb '10 - 8:50pm
Past Lives

There are two new faces in the Emergency Department this week, as the medical drama continues. Robert Boulter arrives as a handsome young doctor who ruffles May's feathers; and Hotel Babylon's Raymond Coultard plays Dr Matt Strong, who has his heart set on Zoe. Meanwhile, a bereavement counsellor gets more than he bargained for from Adam.

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s24e26 / Life Sentence

27th Feb '10 - 8:50pm
Life Sentence

After a pleasure boat is involved in an accident it brings back watery memories for Adam. The new F2 Keiron pushes his luck too far with some of the patients. Zoe's new admirer manages to annoy Jordan.

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s24e27 / Angel

6th Mar '10 - 8:50pm

After Yuki feels jealous he is forced to take romantic action with May. The board has a tempting offer for Jordan. Kieron business with Jordan is finally revealed.

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s24e28 / English Beauty

13th Mar '10 - 8:50pm
English Beauty

Adam seems outwardly to be getting over Harry's death, but as the cracks start to show, Alice realises that he is bottling everything up. And when these pent up feelings are unleashed, Alice finds herself in an impossible situation...

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s24e29 / Just Like a Woman

27th Mar '10 - 8:50pm
Just Like a Woman

Dixie gets ready to marry Jeff but she is shocked when she finds out who is going to be marrying her. May makes a mistake at work but when she finds out that Yuki thinks he has made the mistake she wonders if she should let him take the blame.

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s24e30 / Love of a Good Man

3rd Apr '10 - 8:50pm
Love of a Good Man

Monica is rushed to the hospital after being electrocuted whilst changing a light fitting. Yuki is determined to discover the truth about what happened with the botched intubation. May ends up admitting the truth to him. May has to decide what to do next. Jay's career continues to be on the line over the clinical trial incident. Fairfax gets his hands on the papers that could clear Jay but he tells Ruth that the notes prove Jay is at fault. Jay remains determined to prove his innocence.

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s24e31 / Loves Me, Loves Me Not

10th Apr '10 - 8:50pm
Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Matt has something important to ask Zoe. Adam manages to find some comfort in a family situation Things between Kieron and Jordan finally come to a head.

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s24e32 / Clean Slate

17th Apr '10 - 8:50pm
Clean Slate

Jordan gets the DNA results which will prove whether he is Kieron's father. Jay gets a chance to clear his name. Adam spends some time with Lyn and her family but she becomes suspicious that Adam is only interested in her children and ends up asking him to leave. An upset Adam ends up driving off into the night.

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s24e33 / Alone on a Wide Open Sea (1)

24th Apr '10 - 8:50pm
Alone on a Wide Open Sea (1)

As Adam's erratic behaviour spirals completely out of control, events take a nasty turn in an out-of-the-way farmhouse.

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s24e34 / New Beginnings (2)

1st May '10 - 8:50pm
New Beginnings (2)

Adam finds himself facing a terrifying ordeal at gunpoint as he's held hostage in the farmhouse. Zoe finds herself having to make a choice between Jordan and Matt

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s24e35 / A Better Past

8th May '10 - 8:50pm
A Better Past

May and Adam face a day of reckoning when they are brought face to face with the past. Charlie could become a grandparent after all.

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s24e36 / Russian Endings

15th May '10 - 8:50pm
Russian Endings

Staff nurse Kirsty Clements joins the team and causes a few a few feathers to get ruffled as she makes an instant impression and not necessarily a good one.

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s24e37 / Mum's the Word

22nd May '10 - 8:50pm
Mum's the Word

Lenny's thinks he has the Fellowship is in the bag but when his patient dies of a mysterious virus he finds himself coming down to earth with a bump. Ruth uses her surgical training to offer some hope to a terminal patient. Zoe tries to stop Jordan from finding out that she cant have children.

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s24e38 / In Your Debt

5th Jun '10 - 8:50pm
In Your Debt

Zoe finds herself making a life-changing decision. Lenny and Yuki play detective when another mysterious case of the cryptococcsis virus arrives in casualty.

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s24e39 / Inconvenient Truths

12th Jun '10 - 8:50pm
Inconvenient Truths

After a third victim with the cryptococcsis virus passes away, Lenny and Yuki are on a mission to find the source.

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s24e40 / The Lesser Good

19th Jun '10 - 8:50pm
The Lesser Good

Jordan finds himself facing a moral dilemma as the source behind the cryptococcsis outbreak is revealed. Security becomes paramount at the hospital when a dangerous Class-A prisoner is brought into the casualty department.

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s24e41 / Die and Let Live

26th Jun '10 - 8:50pm
Die and Let Live

Jay realises that his life could be at risk following the recent drugs trial. Jordan lets him know that he will fast-track the blood test results. Ruth is too busy to offer Jay the support he needs and she receives a mysterious package containing a gold locket. Ruth ends up asking Adam for time off work for personal reasons and leaves the hospital with a garment bag in a chauffeur-driven car. Jay is happy when his test results come back negative and Jordan tells him that he has been given a second chance in life. When Jordan lets Jay know that Ruth is getting married he decides to stop her before it is too late. Kirsty finds herself on the wrong side of Tess after she helps a young girl who isn't all she claims to be.

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s24e42 / Going Solo

10th Jul '10 - 8:50pm
Going Solo

Lenny goes against the orders he is given when he saves the life of a drugs trial patient. When Jordan jumps to a big conclusion, Zoe decides not to set him straight.

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s24e43 / I Am Mine

17th Jul '10 - 8:50pm
I Am Mine

Zoe continues to deceive Jordan about her pregnancy. When Lenny and Yuki take the law into their own hands there are some worrying consequences. An old face returns to the Emergency Department needing treatment.

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s24e44 / Making Other Plans

24th Jul '10 - 8:50pm
Making Other Plans

Adam ends up taking a huge step towards his recovery from Harry's death when he has a tense run in with psychopathic prisoner Jackson. Kirsty and Tess end up coming to verbal blows over the treatment of a patient.

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s24e45 / The Enemy Within

31st Jul '10 - 8:50pm
The Enemy Within

Lenny and Yuki compete against one another to get the JAFA scholarship. News of Zoe and Jordan's engagement is the main talking topic. DJ D-Ray is admitted to the hospital with a skin complain and Zoe discovers that he has vitiligo. D-Ray refuses to listen to the advise that Zoe gives him. Charlie discovers that Megan is dying and she is in a lot of pain. Megan asks Charlie to help her with her suffering.

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s24e46 / Nice and Easy Does It

7th Aug '10 - 8:50pm
Nice and Easy Does It

Having agreed to help Megan ease her suffering, Charlie is caught stealing drugs from the hospital by Tess. Megan becomes friends with her health care assistant, Lily, who confides to her that she is pregnant but doesn't know who the father is.
Charlie asks Megan what she would do it she had three wishes. Charlie tries to make her wishes come true with the help of some friends.

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s24e47 / What Tonight Means to Me (1)

14th Aug '10 - 8:50pm
What Tonight Means to Me (1)

A huge power cut plunges Holby into total darkness just as the drugs trial situation comes to a head. Jordan gets closer to discovering the truth about Zoe's pregnancy.

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s24e48 / What Tonight Means to Me (2)

21st Aug '10 - 8:50pm
What Tonight Means to Me (2)

Charlie is soon to become a grandfather. Jordan discovers the truth about Zoe's pregnancy. Adam's 40th birthday arrives at the end of a terrible year for him.

60 have watched this episode
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