Season 9

s09e01 / Blood's Thicker

17th Sep '94 - 8:50pm
Blood's Thicker

Family loyalties are stretched to breaking point when a young tearaway is forced to choose between saving his brother and freedom. And Charlie has a decision to make which will change his future â- and that of the department.

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s09e02 / First Impressions

24th Sep '94 - 8:50pm
First Impressions

Tensions run high in Holby as foot-ball fans gather for the Saturday match. For Kevin, a rookie policeman, the simple arrest of a drunk biker has tragic consequences. Meanwhile, a disabled young girl poses a challenge for new nurse Jude.

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s09e03 / Keeping It in the Family

1st Oct '94 - 8:50pm
Keeping It in the Family

The reason for Mike's agitation is revealed as his family have left him as Rachel finds herself attacked by a disturbed patient.

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s09e04 / Chasing the Dragon

8th Oct '94 - 8:50pm
Chasing the Dragon

Two homeless girls are drawn into a murky underworld. A woman who thinks she has the answers to her husband's collapse discovers that life is never that simple. Ash is put on the spot when Mike Barratt takes him into his confidence.

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s09e05 / Love and Affection

15th Oct '94 - 8:50pm
Love and Affection

Tragedy strikes when two sisters are determined to stop at nothing to see their idols. Charlie finds there's more to a seeming domestic abuse case than meets the eye.

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s09e06 / Negative Equity

22nd Oct '94 - 8:50pm
Negative Equity

A long-standing feud over territory explodes into violence, forcing a young man to make decisions about his future. Mike races to a shooting and swift action on his part saves the shot man's life. Dr Gordon is reluctant to tell a patient that she's dying. Mike and Rachel make a pleasant discovery about each other. Adam makes a breakthrough in his relationship with his ex-wife.

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s09e07 / A Breed Apart

29th Oct '94 - 8:50pm
A Breed Apart

As Mike pleads with his wife for a chance to see his kids, an anti-race march causes havoc in Holby.

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s09e08 / In the Black

5th Nov '94 - 8:50pm
In the Black

After Ash attacked Hitchen's in self defence, a complaint is made against him to the police as Josh finds himself trapped underground with a patient.

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s09e09 / Crossing the Line

12th Nov '94 - 8:50pm
Crossing the Line

Danny, a 10-yr-old boy, is shocked to find his father unconscious. Hospital staff learn that there is a skeleton in the family closet.

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s09e10 / Only the Lonely

19th Nov '94 - 8:50pm
Only the Lonely

Josh is back on the ambulances and has a new partner Liz Harker as Matt is found to having some trouble at home with his parents.

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s09e11 / The Facts of Life

10th Dec '94 - 8:50pm
The Facts of Life

Is Kate Wilson getting ideas above her station? She disagrees with consultant Mike Barratt over the diagnosis of a patient. Everyone is busy reading about Ash and his assault case in the local paper, including the personnel officer, who sends him home in disgrace in the middle of his shift.

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s09e12 / Under the Weather

17th Dec '94 - 8:50pm
Under the Weather

An adventure down the sewers for two young boys leads to a race through Holby for Liz and Josh. Matt has evidence that an A&E patient isn't the person she claims to be and Jude tries to solve the puzzle of an old soldier's recurring nightmare.

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s09e13 / Talking Turkey

24th Dec '94 - 8:50pm
Talking Turkey

Mike's dreading spending Christmas alone, but after Rachel's invitation, he might not have to. Meanwhile, the festivities give Charlie and Ash a chance to show some goodwill towards each other. But tidings of comfort and joy are absent for a girl who's brought in to casualty after being unhappyly sick by a railway line. Has she just had too much to drink, or is it something more serious.

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s09e14 / End of the Road

14th Jan '95 - 8:50pm
End of the Road

Jude finds herself embroiled in a suicide attempt. A teenage prank turns a birthday party into a tragic disaster. Mike owes Rachel an explanation, but her response takes him by surprise.

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s09e15 / Learning Curve

21st Jan '95 - 8:50pm
Learning Curve

The team uncovers the secret behind a young girl's mysterious collapse â- but what will her religious parents say when they learn the truth? Meanwhile, another youngster pushes his parents to the limit.

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s09e16 / Stitching the Surface

28th Jan '95 - 8:50pm
Stitching the Surface

Fearing the safety of his family, Matt decides not to give evidence for Ash as a 12 year old girl running away from home ends up in the department injured.

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s09e17 / Heartbreak Hotel

4th Feb '95 - 8:50pm
Heartbreak Hotel

There is trouble in store for Matt when his father is admitted following a row with his mother as a prisoner injured in a riot leaves the hospital to see his family.

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s09e18 / Trials and Tribulations

11th Feb '95 - 8:50pm
Trials and Tribulations

Ash's case finally comes to trial and Matt has an important decision to make. Jude's personal and professional lives collide when a young man with AIDS is rushed into casualty.

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s09e19 / Out of Time

18th Feb '95 - 8:50pm
Out of Time

It's Ash's first day back. Mike's plans for the future surprise Rachel. A cosmetic operation for a woman leaves her in need of emergency treatment, and a lorry driver and her baby are separated in unhappy circumstances.

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s09e20 / Branded

25th Feb '95 - 8:50pm

A new arrival of an old flame makes it a memorable shift for Charlie, while a woman's past leads to the destruction of another's future, and a young mother's children cause Eddie and Kate to disagree.

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s09e21 / Exiles

4th Mar '95 - 8:50pm

A hold-up in an off-licence goes badly wrong and a phone call from a desperate young girl poses problems for Charlie. A unhappy fight at an ice-hockey match leads to family recriminations. A mystery illness causes concern for Baz and Eddie, and Kate discovers Charlie's secret.

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s09e22 / Nobody's Perfect

11th Mar '95 - 8:50pm
Nobody's Perfect

Ignorance and fear lead to disaster for an air taxi company. A moral argument causes a family rift, and a body found in a skip gives the staff a few surprises.

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s09e23 / Not Waving but Drowning

18th Mar '95 - 8:50pm
Not Waving but Drowning

A father's desperate attempt to get closer to his daughter leads him to commit a crime which backfires. A surfing beach is turned into a battleground after chemical waste is dumped into the sea. Matt is attacked, and Charlie and Bas finally clear the air. Matt and Jude try to come to a new understanding.

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s09e24 / Duty of Care

25th Mar '95 - 8:50pm
Duty of Care

A patient with a grievance causes panic at Holby City and it is left to Baz to try and defuse a potentially explosive situation. An horrific injury on a farm poses problems for Josh and Liz when an old woman insists she does not want to be helped. And it's a day of reckoning for Charlie and Baz.

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