Season 17

s17e01 / Déjà Vu

14th Sep '02 - 8:50pm
Déjà Vu

Three months on, Nikki returns to work and finds the experience still haunts her and has to deal with a stabbing victim on her first shift. Jack is embarrased when she finds out about his spontaneous marriage proposal by her bedside. While taking his children out to the fair, Harry finds himself on-duty after a helicopter crash and is forced to deal with the injured as well as deal with his rebellious daughter. He feels guilty when he finds his heroic actions have infact cost lives. After being arrested, Lara is terrified for her future and looks to David's wife to verify her story in court.

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s17e02 / Protection

21st Sep '02 - 8:50pm

Lara begins her court trial and suffers flashbacks and the bad memories associated with her assault. New SHO locum Heather Lincoln arrives and doesn't go unnoticed by Simon, who gives her a guided tour â- Colette teases â??Does the tour include the cold showers-. Later Dillon unwittingly starts to undress in the staff room, unaware Heather is enjoying the view. Heather, is quick to forget about a drink with Simon after shift, and is about to proposition Dillon, when Simon walks in. Heather gets Duffy's back up by bluffing her way through a patient's case and getting Harry on her side â- and Duffy becomes more unhappy when her mother is brought in to the department, seriously ill with breast cancer. Finn is unhappy when he finds he is named in Comfort's divorce papers.

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s17e03 / Judgement Day

28th Sep '02 - 8:50pm
Judgement Day

It's the day of Lara's trial, but she's not feeling positive since Melanie Collier denied her husband raped her. Lara tries to convince the jury her act was self-defence. Lara is shocked, when they return their verdict. While Duffy is in court, her mother, Kate, is brought in after her condition worsens. Kate tells Charlie she wishes not to be resuscitated. Duffy is angered by Charlie's attempts at sympathy and finds a shoulder to cry on in new security guard Ryan. Dillon and Harry clash with Charlie over how to treat two sisters, who are found to be drug mules.

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s17e04 / Thicker than Water

5th Oct '02 - 8:50pm
Thicker than Water

Lara is sentenced to three years in prison as Nikki accepts a bravery award as Simon deals with a case involving a Jehovah's Witness.

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s17e05 / What Little Girls Are Made Of

12th Oct '02 - 8:50pm
What Little Girls Are Made Of

As Roxy struggles to cope as a single mother, Jack becomes jealous as Nikki's photo appears in the paper.

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s17e06 / What's Love Got to Do with It?

19th Oct '02 - 8:50pm
What's Love Got to Do with It?

Still struggling to cope and receiving little support, Roxy resorts to desperate measures as Dillon becomes involved with a young mum and baby.

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s17e07 / Ties That Bind

26th Oct '02 - 8:50pm
Ties That Bind

Roxy's daughter is rushed to hospital as Dillon works out what happened as Simon and Dillon struggle to work together.

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s17e08 / It's a Boy Thing

2nd Nov '02 - 8:50pm
It's a Boy Thing

Josh finds himself in the middle of a conflict between a father and his son; Anna tries to uncover the cause of a patient's illness; and Jack lies to Tony about their father.

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s17e09 / Innocence

9th Nov '02 - 8:50pm

Lara faces judgement day in the appeal court; a suspected overdose patient forces Roxy to confront ghosts from her past.

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s17e10 / Return of the Native

16th Nov '02 - 8:50pm
Return of the Native

It's Lara s first day back and when Heather's incompetence lands her in deep trouble, Simon and Dillon unite to seek revenge.

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s17e11 / Up to Your Neck in It

23rd Nov '02 - 8:50pm
Up to Your Neck in It

After attacking Nikki's photographer, Jack finds himself down the police station as a father kidnaps his son only for the car to drive into a lake.

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s17e12 / Gimme Shelter

30th Nov '02 - 8:50pm
Gimme Shelter

Lara realises how vulnerable the events of the past few months have left her. Meanwhile, Nikki is reprimanded for endangering a patient's life, but later redeems herself when called upon to deal with a little girl whose mother has been unhappyly cuddled

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s17e13 / Blame

7th Dec '02 - 8:50pm

Josh attends the scene of a car crash and finds himself in a similar situation when a father loses his wife and child with another seriously hurt as the officer who testified against Lara is brought in for treatment.

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s17e14 / Feuds and Fury

14th Dec '02 - 8:50pm
Feuds and Fury

A Christmas-tree thief chops off his own thumb and a farmer injures his leg while trying to catch him. Things don't look good for the thief's thumb and there's a valuable lesson to be learned about the care of severed digits. The plastic surgeon suggests replacing the thumb with a big toe. It's then revealed the bloke who nicked the tree is the brother-in-law of the farmer who has been brought in with the injured leg, and therein lies a 15-year family feud. Jack is forced to silence a victim of his father's empire when Eddie's gang confronts him. Lara spends an evening with Harry's kids, unaware of Beth's true feelings.

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s17e15 / Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love

21st Dec '02 - 8:50pm
Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love

Christmas Time sees an unhappy period for Josh and Colette as Josh delays going to the party to play Santa as Comfort and Fin are still on duty dealing with patients.

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s17e16 / Living for the Moment

28th Dec '02 - 8:50pm
Living for the Moment

Diane, a patient admitted early on, has Parkinson's but her symptoms are not consistent with that disease. Could the fact that her police inspector husband's been feeding her ecstasy tablets help explain her condition? Then what about the young man who woke up the night after the party with a cut on his head? Is he a clumsy drunk or just wasting valuable resources of the department? Having avoided her since the incident at the Christmas party, Simon finally admits to Colette that he wants nothing further from her. The question on everyone's mind is why did Colette ever marry Josh? Meanwhile, Roxy becomes extremely close to a male patient; and after Nikki catches Fin and Comfort kissing she uses the knowledge to her advantage.

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s17e17 / Friend or Foe

4th Jan '03 - 8:50pm
Friend or Foe

A runaway electric saw is brought to life by a naughty youth, who breaks into a shed. When it's blown up, the youth is not looking too good. Laura casts doubt on a young mother and Duffy sees a nursing colleague doing possibly the worst thing a person in nursing, could do. Also, Jack's dad gets what has been coming to him and there's a Mr Lambert who is still fighting the Korean War. Simon's flirtation with a new arrival infuriates Colette, and Josh seems blissfully unaware of his marital problems.

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s17e18 / Collision Course

11th Jan '03 - 8:50pm
Collision Course

Harry is determined to rid the department of time-wasters. But when a private patient is brought in suffering from post-operative complications, he wonders if he has been too quick to judge.

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s17e19 / Sins of the Father

18th Jan '03 - 8:50pm
Sins of the Father

Josh and Comfort stumble across a badly-injured Jack, while Dillon's Good Samaritan skills are put to use on a neglected teenager with learning difficulties. Meanwhile, Simon's new girlfriend, Jane, visits the department with a close friend suffering from a mystery illness.

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s17e20 / Spiteful God

25th Jan '03 - 8:50pm
Spiteful God

It's trying times for everyone in this episode. While Josh can't accept that he and Colette are history, receptionist Jack is having to do some dirty work for his gangster dad. Meanwhile, paramedic Fin's daughter Emma, is brought in to casualty with what looks like a nasty tummy bug. Fin is busy tending a young footballer with a broken leg and can't attend to her and she gets worse. Not the best time for Charlie to return and there's a further blow for him when Duffy announces she's leaving to get married and set up a business.

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s17e21 / Flight

1st Feb '03 - 8:50pm

Duffy's intended, Ryan, is obviously a wrong â??un and yet everybody is wishing her well as she leaves Holby to set up home and a business with him. Receptionist Jack's foray into his gangster dad's twilight world forces him to make a big decision. Elsewhere, Harry and Beth's relaxing sailing trip becomes a rescue mission when he spots another vessel in distress, which turns out to be packed with illegal immigrants from Kosovo. But not all of them are as helpless as they appearâ?¦ The police close in on Jack.

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s17e22 / Love Hurts

8th Feb '03 - 8:50pm
Love Hurts

It looks as if long-suffering Duffy's beautiful dream may turn into a nightmare, as security guard Ryan proves to be nothing like the perfect man she'd hoped for. Dillon and Colette take it upon themselves to fight it out for her old job, and clash over the treatment of a malnourished toddler. Meanwhile, things seem to be running rather more smoothly for Tony and Ben, who decide their evening together was perhaps more than just a non-night stand.

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s17e23 / Hitting Home (1)

15th Feb '03 - 8:50pm
Hitting Home (1)

Ryan is still AWOL with Duffy's money, and this week Duffy puts her house up for sale in order to get the moeny back. Fin and Comfort are called to a suspected break-in and attack, and at the hospital Lara is treating her. Lara is concerned about her and offers her the chance to talk, she doesn't take it up. Harry treats Anna's mum, who wants to meet boyfriend Merlin. Tony asks Ben to move in with him. Comfort tries to talk to the attackee(referred to as battered wife from now on) and tells her that she is always in the eyes of God. Colette maenwhile is doing a pregnancy test in the toilets, which comes out positive. It is Simon's baby.

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s17e24 / Hitting Home (2)

22nd Feb '03 - 8:50pm
Hitting Home (2)

The paramedics are called out to Sheila's house but are surprised to find it's her daughter-in-law Jenny who's in need of help, pushing Comfort into a confrontation. Has the family abuse gone full circle? Meanwhile, one of Jane's clients is rushed to Holby City with a suspected heart attack.

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s17e25 / Dire Straits

15th Mar '03 - 8:50pm
Dire Straits

Events take a tragic turn when Jeff tactlessly threatens a highly-strung man while on a call-out with Nikki, and the arrival of an attractive neurologist causes problems between Harry and Charlie.

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s17e26 / Fool for Love

8th Mar '03 - 8:50pm
Fool for Love

Josh, in his new job as duty officer, clashes with Finlay over the treatment of a heart attack patient, while a face from the past ruins Ben's plans for a romantic evening with Tony.

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s17e27 / Keep It in the Family

15th Mar '03 - 8:50pm
Keep It in the Family

After the death of an adopted patient, Merlin is compelled to search out his own birth parents, while Simon rushes Jane into casualty when she is diagnosed with a tumour, and Harry 's secret dinner date with Selina is interrupted when Tally crashes her car during a driving lesson with Beth.

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s17e28 / A Hard Day's Night

22nd Mar '03 - 8:50pm
A Hard Day's Night

Harry returns to work after the death of his wife; Simon takes an unprofessional interest in Jane's operation; when Colette is attacked by a patient's relative, she is forced to reveal her pregnancy.

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s17e29 / Side Effects

29th Mar '03 - 8:50pm
Side Effects

It's Harry's first day back at work after his wife's death, and he puts himself in danger after overstepping the mark. Meanwhile, Bex calls the police when he sees Jack sneak into the hospital to see Tony.

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s17e30 / An Act of God

5th Apr '03 - 8:50pm
An Act of God

With the power down and the ED in chaos, Harry takes drastic measures to save a patient. As Merlin looks forward to meeting his birth mother, she has second thoughts, and Duffy is in for a shock when a familiar face returns to Holby.

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s17e31 / The Point of No Return

12th Apr '03 - 8:50pm
The Point of No Return

Ryan returns and Duffy has to make a life-changing decision. Jack tries to persuade a reluctant Tony to accept Eddie's offer of a kidney, and Simon is shocked when Jane leaves hospital early and refuses to let him care for her. Meanwhile, Anna is devastated when her mum reveals the truth about Merlin.

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s17e32 / Stuck in the Middle with You

19th Apr '03 - 8:50pm
Stuck in the Middle with You

New paramedic Luke spends his first day at work trapped in a cellar with a young girl following a gas explosion, Harry's behaviour leads some members of the team to question whether he's returned to work too soon, and Anna's relationship with Merlin is put in jeopardy.

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s17e33 / Getting Through

26th Apr '03 - 8:50pm
Getting Through

While treating an injured man, Lara suddenly finds herself in a life-threatening situation, Merlin discovers a terrible secret about Anna but is unable to discuss it with her, and Jack is distraught when his father wakes up from his transplant operation suffering from septicaemia.

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s17e34 / Hurt the One You Love

3rd May '03 - 8:50pm
Hurt the One You Love

Anna tells a desperate Merlin that they can't be together, and Jack and Tony say their final goodbyes to Eddie as he succumbs to a post-operative infection. Meanwhile, Simon is heartbroken when Jane stakes a claim for her independence and leaves.

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s17e35 / An Accident Waiting to Happen

10th May '03 - 8:50pm
An Accident Waiting to Happen

On the day of Eddie's funeral, Jack is all emotional but Tony isn't showing much grief as Merlin informs Harry he is planning to resign.

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s17e36 / Out on a Limb

17th May '03 - 8:50pm
Out on a Limb

Jack has plans to propose to Nikki but the rest of the department learns this first as Fin finds himself in conflict with a doctor during a mountain rescue as Josh discovers the truth about Colette.

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s17e37 / Baby Blues

31st May '03 - 8:50pm
Baby Blues

Jack receives a warning from Vinnay demanding the money that Eddie owed him or else as Colette comes to a decision about her baby only to be rushed in after a nasty jolt.

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s17e38 / Last Man Standing

7th Jun '03 - 8:50pm
Last Man Standing

The team have a hug to deal with when a patient is found dead in the toilets as Jack and Nikki plan their honeymoon, Colette has to think about her own future.

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s17e39 / Three in a Bed

14th Jun '03 - 8:50pm
Three in a Bed

Josh and Nikki attend a car crash that happened in front of them leaving a young boy trapped as Simon arrives to assist as Jack becomes increasingly worried about Vinnay's threats.

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s17e40 / A Special Day

21st Jun '03 - 8:50pm
A Special Day

Niki is on her way to church with Dillion when the see a man lying on the road. Dillion gets out but the man shoots him and kidnaps Niki. He appears to be working for the man who Jack owes money to (don't know his name). Back at the reception everyone is waiting for Niki. Dillion is brought into the hospital starting a search for Niki. Jack gets a call from Niki's kidnapper saying that he wants all his money back, all £300,000 and Jack must bring it to him on a bridge. Jack only has £100,000 left. He tells Tony not to tell anyone. Jack pretends that he's stuck in traffic and manages to follow Niki's kidnapper back to a canal boat. Niki's kidnapper and another man are in the boat. Once the kidnapper leaves to go meet Jack on the bridge, Jack bursts into the boat but the man with the gun gets the upper hand. Back at the hotel Tony tells the police officers what is happening but only if he can go with them to find Jack. On the boat Jack tries to persuade the gunman to leave them and they

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