Season 25

s25e01 / Entry Wounds

4th Sep '10 - 8:50pm
Entry Wounds

Hasina Haque joins the cast as nurse Mads, who struggles to understand the stronger regional accents of her colleagues in her first job since leaving Pakistan, with serious repercussions. Two patients are admitted separately after being shot with ball bearings fired from an air rifle, but Noel's discovery of sinister footage on the internet suggests the two cases may be linked and more attacks are imminent. The incident comes to a head at Holby College, bringing terror into the heart of the fully stretched ED. Guest starring Michelle Collins (Rock Rivals), and featuring an appearance by Holby City actress Jaye Jacobs

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s25e02 / The Blame Game

11th Sep '10 - 8:50pm
The Blame Game

The ED is under attack from the Press and public following the college shooting, and Jordan bears the brunt of it. A war veteran and a boy are admitted with wounds caused by an explosion, but their actions lead to the hospital being evacuated, and Ruth eagerly awaits news regarding her application for a surgical job

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s25e03 / Chaos Theory

18th Sep '10 - 8:50pm
Chaos Theory

Jordan introduces a new rule which says that all patients should be in and out of the ED within two hours as he tries to turn the department around. The team aren't happy with the new rule though. Pupil Taz is rushed into the ED after falling from a school building and Zoe thinks he has taken LSD. After more pupils are reported with the same symptoms, head teacher Mrs Haines realises she has a serious problem on her hands. When Simone is brought back into the ED after falling down a flight of stairs, Kirsty believes that she could have deeper psychological issues. Her mother isn't happy with the diagnosis though and complains to Jordan about it.

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s25e04 / Only the Lonely

25th Sep '10 - 8:50pm
Only the Lonely

Jordan declares the Clinical Decisions Unit open for business, but the new system leaves Adam struggling to keep up - and some poor decision-making only adds to the chaos. Meanwhile, Yuki and Mads form an unlikely partnership and Edward tries to apologise to Ruth by taking her to dinner. Long-running medical drama, starring Michael French, Tristan Gemmill and Georgia Taylor

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s25e05 / Into the Fog

2nd Oct '10 - 8:50pm
Into the Fog

Cleaning duties are assigned to the staff in preparation for the impending inspection. However, a visit from Chrissie leaves Lenny distracted, resulting in his losing an elderly Alzheimer's patient and forgetting to tidy his designated area. His day deteriorates further when more negative press about the ED leads to a discovery about his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Yuki realises Adam has made an incorrect diagnosis. Guest starring David Calder (The Last Enemy) and Serena Evans (The Thin Blue Line)

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s25e06 / Eliminate the Negative

9th Oct '10 - 8:50pm
Eliminate the Negative

Jordan tries to improve public perceptions of the department, but Jeff is uncomfortable with the news that he will play a central role in the plans. As the pressure of being hailed a hero becomes too much to bear, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep his emotions under control. Meanwhile, Simone returns to the ward after collapsing in the park - giving her mother another opportunity to vent her anger at the staff, particularly Kirsty. Hospital drama, starring Michael French and Matt Bardock, with Michelle Collins (Rock Rivals) and Anna Carteret (Juliet Bravo)

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s25e07 / Reasons Unknown

16th Oct '10 - 8:50pm
Reasons Unknown

The senior members of staff attend the memorial service for those killed in the college attacks, leaving Ruth determined to prove she can adeptly manage the department in their absence. However, she struggles to cope when the teenager responsible for the shootings is brought into the hospital from prison, and the situation is complicated further by the admittance of victim Simone, who is forced to face her demons. Meanwhile, Kirsty and Adam's mutual attraction grows, and Jeff tries to come to terms with his feelings

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s25e08 / Employee of the Week

23rd Oct '10 - 8:50pm
Employee of the Week

Ruth is determined to prove she is the perfect candidate for the role of Jordan's deputy and sets out to win over the staff by implementing an employee of the week scheme, but her efforts are met with opposition. Charlie is left to care for his baby grand-daughter in the ED when Shona disappears, but his struggle to balance work with personal responsibilities has dire consequences. Meanwhile, Polly becomes frustrated with Jay's apprehension over making their relationship public. Starring Georgia Taylor and Derek Thompson

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s25e09 / No Place Like Home

30th Oct '10 - 8:50pm
No Place Like Home

Jordan attempts to rallies the troops as they have an inspection due any time in the next two weeks. Big Mac and Noel ends up theorising with Mads that the inspector might take the form of a "mystery shopper". Kirsty takes a tablet t help her sleep but she had mistaken the time and receives a call that she is due at work. Kirsty struggles to stay at work and after taking some more drugs she ends up collapsing.

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s25e10 / Hands On

6th Nov '10 - 8:50pm
Hands On

Jordan attempts to rally everyone as the day of the inspection arrives. Jordan ids a bit worried though when he recognises Charlotte, the inspector. Jay is concerned when his grandmother is admitted to the hospital as he he lied to her by telling her that he is a doctor. Jay is able to persuade Ruth to do a job swap and pretend she's a nurse but things don't go quite to plan. Ruth ends up realizing that she still cares for Jay but before she can tell him she sees him kissing Polly. Jordan ends up offering to resign but has a chance to prove himself and the teams worth.

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s25e11 / The Enemy Within

13th Nov '10 - 8:50pm
The Enemy Within

Ruth ends up learning a devastating secret about her husband. Warren's true colours end up being shown. Charlie learns the truth about what is going on between Ruth, Edward and James. Charlie attempts to console Ruth, but she is furious when she finds out that Charlie suspected something for a while and never said anything. When Henry tells her that cuts need to be made in the department, Ruth decides that she knows who should go.

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s25e12 / Guilty Secrets

20th Nov '10 - 8:50pm
Guilty Secrets

After being unable to pluck up the courage to confront Edward over his affair with James, Ruth heads off to work for her first day as Clinical Standards Manager. The team show her their displeasure over her treatment of Charlie. Neil and Lou, are brought into the hospital after Neil attacks Lou with a meat cleaver. Richard, who is a police officer and Lou's secret lover, shows up and ends up complicates matter further. Ruth and Charlie continue to remain at loggerheads. Ruth finally finds the courage to confront Edward about his homosexuality.

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s25e13 / Truth Will Out

27th Nov '10 - 8:50pm
Truth Will Out

Kirsty's husband and daughter are rushed into the department following a car crash but is Warren catching on about the tension between Adam & Kirsty? The ED is thrown into dissaray by a patient-flow advisor. Is Ruth about to give her marriage to Edward another chance?

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s25e14 / Grandiosity

4th Dec '10 - 8:50pm

Ruth remains relentless in her quest to further her career and she continues to undermine Zoe by revealing that she is the doctor with the highest mortality rates in the department. Mike is brought into the casualty department after being beaten up by a local gang leader and his father is worried that his Olympic dreams could be over. Jeff is back in action following his reinstatement. Ruth decides to organise a morale-boosting trip to the races, but is disappointed when only one person puts their name down to go.

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s25e15 / What Lies Beneath?

11th Dec '10 - 8:50pm
What Lies Beneath?

Lenny attempts to avoid having to give his sister bad news. Mads finds herself torn between the values of her old and new life. Joe shows up at the Emergency Department to see his son, Mike, who is recovering after being attacked by Karl and his gang. Jeff ends up taking the law into his own hands after Karl and his gang terrorise the ED and he sees a video of Joe being forced to eat dog faeces.

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s25e16 / Season of Goodwill

18th Dec '10 - 8:50pm
Season of Goodwill

Jordan returns and goes head to head with Ruth over her polices but will he be forced to put his ambitions on the back burner in order to keep her in line? Lenny and Yuki go to extreme lengths to find a donor for Lenny's sister but when Ruth finds out, Yuki takes the blame but then goes on to drop a bombshell.Warren's unhappy colours come back to the boil when he reads a text that Kirsty has sent to Adam.

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s25e17 / Winter Wonderland

27th Dec '10 - 8:50pm
Winter Wonderland

Ruth's sham marriage to Edward continues but when she and his lover James are forced to work together, they clash which to a very fatal drugs mishap. Kirsty continues to struggle to work with Adam but can she put her personal feelings to one side? Mads and Noel host a christmas party for all the patients in the ED.

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s25e18 / All the Time in the World

2nd Jan '11 - 8:50pm
All the Time in the World

Everyone prepares to see in the New Year except Jordan, who is getting ready for a meeting with Henry, After this driver fails to show up Jordan ends up driving even though he is banned and is involved in a serious accident. Ruth ends up loosing one of her patients at the New Year arrives. Jay attempts to comfort an upset Ruth. A former spy called Verity is admitted to the ED after meeting an old flame called Alexander and becoming sick straight after he left.

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s25e19 / Epiphany

8th Jan '11 - 8:50pm

Adam suspects Warren is being physically abusive toward Kirsty, and a tense confrontation between the two men leads to brutal consequences for her. Jordan is kidnapped at knife point and forced to treat a stab wound on Britney Carter, the cyclist who was injured in the car accident. Meanwhile, Tess tries to convince the others they should support Ruth following her difficulties with Edward.

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s25e20 / Altered States

15th Jan '11 - 8:50pm
Altered States

Ruth's fragmented memories of a drunken night point to the possibility she was raped, and she struggles to control the ED in Jordan's absence. The situation grows even more traumatic when a suspected victim of domestic abuse is admitted, and she recognises him as the man who may have attacked her. Meanwhile, a woman's attempts to stop her intoxicated father from driving end in disaster.

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s25e21 / Choose Your Illusion

22nd Jan '11 - 8:50pm
Choose Your Illusion

Ruth finally reaches her breaking point. Warren ends up crossing the line with Kirsty.

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s25e22 / A Lion Roars

29th Jan '11 - 8:50pm
A Lion Roars

The situation between Kirsty and Warren ends up coming to a shocking conclusion. The staff attempt to come to terms with what has happened to Ruth.

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s25e23 / Place of Safety

5th Feb '11 - 8:50pm
Place of Safety

Ruth finds herself sectioned in a specialist psychiatric unit after she refuses to talk to consultant Andrew Brookfield and she lashes out at Charlie. There are a series of flashbacks involving Ruth. Ruth ends up finding a bond with patient Jim.

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s25e24 / Duty of Care

12th Feb '11 - 8:50pm
Duty of Care

Jordan finds his authority being threatened when the hospital's Director of Surgery, Henrik Hanssen, shows up to check out work efficiencies. Mads finds herself being forced to make an official complaint about Lenny. A Royal princess ends up being brought in for treatment.

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s25e25 / 'Til Death Do Us Part

19th Feb '11 - 8:50pm
'Til Death Do Us Part

Warren wakes from his coma and his mother reveals Kirsty's infidelity, leading him to confront Adam about the affair, but the stress proves too much for him to handle. Jordan is reintroduced to former mentor Miriam Turner, the new joint clinical lead, who clashes with him over the treatment of a pregnant Jehovah's Witness, and Jay tries to charm an attractive patient, only for her to assume he is gay. Medical drama, starring Stephen Lord, Lucy Gaskell, Tristan Gemmill and Michael French.

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s25e26 / Boys Will Be Boys

26th Feb '11 - 8:50pm
Boys Will Be Boys

Kirsty and Adam both have to face some unwelcome inquiries from the police. Jay's preoccupation with his health ends up judging his judgment. Kirsty grows more concerned about Nita.

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s25e27 / Less than Zero

5th Mar '11 - 8:50pm
Less than Zero

After Nita runs away, Kirsty is worried and she's not the only one, as Jay also has to face up to his own problems.

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s25e28 / Only Human

12th Mar '11 - 8:50pm
Only Human

Jordan is interviewing for Ruth's replacement and Miriam thinks she knows just the person, but her old friend Dr Dylan Keogh seems reluctant to apply. However, when he hops onto a bus to come and meet her, it crashes, and he soon finds himself assisting in the ED. Jay's ultrasound reveals he has cancer, prompting him to admit defeat and tell his grandmother Maryam she is going into a home, and Ruth escapes from the psychiatric ward.

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s25e29 / Secrets and Lies

26th Mar '11 - 8:50pm
Secrets and Lies

The arrival of a drug trafficker and his sick girlfriend in the ED proves a welcome distraction for Jay, whose surgery is only hours away, while Mads mistakenly believes that Lenny has asked her out on a date. Miriam and Jordan's constant bickering forces Hanssen to admit there should only be one clinical lead, but his revelation that both doctors can apply for the position is an unwelcome one. Ben Turner stars.

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s25e30 / Just Because You're Paranoid

2nd Apr '11 - 8:50pm
Just Because You're Paranoid

Ruth is able to finally turn a corner with the assistance coming from a surprising area. Zoe and the team talk about the hospital's latest doctor, Dylan Keogh and Zoe is shocked to find put that he was standing behind her all along. Dylan manages to rub most of the team up the wrong way on his first day. After Dylan persists with a treatment, which he feels is the best thing for his patient, Zoe finds herself softening towards him.

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s25e31 / Starting Over

9th Apr '11 - 8:50pm
Starting Over

Jay struggles to cope with work as he returns from his operation, and when his grandmother is brought into the ED following a fall at her care home, he lashes out at the assistant he believes is responsible for the incident. Meanwhile, Polly decides she wants to become a counsellor, and Lenny realises the strength of his feelings for Mads. Ben Turner and Steve Miller star.

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s25e32 / A Real Shame

16th Apr '11 - 8:50pm
A Real Shame

The competition between Jordan and Miriam intensifies after it is revealed the board will take into account the candidates' appraisals when appointing a sole clinical lead. Meanwhile, Jay is apprehensive about opening his cancer test results and, following a phonecall from Charlie berating him for a lack of commitment to Ruth, he visits her in the psychiatric ward. Starring Ben Turner and Michael French.

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s25e33 / Before the Fall

23rd Apr '11 - 8:50pm
Before the Fall

The truth concerning Warren's death finally is revealed. Polly's efforts to help Hannah end up going disastrously wrong.

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s25e34 / Momentum

30th Apr '11 - 8:50pm

Polly's life ends up hanging in the balance after she is wounded after being embraced by Hannah. She is hidden in the basement. After Dylan is found by Hannah and she tires to explain he won't listen. As he has hidden his dog, Dervla, in the basement, he isn't keen on anyone go down there. After Polly fails to return his telephone calls and her phone is found in Hannah's cubicle, Dylan ends up confronting Hannah, who ends up pointing a knife at him. He ends up instructing Jay to go down into the basement.

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s25e35 / Deception

7th May '11 - 8:50pm

Jordan is forced to deal with the aftermath of Polly's death on his last shift as joint clinical lead, and the gang tries to hold things together for the sake of the patients. Meanwhile, Miriam is faced with the possibility of a family reconciliation when her eight-year-old step-grandson visits her in the hospital, and she realises she must choose between her loved ones and her job. Starring Michael French and Cheryl Campbell.

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s25e36 / A Quiet Life

21st May '11 - 8:50pm
A Quiet Life

An administration error sees the life of a young boy hanging in the balance and leads to Adam and Tess clashing but should they be pulling together in a time of crisis? Lenny is shocked when Mads reveals that she's engaged but when she and Lenny come close to kissing and she then hails a taxi, has she made a decision that she will regret? Ruth (with Charlie's support) makes a surprise return to the department but during all the chaos, will she fail at the first hurdle?

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s25e37 / When the Bough Breaks

28th May '11 - 8:50pm
When the Bough Breaks

Tess treats a teenage paitent who used to be friends with her son and when it is revealed that he cannot have a new liver due to his drinking Tess takes drastic action but when Henry finds out and forces her to take the blame for a another paitent death, she refuses and makes a stand against bureaucracy but will the rest of the department support her?

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s25e38 / The Gift of Life

4th Jun '11 - 8:50pm
The Gift of Life

Following Tess's depature the previous week Linda Andrews (Christine Tremarco) who is a friend of Adam's ex wife joins the overworked staff at the department. Mads is confronted by the man who forced himself on her in a taxi but will she report the incident to the police in the wake of his behaviour.

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s25e39 / One Good Day

11th Jun '11 - 8:50pm
One Good Day

Linda struggles to get the team on-side on her first as clinical nurse manager and she is shocked when her one night stand turns up at the hospital with a bombshell. Dylan returns to the hospital for the first time since Polly's death and ends up helping to solve a mysterious patient case.

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s25e40 / Keep On Running (1)

18th Jun '11 - 8:50pm
Keep On Running (1)

Adam is worried that he is becoming too detached from his patients and tries to give a patient with terminal cancer a dignified death at home but incurs Jordan's wrath in the process. Dixie has reservations when Jeff agrees to let Karl Fontayne shadow them and her fears soon prove correct when Karl's friend turns up at the ED and trouble soon brews.

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s25e41 / Keep On Running (2)

25th Jun '11 - 8:50pm
Keep On Running (2)

Ruth has an interview to determine whether she will be fully reinstated as a doctor, but despite appearing confident, she buckles under the pressure when a stroke victim is brought into the ED. A hung-over Linda clashes with Tess over management styles, and a run-in with a grieving patient prompts her to reassess her attitude. Meanwhile, Jeff continues to mentor troubled teen Karl despite everyone considering him a lost cause.

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s25e42 / Rogue

2nd Jul '11 - 8:50pm

Sex offender Matthew is brought into the hospital after being attacked former victim's father. Adam is tempted to help him when he says he wishes he was dead especially after a talk with Matthew's ashamed mother, Goldie. Mads is upset when she finds out that her new friend is the wife of her attacker.

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s25e43 / Divine Intervention

9th Jul '11 - 8:50pm
Divine Intervention

Brothers Michael and Daniel are due in court. Daniel is has asbestos poisoning and is dying, a condition brought on by working for the family business. Michael ends up taking action to stop Daniel from testifying. Dylan is fed up with the Clinical Decision Unit and wants more exciting and unusual problems to solve.

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s25e44 / Pascal's Wager

16th Jul '11 - 8:50pm
Pascal's Wager

A pharmacy that is run by Rachel and Mendel is being terrorised by a local heroin addict who is desperate for fixes for himself and his girlfriend. Mendel ends up standing up to the man and ends up being embraced. Rachel ends up adding a mysterious substance to the methadone with consequences that are revealed later. Dylan attempts to help street girl Becca by offering her a place to stay for the night. He ends up getting into serious trouble though after Jordan finds out that she's only 15.

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s25e45 / System Error

23rd Jul '11 - 8:50pm
System Error

Adam's moralistic attitude leads to him clashing with Kirsty which ends with the truth about Warren's abuse being revealed to the entire staff in the department. Jordan allows Ruth to return to the department on a probationary period but her first day is anything but easy.

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s25e46 / When You're Smiling

30th Jul '11 - 8:50pm
When You're Smiling

Adam finds himshelf under investigation from Jordan as his past medical errors finally begin to catch up with him after a paedophle is admitted into the hopsital. Mads helps to mend the rift between a father and son. Kirsty is given the courage to make a drastic decsion about her future by a patient.

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s25e47 / Thanks for Today

6th Aug '11 - 8:50pm
Thanks for Today

A major incident at the local Airport ends up seeing Mads finally finding the courage to face her demons. Adam shows Jordan what he's made of. Linda makes some decisions about her career.

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