Season 6

s06e01 / Humpty Dumpty

6th Sep '91 - 8:50pm
Humpty Dumpty

Charlie's back at work but still recovering from his accident, as Nurse Kelly Liddle starts her first day in casualty. Julian's first patient's back with an old knee injury because he won't do as he's told and is warned again he'll lose the use of his leg, if he doesn't rest it. His job soon makes rest an impossibility, as he receives a call to go to the aid of a group teenagers who have fallen down a cliff face. Beth faces a medical board for an interview to move into general practice but has second thoughts when Julian asks her to stay on. A terminally ill husband's wish is to die and she faces an ethical dilemma when the wife hands her his instructions to let him die, but when Karen, his daughter arrives shortly after he has passed on, she is accused of hug and questioned by the police. Julian and Duffy are called out to help in a dramatic mountain rescue but Terry has to have his foot amputated in order to free him and then he is taken to Holby and faces another operation. Th

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s06e02 / Judgement Day

13th Sep '91 - 8:50pm
Judgement Day

Megan's left and the hospital is under pressure due to staff shortages. Jimmy's lack of first-aid knowledge has disastrous consequences for his girlfriend's daughter Jenny, who's badly burned in a fire in the local market. Sally James, an old lady comes into casualty in a distressed state but when her daughter arrives she refuses to help. An athletics coach pushes Gina, his protégé too far and she makes the decision to pack it in for the sake of her health. A young WPC collapses and Beth is in court facing charges of negligence. The verdict is suicide but the victim's daughter is furious and is going to take matters further.

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s06e03 / Dangerous Games

20th Sep '91 - 8:50pm
Dangerous Games

When an unconscious young girl's admitted to the hospital's casualty unit, foul play's suspected by Duffy. The man with her later admits he picked her up and took her home for sex. They both show signs of carbon monoxide and she's a teenage runaway. Charlie shows more than a passing interest in Trish Barnes, a new member of staff. A father's outing with his two young children causes more problems with his ex-wife when their daughter is injured and a woman caught shop-lifting collapses but is distraught about her baby. Trish is called upon to help and when the police go to her home they find the baby has died. Beth discovers that she's going to be sued for negligence and is upset by Julian's lack of support.

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s06e04 / Hide and Seek

27th Sep '91 - 8:50pm
Hide and Seek

An old woman refuses to talk when examined and it causes problems for the staff. When frightened by a snake, she starts talking and the mystery's solved but Jimmy wonders if snake charming was in his job description, as he has to find it. Julian's promotion prospects suffer a set-back when he meets a rival for the new consultant's post and two children are in a serious condition after being trapped in an abandoned fridge. A man's heavy drinking results in him dying and Ash having to console the dead man's lady friend. Kelly's career goes from bad to worse. Trish Barnes and Charlie make a date.

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s06e05 / Joy Ride

4th Oct '91 - 8:50pm
Joy Ride

A young woman, due to be married soon, loses two fingers and ends up in casualty. Beth's worried about the negligence case and seeks advice from Julian. Duffy's love life may be going well but her relationship with Kelly is definitely on the rocks. Beth has to deal with a woman whose faking illness and calls on Trish for help. Two brothers are at odds over their failing business when one's injured and ends up in casualty. Three teenagers learn the hard way that joy-riding doesn't live up to its name. One's killed, one's seriously injured and the other's in a state of shock. A man found by police with a head wound is later suspected of killing a pawn broker.

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s06e06 / Something to Hide

11th Oct '91 - 8:50pm
Something to Hide

A young black kid arrives with his mates after a skateboard accident and cause havoc with their lingo and behaviour. When a bomb explodes in a suburban street and wounds a man, kills his dog, the wife finds the intended victim was a neighbour whose work involves experimenting on live animals. She's unaware that the woman injured, was responsible and Kelly questions Charlie and Duffy's judgement on patient confidentiality. A school teacher tells his girlfriend he's gay after being attacked in a known gay area and a worried mother is shocked to find her son could be suffering from MS.

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s06e07 / Beggars Can't Be Choosers

18th Oct '91 - 8:50pm
Beggars Can't Be Choosers

When a patient's sent home from casualty after treatment but later rushed back and admitted, an angry wife's furious at their action. A drug-pushing pensioner divides a family and wreaks havoc with a young boy's life. Beth's informed that negligence case is to being dropped through lack of money. Jimmy's decision to give up his first-aid course doesn't impress Charlie and Kelly's in trouble again. Duffy's suspicions of a woman with a baby are later proven when the real parents arrive. When things go missing, Norma finds an old lady brought in earlier is the culprit and there's a mixed reception over Julian becoming the new consultant.

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s06e08 / Living in Hope

25th Oct '91 - 8:50pm
Living in Hope

It's Peter's birthday and Paul's pressurising Duffy to leave nursing. Nicky Watson's unhappy boyfriend Steve, gives her a beating and Kelly tries to persuade her to leave him. Sarah, a young cyclist, injured in a road accident involving a lorry has to have an emergency amputation on her leg. There's emotional trauma for Kelly as she comes under pressure to give up nursing too. For career woman Stephanie Freeman there is little choice left. Two students smuggling heroin in by swallowing it and end up in casualty in a serious state and Julian is relishing his new role.

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s06e09 / Making the Break

1st Nov '91 - 8:50pm
Making the Break

A Nun comes in with a bloody nose and it's revealed later that another Nun hit her. The pressures of student nursing take their toll on Kelly. Meanwhile, Trish Barnes handles a harrowing case of a boy covered with bite marks and a mother's rushed to Holby after overdosing but dies. The young daughter waits for her father to arrive, who has to change his life if he doesn't want the same to happen to her. A blind woman's knocked over by a cyclist on the pavement and both end up in casualty, then she claims she can now see; is it a miracle, Julian doubts it.

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s06e10 / Sins of Omission

8th Nov '91 - 8:50pm
Sins of Omission

It's the day of Kelly's inter-mediate report but where is she? When news reaches the hospital of her suicide, Duffy feels partly to blame and it affects her work. The lift's out of action so Jimmy has to transport patients via the basement and finds a homeless man living there. An elderly woman with a heart problem comes into Holby and while waiting to see the consultant, dies. Two men involved in a crash on a racing circuit are taken to casualty where the wife of the man who caused the crash, has a hard time trying to get through to him. A young lad who's been living rough in London arrives covered in blood, causing problems for the staff. When Trish tries to get his mother to help she refuses because her husband doesn't get on with him.

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s06e11 / The Last Word

15th Nov '91 - 8:50pm
The Last Word

When attractive Staff Nurse Sandra Nicholl joins the Holby she has problems dealing with an HIV-positive patient, whilst Julian and Jimmy find themselves attractive to her. A reluctant bridegroom involved in a car accident has his fiancée looks to his best friend for an explanation and an anorexic dancer's rushed to the hospital. Julian has to perform an emergency operation and a little boy's rushed in unconscious and the team battle to save him. Lisa Duffin and Paul argue and split up.

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s06e12 / Pressure! What Pressure?

29th Nov '91 - 8:50pm
Pressure! What Pressure?

A battered wife arrives with her angry husband and he baits Beth when she tells him his wife's pregnant. Julian and Charlie clash over the ethics of organ donation when Beth raises the question. Julian tells a father his son's dead and asks permission to use his eyes. An overweight man ends up in casualty when taunted by local kids and a woman who likes the attention of hospitals, ends up with a real problem.

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s06e13 / Facing Up

6th Dec '91 - 8:50pm
Facing Up

Beth tries for a transfer and an accidental shooting leads to a family trauma when a little boy finds a gun, then accidentally shoots his grandmother. Two keen gardeners continue their feud in casualty and Charlie tries to make them see sense. Trish wants to pack up social work after being attacked and Ash's sister reveals family secrets.

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s06e14 / Allegiance

13th Dec '91 - 8:50pm

A scandal involving an MP has painful repercussions and a devoted partnership's tragically disrupted. Rumours abound about cutbacks, leaving the staff concerned about their jobs and an accident could mean the end of a rock star's career.

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s06e15 / Cascade

27th Feb '92 - 8:50pm

It's Beth's leaving party and Jimmy announces that he's also planning to leave for a job in the rag trade. News comes through that a plane full of holiday-makers is in trouble over the local airport and Beth's farewell party comes to an abrupt halt. The hospital's placed on standby and everyone rushes back to Holby as news arrives that the plane has crashed into a bridge.

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