Season 20

s20e01 / Holding On (1)

10th Sep '05 - 8:50pm
Holding On (1)

Bruno Jenkins starts work in the department and Maggie isn't that pleased to see him as the team deal with a building collapse full of asylum seekers plus Maggie's daughter Joanne.

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s20e02 / Holding On (2)

11th Sep '05 - 8:50pm
Holding On (2)

Tess is trapped under the rubble with more casualties and a firefighter as the building could collapse further as Jamie isn't pleased to learn his dad isn't dead like Maggie had told them.

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s20e03 / Deep Water

17th Sep '05 - 8:50pm
Deep Water

Woody treats a young boy but the arrival of his mother provides him with a shock as Harry gets ready to report Jas to the GMC.

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s20e04 / That's Amore

24th Sep '05 - 8:50pm
That's Amore

Checking Matt's records, Woody finds it is possible he could be his father as Ellen takes action when Will starts to ignore her calls as Selena returns home.

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s20e05 / Paper Moon

1st Oct '05 - 8:50pm
Paper Moon

Nina has a shock when her old girlfriend arrives wishing to spend her life with her as Harry encourages a patient of Jas' to report him.

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s20e06 / Sticks and Stones

8th Oct '05 - 8:50pm
Sticks and Stones

Abs gets a shock when Nina reveals that she was once a lesbian as Jas warns Guppy not to contact his family again as they disown him.

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s20e07 / All's Fair in Love and War

15th Oct '05 - 8:50pm
All's Fair in Love and War

Abs realises that Fleur is causing trouble unaware that she has drugged Tess as Josh tries to deal with a dead body found in the toilets as Nina realises she truly loves Abs.

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s20e08 / For Better or Worse

22nd Oct '05 - 8:50pm
For Better or Worse

Woody is in trouble as he takes Matt out in an ambulance only for him to disappear as the team battle to save the life of a young girl found in a freezer.

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s20e09 / Casualty @ Holby City: Crash and Burn

25th Oct '05 - 8:50pm
Casualty @ Holby City: Crash and Burn

Parts one and two of a two-hour "Casualty@Holby City" special aired in four parts over consecutive weeknights. For parts three and four, see Holby City S08E02.

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s20e10 / Big Bang Theory

5th Nov '05 - 8:50pm
Big Bang Theory

Bonfire night in Holby as a group of racist thugs target a family as Guppy tries to help as Josh's future is uncertain as the father of the boy he hit arrives to speak with him.

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s20e11 / Love and Duty

12th Nov '05 - 8:50pm
Love and Duty

Remembrance day sees the racist thugs causing more trouble as they return to the department as tension mounts between Josh and Woody over the schoolboy incident as Guppy tries to contact his father.

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s20e12 / Antisocial Behaviour

19th Nov '05 - 8:50pm
Antisocial Behaviour

Guppy reports his attack to the police but Abs doesn't come forward as a witness causing problems as Selena warns Harry about getting close with Ellen.

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s20e13 / Getting Involved

26th Nov '05 - 8:50pm
Getting Involved

Abs reveals to Nina that he witnessed Guppy's attack but won't be going to the police. Woody gets his DNA test results and a new arrival in the department makes an absent Harry very unpopular.

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s20e14 / Skin Deep

3rd Dec '05 - 8:50pm
Skin Deep

Guppy is horrified when Abs comes clean to him about witnessing the attack. A badly beaten Jas is brought to the hospital, a victim of Lee and the gang, and Harry is urged to operate. Bruno takes a backhander from an undertaker for recommending the firm to grieving relatives, then goes on to give an impassioned speech about patient care over bureaucracy.

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s20e15 / Enough's Enough

10th Dec '05 - 8:50pm
Enough's Enough

Abs tells an angry Nina he is going to testify against the racist gang, but this does little to placate her. Guppy is still reeling from the attack on his father and can't face taking the case any further. He decides to look at Jas's hospital records when he realises something is wrong, and is devastated at what he finds. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Harry returns from holiday.

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s20e16 / Do They Know It's Christmas?

17th Dec '05 - 8:50pm
Do They Know It's Christmas?

Guppy is elated when he visits his father and they begin to settle their differences. However, his world soon crumbles when a shocking request from Jas leaves him in an impossible position. Rumours about Nina being promiscuous ruin her chances of a reconciliation with Abs, and Harry tries to crack the whip with the staff, whose festive spirit leaves him out in the cold.

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s20e17 / Casualty at Holby City: Deny Thy Father

24th Dec '05 - 8:50pm
Casualty at Holby City: Deny Thy Father

Christmas time at Holby see Nick Jordan returning for a job interview only later to be involved in a motorway pile-up with other staff as Charlie returns but finds Louis is missing.

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s20e18 / Out of Your Depth

31st Dec '05 - 8:50pm
Out of Your Depth

Jas begs Guppy for help as his condition rapidly deteriorates. Tess uncovers Bruno's undertaker racket, and Harry realises Ellen's offer of support isn't all it seems. Nina agrees to get back with Abs provided the pair take things slowly and have some fun - but the nurse's impromptu rendition of the Full Monty backfires when most of the staff witness his raunchy routine.

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s20e19 / Poisoned Love

7th Jan '06 - 8:50pm
Poisoned Love

Jas desperately tries a different tack and asks his son to steal medicine to help him overdose, but as Guppy attempts to meet his request, a suspicious Abs follows his trail. Harry tries to cool off his relationship with Ellen, but a trip to the opera soon leads to a change of heart. Meanwhile, Bruno makes some easy cash by offering a patient travel jabs privately.

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s20e20 / Crossing the Line

14th Jan '06 - 8:50pm
Crossing the Line

As Jas becomes increasingly distressed by his condition, Guppy begs Harry to help him. However, the shocking news soon breaks that the invalid has taken matters into his own hands. Bruno's conscience is troubled when he realises his underhand dealings are fuelling a woman's drug dependency. Nina and Ellen help out at the scene of an accident.

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s20e21 / The Things You Do for Love

21st Jan '06 - 8:50pm
The Things You Do for Love

A visiting journalist watches Harry struggling to attend to Nathan's mother within the allocated time, leading to a mix-up with her treatment. Maggie warns Kelsey not to fall under Bruno's bad influence when he brags about receiving money for a course he didn't attend. Resentful of her meddling, he turns the tables and makes a recording for the roving reporter of her ranting about the four-hour rule.

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s20e22 / It's a Man Thing

28th Jan '06 - 8:50pm
It's a Man Thing

Maggie is left reeling when she is quoted verbatim in the Gazette and accused of speaking to the Press. Selena asks Harry out on a date, but Bruno sees Ellen getting out of his car and wastes no time spreading the news. However, the meddler is caught out himself when Kelsey sees him giving a woman Botox treatment.

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s20e23 / Trust in Me

4th Feb '06 - 8:50pm
Trust in Me

Ellen and Harry receive a call from a boy whose mother has gone into labour following a car crash. They attempt to help him deliver the baby himself - but tragedy strikes. Charlie's words of warning fall on deaf ears when he catches Bruno giving Kelsey her Botox, and an emotional Maggie tries to save a drug addict who has contracted hepatitis B.

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s20e24 / Out of the Past

11th Feb '06 - 8:50pm
Out of the Past

Bruno runs scared when a patient returns with an infection following one of his piercings and Charlie quizzes him about the illegal prescriptions. However, he wrestles with his conscience when he sees an ailing Mary being admitted for treatment. Harry refuses to believe Ellen is pregnant and accuses her of attention seeking, while Maggie's protestations of innocence fall on deaf ears.

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s20e25 / The Lost Boys

18th Feb '06 - 8:50pm
The Lost Boys

Sam shadows Luke and Nina in the ambulance as they head to a railway incident. He suddenly finds himself alone and taking instructions on his mobile phone as he tends a boy with a broken ankle. Nina pursues a dismissive Harry until he accepts the truth about Ellen's pregnancy, and Maggie takes advantage of Nathan's apology to ask if she can open a clinic.

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s20e26 / World's Apart

25th Feb '06 - 8:50pm
World's Apart

Harry wants to do the right thing by the baby and decides to propose to Ellen. On the opening day of the hepatitis B clinic, Maggie berates a woman for allowing her daughter to work as a prostitute. Sam is forced to put his dreams of becoming a paramedic on hold, prompting him to consider resigning.

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s20e27 / Nobody's Perfect

4th Mar '06 - 8:50pm
Nobody's Perfect

Selena considers resigning as police surgeon after failing to section an unstable woman who goes on to endanger the lives of those around her. Charlie distributes leaflets in the red-light district to help the failing hepatitis B clinic, but is arrested after being set up by a disapproving pimp.

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s20e28 / Heroes and Villains

11th Mar '06 - 8:50pm
Heroes and Villains

A panic-stricken Kelsey allows a patient to discharge herself, fearing she will spill the beans about their shared past. However, Luke becomes privy to her secret when the woman's condition is discovered to be life-threatening. Sam struggles to cope with the demands of his first day as an HCA.

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s20e29 / Family Matters

18th Mar '06 - 8:50pm
Family Matters

A distraught Ellen is dealt a double blow when she goes for her scan. Tess tells Sam she doesn't think he can handle his new job when he gets emotionally involved in a patient's plight. Meanwhile, Selena feels frustrated in her relationship with Nathan and contemplates calling it a day.

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s20e30 / Walk Before You Run

25th Mar '06 - 8:50pm
Walk Before You Run

Nina uses her Army training to rescue a marathon runner trapped in a bog, prompting the frustrated technician to set her sights on becoming a paramedic. A first-aider at the race asks Comfort out on a date. Ellen receives further bad news and Selena grows uncomfortable under Nathan's watchful eye.

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s20e31 / Going Under

1st Apr '06 - 8:50pm
Going Under

An optimistic Nina accompanies Ellen to her appointment with the specialist. Selena confides in Maggie as she becomes increasingly concerned about Nathan's preoccupation with her, and the pair sneak into his office, where they find incriminating CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Sam helps the new receptionist settle in.

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s20e32 / Blind Spots

8th Apr '06 - 8:50pm
Blind Spots

Ellen defiantly throws the letter about her chemotherapy session in the bin. She breaks down in front of a sympathetic Nina after lying to everyone about her test results. Luke lends money to a drug addict and takes him under his wing, much to the chagrin of Charlie, whose son Louis has an accident.

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s20e33 / First Impressions

15th Apr '06 - 8:50pm
First Impressions

Two trouble-makers fall through the roof of a hall while a charity football match takes place nearby. Referee Luke tends the boys and takes one of them under his wing when he spots his potential as a soccer player. Ellen struggles to hide her cancer, while Maggie gets a romantic email from a stranger.

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s20e34 / Lost and Found

22nd Apr '06 - 8:50pm
Lost and Found

Charlie's son Louis plays Cupid for his father, but his efforts are thwarted when Maggie's husband turns up with surprising news. Ellen confesses to Nina that her treatment isn't working and she needs a much stronger form of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Luke's soccer protege lets him down badly.

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s20e35 / No Way Back

29th Apr '06 - 8:50pm
No Way Back

Maggie tries to hide her anguish as she tells her children they have the chance to go to Malaysia for a year with their father. New receptionist Alice packs her bags after the four-week trial, doubtful she will be asked to stay on, and Nina catches Ellen off guard after trying to put on a brave face.

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s20e36 / A Problem Halved

6th May '06 - 8:50pm
A Problem Halved

Ellen begs Abs not to tell anyone the truth after he discovers her secret, while Luke is plagued by a series of hoax calls. Maggie feels upstaged by a rival bidding to win a new consultancy post and a woman who has miscarried continues to let her husband believe she is still pregnant.

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s20e37 / Secrets and Lies

13th May '06 - 8:50pm
Secrets and Lies

Ellen collapses in the street, and despite Tess's attempts to keep her hidden, Kelsey and Sam discover her secret. Harry gives Maggie advice on her interview, and warns her to watch her temper, while Luke arranges a football trial with Holby United for Sol.

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s20e38 / Target Man

27th May '06 - 8:50pm
Target Man

Luke and Comfort find themselves in the middle of a dangerous drugs deal after Sol calls begging them for help. Kelsey and Guppy argue when a patient asks for relationship advice, and Nathan annoys Maggie by talking about his preferred candidate for the consultant position.

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s20e39 / All at Sea

3rd Jun '06 - 8:50pm
All at Sea

Maggie arrives late for the consultant position interview when she is delayed treating a patient, and pulls no punches when asked about hospital quotas. Ellen returns to work, determined to prove she is well, and Kelsey ensures the arrival of a hen night proves hard work for Guppy.

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s20e40 / Abide with Me

10th Jun '06 - 8:50pm
Abide with Me

Greg Fallon arrives as Holby's newest paramedic and manages to stop a horse out of control as Maggie's first day as consultant is met with frostiness from Nathan.

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s20e41 / Silent Ties

17th Jun '06 - 8:50pm
Silent Ties

Selena returns to the hospital, and is annoyed to learn Maggie is no longer a consultant - and an associate specialist position has been advertised. Ellen tells Nina to move back home with Abs, and gives the pair a present to thank them for their support, while Kelsey tells her latest date she is an air stewardess.

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s20e42 / Needle

22nd Jul '06 - 8:50pm

Nathan announces Selena's promotion to associate specialist, leaving Maggie unsure how to react. Abs has reason to worry when Adrian comes in to complain about a breach of patient confidentiality, while Greg and Nina find treating a drug-user hard work when he persists in asking for morphine.

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s20e43 / Perfect Day

29th Jul '06 - 8:50pm
Perfect Day

Nathan embarks on a hunt to find out who failed to dispose of the needle that pricked him. A patient in the hepatitis B clinic tries to steal drugs, jeopardising Maggie's attempt to keep it open, while Nina and Kelsey make a bet on whether Greg is gay after discovering he wears mascara.

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s20e44 / Happy Hour

5th Aug '06 - 8:50pm
Happy Hour

Nathan is still angry about his injury, and accuses Sam of not properly disposing of the needle, suggesting his illness makes him unfit to work. The junior member of staff agrees to resign - until Charlie intervenes with a few home truths. Meanwhile, Nina steps in to help when Comfort is threatened by a drunken patient.

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s20e45 / The Truth Game

12th Aug '06 - 8:50pm
The Truth Game

Abs grows increasingly jealous of Greg's relationship with Nina, and is upset when his girlfriend organises a house party without telling him. A patient inspires Guppy to start living his life to the full, while Tess and Sam argue about Mike's return from hospital.

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s20e46 / Last Orders

19th Aug '06 - 8:50pm
Last Orders

Tess hits the bottle after Mike delivers devastating news, while Guppy worries he has lost his virginity when he wakes up with Kelsey after the house party. Nina breaks the rules to help a fisherman fulfil his friend's last wishes, and Ellen receives the results of her HCG test.

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s20e47 / Get What You Deserve

26th Aug '06 - 8:50pm
Get What You Deserve

When a young girl is mauled at a dog breeder's and exploding gas canisters create even more medical emergencies out on the farm, Nina defies her suspension and follows Josh to the fire to try to help the other paramedics. Her frustration results in a reckless attitude but will she save lives or jeopardise her own safety?
Nathan encourages everyone to make sure the department runs smoothly to impress the visiting Chief Executive. However, friction between Guppy and Harry regarding the treatment of an overweight patient shows the hospital in a bad light. Nathan ends the day feeling stressed and makes a shocking confession to Selena.

Meanwhile, Kelsey notices Alice's crush on Guppy and gives her a makeover for Ellen's party in the hope that the quiet doctor will notice the quiet receptionist. Will her plan work?

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