Season 36

s36e01 / Begin Again

14th Aug '21 - 9:00pm
Begin Again

Ethan is rushed into the ED, and a new face appears in the department, ready to exact revenge on those who have wronged her.

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s36e02 / Same Old, Same Old

21st Aug '21 - 9:00pm
Same Old, Same Old

Jacob reaches a turning point in his relationship with Tina. Ethan struggles to balance work, grief and being a single parent, and Teddy uncovers Jan's secret.

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s36e03 / Short Fuses

28th Aug '21 - 9:00pm
Short Fuses

A medical crisis brings Jan and Ffion together, and tensions between Matthew and Ethan finally come to a head.

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s36e04 / No Harm Done

4th Sep '21 - 9:00pm
No Harm Done

Tensions escalate between Tina and Jacob as outsider Iain gets an insight into their issues, and Jade lets Stevie in on an awful secret.

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s36e05 / The Road Less Travelled

18th Sep '21 - 9:00pm
The Road Less Travelled

A surprise reunion and an unexpected betrayal force Jade to question whether the ED is really the place for her.

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s36e06 / Warning Signs

2nd Oct '21 - 9:00pm
Warning Signs

Matthew's memories of his time in Africa begin to impact his work, while a chance encounter from his past forces Rash into a very difficult situation.

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s36e07 / Broken

9th Oct '21 - 9:00pm

When Tina returns to the ED, Jacob is forced to confront the reality of their relationship. Teddy attempts to welcome a new face into the paramedic family.

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s36e08 / Is the Patient Breathing?

23rd Oct '21 - 9:00pm
Is the Patient Breathing?

A day in the life of Holby's paramedics. Sah, Iain, Jan and Teddy contend with the realities of being on the front line.

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s36e09 / Two Tribes

30th Oct '21 - 9:00pm
Two Tribes

Desperate to help, Rash becomes further embroiled in the gang, and the consultants fight over the clinical lead job.

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s36e10 / Blinded

6th Nov '21 - 8:45pm

Stevie gains an unlikely friend, Jacob's denial threatens his job, and Robyn gets distracted by Paul's return to the ED.

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s36e11 / Two Minutes

6th Nov '21 - 9:25pm
Two Minutes

Stevie's grief fuels her rage towards Ethan, and Rash finds himself and his family in danger.

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s36e12 / Gasping for Air

20th Nov '21 - 9:00pm
Gasping for Air

Jan and Ffion are forced together in a terrifying hostage situation, and Stevie's job hangs in the balance.

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s36e13 / Retribution

27th Nov '21 - 9:00pm

Rash's life hangs in the balance when he is kidnapped, and Dylan fights to help a patient who struggled to advocate for herself.

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s36e14 / Remember Me, Part One

4th Dec '21 - 9:00pm
Remember Me, Part One

Christmas, 2020... As the team battle to keep the ED supplied with oxygen, a troubled patient from the past returns for revenge.

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s36e15 / Remember Me, Part Two

11th Dec '21 - 9:00pm
Remember Me, Part Two

Christmas, 2020... As Iain battles for his life, will Charlie recognise Laura in time?

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s36e16 / Handcuffs

8th Jan '22 - 9:00pm

New doctor Paige makes a dramatic first impression on the ED team, and Faith decides it's time to move on.

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s36e17 / She's My Baby

15th Jan '22 - 9:00pm
She's My Baby

Paige is determined to redeem herself on her first ED shift, while Dylan fights for Paula's right to keep her baby.

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s36e18 / Close Encounters

22nd Jan '22 - 9:00pm
Close Encounters

Stevie fears for her friend when Faith crosses a dangerous line. When Bodhi is taken ill, will Ethan be able to be the father his son needs?

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s36e19 / Delayed Reaction

29th Jan '22 - 9:00pm
Delayed Reaction

Faith and Stevie come to blows as Faith continues to spiral. Iain is shocked to find himself working with ex-lover Chrissie.

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s36e20 / Ena

5th Feb '22 - 9:00pm

Dylan rushes to Paula's aid when she goes into labour. Robyn makes a life-changing discovery.

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s36e21 / The Choice

12th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
The Choice

Robyn must come to a decision about her unexpected pregnancy, while Paige tries to change her bedside manner.

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s36e22 / On the Edge

19th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
On the Edge

Faith's world comes crashing down when Luka is targeted by a predator. Teddy encourages Sah to open up.

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s36e23 / Balancing the Books

26th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
Balancing the Books

An impossible medical dilemma reawakens past trauma for Matthew, while Marty worries that his relationship with Adi is moving too fast.

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s36e24 / Apron Strings

26th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
Apron Strings

Charlotte's classmate is brought into the ED in a critical condition, while Teddy is visited by his overbearing mum.

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s36e25 / Balancing the Scales

5th Mar '22 - 9:00pm
Balancing the Scales

Matthew struggles to suppress his past trauma, while Marty's relationship is put to the test.

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s36e26 / Now, I Can Breathe

12th Mar '22 - 9:00pm
Now, I Can Breathe

Iain risks everything to help a patient in a desperate situation, and Paul encourages Robyn to be bold.

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s36e27 / Break Your Heart

19th Mar '22 - 9:00pm
Break Your Heart

Teddy pushes himself to the limit to help a patient in need, while Marty grows suspicious of what Adi is hiding from him.

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s36e28 / Trigger

26th Mar '22 - 9:00pm

Stevie resorts to drastic measures when Matthew's symptoms worsen, and Paul faces the consequences of his actions.

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s36e29 / Judgement Call

2nd Apr '22 - 9:00pm
Judgement Call

Iain jeopardises his relationship with Chrissie when he tries to track down Keidi's sister. Dylan worries he's made the wrong decision by supporting Paula.

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s36e30 / I Will Trust in You

9th Apr '22 - 9:00pm
I Will Trust in You

Paula fights for custody of Ena in court, and Marty finally discovers Adi's secret.

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s36e31 / Friends Like These

16th Apr '22 - 9:00pm
Friends Like These

Teddy prepares to leave Holby, and Faith treats a colleague who could be useful to Stevie.

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s36e32 / Burning Love

23rd Apr '22 - 9:00pm
Burning Love

Matthew grapples with his PTSD, and Marty must come to terms with Adi's decision.

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s36e33 / Road to Nowhere

30th Apr '22 - 8:40pm
Road to Nowhere

Iain uncovers a dark case on his search to find Elvira, and Ollie is led astray by his classmates.

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s36e34 / First Date

30th Apr '22 - 9:20pm
First Date

Old wounds reopen when Ethan lands a date with a police officer.

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s36e35 / Dark Room

7th May '22 - 9:00pm
Dark Room

Sah comes face-to-face with a figure from their past, and David tries to win Ollie back onto his side.

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s36e36 / Found You

21st May '22 - 9:00pm
Found You

Iain puts his life on the line, and Paige grows closer to Rash.

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s36e37 / Never Alone

28th May '22 - 9:00pm
Never Alone

Paige and Rash try to hide their relationship from the ED, and David fights to save a patient from herself.

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s36e38 / By Any Means

11th Jun '22 - 9:00pm
By Any Means

Rash struggles to do the right thing for Paige, and Robyn steps up to help Marty and Adi with their surrogacy.

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s36e39 / Wednesday's Child

18th Jun '22 - 9:00pm
Wednesday's Child

David must come to terms with Ollie's dark choices, and a patient from Paul's past pushes him to be honest with Robyn.

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s36e40 / Blame Game

25th Jun '22 - 9:00pm
Blame Game

David struggles to come to terms with his son's actions, and Stevie clashes with a new colleague.

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s36e41 / One In, One Out

25th Jun '22 - 10:00pm
One In, One Out

Stevie struggles to control her emotions on Emma's birthday, while Sah has an unwelcome visitor.

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