Season 16

s16e01 / Holding the Baby

15th Sep '01 - 8:50pm
Holding the Baby

New Technician Nikki has a tough first shift when the ambulance she, Josh and Fin are driving is involved in a serious crash.

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s16e02 / Dirty Laundry

22nd Sep '01 - 8:50pm
Dirty Laundry

Following the crash, Josh, Fin and Nikki have provided differing accounts as Colette's daughter pays her another visit, now pregnant.

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s16e03 / All's Fair

29th Sep '01 - 8:50pm
All's Fair

Lara Stone starts work at Holby as Charlie reluctantly attends a supper as part of a dating agency as Max discovers Chloe is moonlighting.

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s16e04 / Crash Course

6th Oct '01 - 8:50pm
Crash Course

A tough shift has Nikki thinking whether she is up for the job as they deal with multiple casualties and is shocked at Comfort's differing approach.

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s16e05 / Bringing Up Baby

13th Oct '01 - 8:50pm
Bringing Up Baby

Patrick goes for a job interview for the role of consultant as a babysitter fears she will get the blame when bruises are found on the baby she looks after.

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s16e06 / White Lies

20th Oct '01 - 8:50pm
White Lies

Josh faces an inquest into the death of Danny Orfield after the accident as they all give evidence as Patrick isn't in a good mood after not getting the consultant's job.

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s16e07 / Facing the Future

27th Oct '01 - 8:50pm
Facing the Future

Colette tries to persuade Josh not to quit his job as he attends the funeral of Danny Orfield as Chloe struggles under the strain of doing two jobs.

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s16e08 / For My Next Trick

3rd Nov '01 - 8:50pm
For My Next Trick

Fireworks night in Holby isn't helped as a film crew is in the department as Max discovers a packet of drugs in Ben's jacket.

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s16e09 / Distant Elephants

10th Nov '01 - 8:50pm
Distant Elephants

When Comfort is left off duty after a stabbing, their boss Jeff returns to work only to cause trouble as Josh prepares to leave.

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s16e10 / It's a Family Affair

17th Nov '01 - 8:50pm
It's a Family Affair

Duffy gets a warm welcome when she returns to work and has to help after a young boy accidentally shoots his mother as Ben tries to blackmail Max into giving him morphine.

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s16e11 / The Morning After

24th Nov '01 - 8:50pm
The Morning After

Max's career is on the line when Ben is brought in following a heroin overdose as Jack's brother helps save Spencer when he is attacked by an irate man.

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s16e12 / Best Intentions

1st Dec '01 - 8:50pm
Best Intentions

Whilst Ben is admitted to a clinic to treat his drug addiction, things are over between Max and Amanda as Jan wants to see him as Spencer ends up collapsing at work.

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s16e13 / Someone to Watch over Me

8th Dec '01 - 8:50pm
Someone to Watch over Me

Beaten up after standing in for Chloe, Anna arrives for work only to collapse as Dillon does his best to help a suicidal medical student.

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s16e14 / Happily Ever After

15th Dec '01 - 8:50pm
Happily Ever After

Josh and Colette are preparing to get married when Colette's daughter shows up only to go into labour as Anna receives a visit from Jason warning her not to go to the police.

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s16e15 / Life and Soul

22nd Dec '01 - 8:50pm
Life and Soul

Rachel is brought in after getting beaten up trying to prevent a mugging as Josh and Colette's attempts to get married don't go according to plan.

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s16e16 / Consequences

26th Dec '01 - 8:50pm

Rachel goes to sort out a fight but they attack her. She is brought into A&E and Patrick, who is having an affair with her, is put in charge of her. Then her husband Greg turns up.

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s16e17 / Playing with Fire

29th Dec '01 - 8:50pm
Playing with Fire

Patrick is found nearly frozen in the woods after being attacked by Rachel's husband as Anna returns to work after recovering from her injuries only for Philippa to shout at her.

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s16e18 / Checking In, Checking Out

5th Jan '02 - 8:50pm
Checking In, Checking Out

Chloe gets a shock when Jason arrives at the hospital planning to free his brother who is in prison as Anna asks Tony out on a date only to learn that he is gay.

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s16e19 / Blowing the Whistle

12th Jan '02 - 8:50pm
Blowing the Whistle

Chloe and Tony feel the presence of the police as they interview Lewis' escape, convinced someone inside the department helped as Max faces the disciplinary hearing.

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s16e20 / You're Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance

19th Jan '02 - 8:50pm
You're Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance

Needing to escape the department for a while, Chloe joins the paramedics but most of their cases require police involvement as Comfort considers turning her into the police.

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s16e21 / Only the Lonely

26th Jan '02 - 8:50pm
Only the Lonely

Nikki becomes concerned for Jack when she discovers he has a lump as Max returns to work and makes it clear he is taking no prisoners.

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s16e22 / In the Heat of the Night

2nd Feb '02 - 8:50pm
In the Heat of the Night

With the boiler packed up, it becomes a hot night in the department as Lara and Patrick flirt with each other as Jack is persuaded to seek help.

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s16e23 / Acceptance

9th Feb '02 - 8:50pm

Jack finds himself reluctant to have the operation needed to remove his lump and ends up shouting at his friends as the team have to deal with two teenagers causing trouble in the department.

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s16e24 / Nobody's Perfect

16th Feb '02 - 8:50pm
Nobody's Perfect

With Jack about to go under the knife, Spencer is shocked when his daughter Gilly arrives to take over as outside the department, a fete is taking place.

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s16e25 / What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

23rd Feb '02 - 8:50pm
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Comfort's husband Rob causes problems when he is found to be tailgating the ambulance as Gilly winds Nikki up after Jack dumped her.

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s16e26 / Life Incognito

2nd Mar '02 - 8:50pm
Life Incognito

The team have trouble on their hands when a group of lads walk into the department only to steal a few handbags as Anna spots Gilly dealing drugs in the hospital toilet.

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s16e27 / You Can't Take Them All Home with You

9th Mar '02 - 8:50pm
You Can't Take Them All Home with You

Another day in A&E and things are hotting up between Lara and Patrick - even the bump Lara gives Patrick's car can't dent his feelings for her.

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s16e28 / Past, Present, Future

16th Mar '02 - 8:50pm
Past, Present, Future

This episode starts off in the flat, where Patrick is trying to persuade Lara to move and come in live with him. She says no. Patrick sets off for his interview. Meanwhile, a driver on the road had fallen asleep in his car and all his notes had gone over the road. He gets out and goes to pick them all up. A mini bus with kids in, sees him and crashes. Patrick then crashes into some bushes, to avoid the man. He is ok and gets out of his car, to go and see if the kids in the mini bus are ok. The man is still on the road collecting his papers, causing a lorry to hit the mini bus, which pushes it down into a ditch, trapping the occupants. Meanwhile, there is now a big pile up on the road, one of the vehicles being a petrol tanker, which has sprung a leak. Comfort and the other Ambulance Driver get there and realise that loads of people are going to get killed because it won't be long before a car could catch fire. So the Male Ambulance Driver drives it away, but a fire starts up and Com

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s16e29 / Memories

23rd Mar '02 - 8:50pm

The staff of A&E are gathered at the crematorium to listen to Max's eulogy for Patrick. The only notable absentee is a red-eyed Lara who's getting ready for her shift. When questioned later she declares that she prefers the land of the living and that's the way Patrick would have wanted it. And it's all change in the department too. Unbeknown to Lara, Patrick's temporary replacement - Dr Simon Kaminski - has arrived. He's already made his mark on the department - by being sick outside A&E!

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s16e30 / Hearts and Minds

30th Mar '02 - 8:50pm
Hearts and Minds

When Gilly's friend is brought in after a drug overdose, Anna tries to convince Spencer to report her as Comfort and Fin have trouble when youths steal some of their equipment.

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s16e31 / Dominoes

6th Apr '02 - 8:50pm

A distraught Comfort is finding it difficult to cope with the guilt about her relationship with Fin. She tries going to church to confess her sins but runs out unable to carry on. The day gets worse when she finds out she's been teamed with Fin. He says he's been trying to call her but she's unwilling to talk. She can't see beyond her guilt but Fin is adamant that there's clearly something between them that she just can't ignore.

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s16e32 / Waving Not Drowning

13th Apr '02 - 8:50pm
Waving Not Drowning

Roxanne Bird's first shift as the new student nurse is a hectic one as the Norwalk virus continues to cause trouble as the hospital remains open despite the objections of Max and Charlie.

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s16e33 / Big Rocks and Very Hard Places

20th Apr '02 - 8:50pm
Big Rocks and Very Hard Places

The closure of the department continues to cause more trouble with ambulances queuing outside as team battle to save the life of an MP's son.

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s16e34 / Scapegoat

27th Apr '02 - 8:50pm

Following the death of Danny Walker in the ED, Jan fears she may become a scapegoat as Claire informs Simon she is worried about marrying his brother.

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s16e35 / Too Close for Comfort

4th May '02 - 8:50pm
Too Close for Comfort

On his day off, Fin finds himself trapped down a hole near a construction site as Comfort has to chose between him and her husband as bets are made on whether Jan will resign or not.

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s16e36 / The Sting

18th May '02 - 8:50pm
The Sting

Max isn't happy that the press got wind of his helping Ben with his heroin addiction as Roxy's boyfriend is accused of stealing Nikki's money.

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s16e37 / Denial

8th Jun '02 - 8:50pm

Harry Harper starts work at Holby taking over for Max after he resigned as Lara becomes concerned that a police officer may have raped his own wife.

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s16e38 / Taking It All Back to the Streets

15th Jun '02 - 8:50pm
Taking It All Back to the Streets

The team have to deal with a shooting that brings many casualties in as David Collier investigates as Lara and Simon await to see who will become the new medical registrar.

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s16e39 / Broken Hearts

22nd Jun '02 - 8:50pm
Broken Hearts

After attacking David Collier in defence, he is rushed to hospital as Lara is interviewed by the police as Nikki's appraisal by Josh leaves her thinking about leaving the job.

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s16e40 / Code Red

29th Jun '02 - 8:50pm
Code Red

In the previous episode Niki and Josh have had an argument and Josh has told her that she does not use her initiative so Niki is very angry with Josh. The episode starts with Niki and Fin sitting in the ambulance with Niki doing an impression of Josh. Although Fin laughs at it, he tells her that she has gone far enough and to stop. Niki says Josh is a prat but Fin disagrees and explains that all Josh wants is the best for her and to use her initiative.

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