Season 29

s29e01 / Learning to Fly

30th Aug '14 - 8:50pm
Learning to Fly

Jeff discovers that Samantha has been keeping a big secret from him when he comes face to face with her husband. Although the paramedic protests his innocence, the two men soon come to blows, with Samantha caught in the middle - but then someone grabs a kitchen knife. Meanwhile, Max helps a young couple stand up to their families, who don't want them to be together, and Charlie returns to work, although it's clear he's not firing on all cylinders

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s29e02 / Fallen Stars

6th Sep '14 - 8:50pm
Fallen Stars

Rita loses her temper with a patient when she turns out to be dishonest, Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV and Max convinces a rock legend to come clean. Hospital drama, starring Chloe Howman, Richard Winsor and Jamie Davis as the emergency medical staff

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s29e03 / Home

20th Sep '14 - 8:50pm

Connie's old boss Andrea returns to the ED as the specialist doctor to a young heart patient, and her insistence that the boy should be operated on, despite his obvious weakness, makes Connie suspicious of her motives. A young man sneaks into the department, deeply distressed by a huge abscess in his mouth, and Lofty becomes concerned for his mental health. Dixie's nose is put out of joint by Tamzin and Jeff's relationship, claiming she doesn't trust Tamzin - but is it just jealousy? Ash visits Rita at home and ends up covering for her at work, while Charlie gets a day off - which he spends hanging around the ED.

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s29e04 / Go Out and Get Busy

27th Sep '14 - 8:50pm
Go Out and Get Busy

A wedding ends in disaster when the floor collapses, and as Robyn and Ethan assist the paramedics, it seems the only way of freeing the trapped bride is to amputate her leg. Back at the hospital, Max struggles to win over a teenage girl who has been brought in with severe abdominal pains, while Lofty grows suspicious when a woman treated for minor injuries later returns with bad facial wounds. Is she a victim of domestic abuse?

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s29e05 / Born Lucky

4th Oct '14 - 8:50pm
Born Lucky

Connie celebrates the department hitting its targets by taking a few select members of her team out for the day. However, the medics soon lose their way, and as they focus on maps and sat-navs, minibus driver Ethan takes his eye off the road for one second too long - leading to a horrifying collision. Connie manages to get to her phone, but will the ambulance be in time to save her and the others? Back at Holby, as Jeff's relationship with Tamzin takes another step, he finally makes it clear to Dixie where she stands, while Cal faces embarrassment when two old flames turn up at the hospital

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s29e06 / The Last Call

11th Oct '14 - 8:50pm
The Last Call

A couple of old faces return to Holby as the team gathers for the funeral, on an emotional day that proves draining for most. Ash can't help but feel guilty about his colleague's death, Dixie throws herself into work and Cal worries when Ethan disappears from his hospital bed to attend the funeral. Meanwhile, Lofty treats an OCD sufferer and a new member of staff makes an impression on Noel. Chelsee Healey joins the cast

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s29e07 / The Index Case

18th Oct '14 - 8:50pm
The Index Case

A man dies from a mysterious injury, leaving Connie wondering whether she missed something. Cal and Ethan discover a rare virus that connects two patients. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, George Rainsford and Richard Winsor as the emergency medics

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s29e08 / Return to Sender

25th Oct '14 - 8:50pm
Return to Sender

Connie has a complaint made against her, while Dixie continues to rage about Jeff - causing ripples through the department and a confrontation with Ash, who still feels guilty about his colleague's death. Lofty treats a boy who is sick of being stopped and searched, and Zoe makes a welcome return - and brings an extra surprise with her

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s29e09 / Entrenched

1st Nov '14 - 8:50pm

It's football derby day in Holby and the fans are getting in the mood with a few pints in the pub - and before long a fight breaks out, requiring the paramedics to be called out. The ED staff are kept on their toes, however, when the violence spills over into the hospital corridors. Meanwhile, a young woman injured at the pub is hiding something from her fiance, Ash struggles to cope under pressure and Dixie continues to grieve for Jeff. Rita's promotion is announced to the team, and Mac makes a decision about his career.

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s29e10 / Deadfall

15th Nov '14 - 8:50pm

A suspicious death leads Lily on a hug mystery investigation that nearly costs her life.

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s29e11 / Asylum

22nd Nov '14 - 8:50pm

An asylum seeker is admitted after a fall but when she refuses life-saving surgery because of her religious beliefs, Ash becomes increasingly frustrated in his attempts to convince the patient to change her mind. Big Mac experiences his first day as a health care assistant, and tries to help a Burmese man reunite with the daughter he hasn't seen since she was a young girl, and Ethan has trouble diagnosing a teenager who is convinced she has cancer like her mum - so Dylan steps in to help

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s29e12 / Losing Grip

29th Nov '14 - 8:50pm
Losing Grip

Ash is angered by a patient's lifestyle choice, Big Mac treats an old lady who seems confused after foiling a robbery on a shop and Ethan has a breakthrough. Connie is forced to bring her daughter into work

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s29e13 / Feeling Good

6th Dec '14 - 8:50pm
Feeling Good

Ash and Dylan are unable to agree about how to treat a suspected overdose. Cal helps a patient with a large abscess whilst Zoe becomes annoyed after Cal flirts with her patient.

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s29e14 / Solomon's Song

13th Dec '14 - 8:50pm
Solomon's Song

Honey reveals a shocking secret which rocks Noel's world. Ash, Charlie, Dixie and Iain attend a call-out to a cathedral when a chandelier collapses leaving the congregation crushed under rubble. Lily treats a man who is insistent he is Jesus. Connie and Grace's relationship strains as Connie continues to prioritise patients over her own daughter.

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s29e15 / Next Year's Words

3rd Jan '15 - 8:50pm
Next Year's Words

Connie continues to fail with coping with her daughter and her problems escalate when news of the video footage reaches her and she accuses Zoe. Charlie criticises Connie's manner with a struggling young mother and goes on to provide the help she needs. Honey and Noel make some progress in their fledgling relationship of daughter and father.

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s29e16 / Clinging On

10th Jan '15 - 8:50pm
Clinging On

Tess hands in her resignation as clinical nurse manager, prompting Lofty to convince Rita to apply for the new position. Connie is shocked to discover the video footage has leaked online. She faces further heartbreak as Grace reveals she wants to live with her grandmother instead. Zoe treats a male who has fallen through a shed roof, but his symptoms show he has scurvy.

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s29e17 / Muddling Through

17th Jan '15 - 8:50pm
Muddling Through

Connie struggles without Grace, and the day of Hailey Blake's court case arrives. Connie throws herself into work and treats a hallucinating patient who, upon taking LSD, jumped seven metres from a shopping centre into a ball pit below. As Ethan discovers a mysterious scar on her lower abdomen, he becomes suspicious and investigates further. Zoe treats Hailey after she suffers a panic attack outside the ED, and after later conversing with Connie, they reach the conclusion to not go any further with their court case. Robyn decides she needs to become more helpful, so sets up a food bank.

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s29e18 / The Last Goodbye

24th Jan '15 - 8:50pm
The Last Goodbye

Rita's first day as Clinical Nurse Manager gets off to a bad start when her disgraced husband Mark turns up to talk to her, having been released from prison. When Connie's daughter Grace is reported missing, Connie accuses the ex-con of abduction. Honey hurts her ankle while re-auditioning at the pole-dancing club, and to keep things discreet she calls on Ethan to help, while Lofty deals with a patient who thinks her child is being abused.

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s29e19 / What a Difference a Day Makes

31st Jan '15 - 8:50pm
What a Difference a Day Makes

A single father and his two teenage children are brought in after a car crash, but the dad only seems concerned about his daughter, leaving his son feeling neglected. Big Mac's money worries lead him to a pawn shop - where he encounters a window cleaner who appears to have been embraced - and a man is admitted with abdominal pain, although the doctors become suspicious when they can find nothing wrong with the patient. A determined Connie throws herself into work after losing Grace, Tess returns to the department and Honey is upset when Ethan gives her the cold shoulder - especially after they had been getting so close.

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s29e20 / Front Line

7th Feb '15 - 8:50pm
Front Line

Rita fights for a soldier, Robyn sees that even good deeds have consequences and Lofty confronts his fears. It's inspection day, what could possibly go wrong?

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s29e21 / Sweetie

14th Feb '15 - 8:50pm

Connie suggests that Dylan applies for the vacancy of Consultant as the team's professionalism is tested by a criminal.

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s29e22 / Sweet Little Lies

21st Feb '15 - 8:50pm
Sweet Little Lies

A teenager struggles to accept that she is in need of help as Dylan and Lofty help a patient who has a big secret.

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s29e23 / Something to Live For

28th Feb '15 - 8:50pm
Something to Live For

Dixie convinces former drug addict Dave not to give up on himself, or his relationship with his father and son after an accident involving his caravan exposes drugs in a cupboard. Connie finds a friend in Alfred, a patient suffering from motor neurone disease who used to be a surgeon, and discovers he is finding life unbearable in a care home. Zoe and Max continue their secret fling, but the porter decides he wants everything out in the open and gives Zoe till the end of the shift to come up with a reason to stay private.

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s29e24 / Excess Baggage

7th Mar '15 - 8:50pm
Excess Baggage

Lily faints while on a shift, treating a man with an arrow stuck in his rear. Later, when Dylan offers to give Lily a taxi she denies the offer and decides to rides her moped home instead. Overtired, she falls asleep while driving. Meanwhile Amy Hills, an air hostess, is knocked unconscious by falling hand luggage on a plane. Lily's husband resorts to drug taking and collapses, sweaty, in the emergency department. Connie is furious at Rita after a meeting between the two results in Connie missing her farewell to Alfred.

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s29e25 / Toxic Relationships

14th Mar '15 - 8:50pm
Toxic Relationships

Due to having worked excessive hours, Lily falls asleep on her moped while driving home. In a blur, she crashes into a schoolgirl. When she is later interrogated by the schoolgirl's father she admits she was overtired, so the father angrily blames Connie and Lily. However, Lily is in the clear, as the schoolgirl later admits that she deliberately stepped out in front of Lily's moped to stop her father from going on a business trip abroad. Rita decides that enough is enough and tells the nurses to work to rule by doing only what is in their job descriptions instead of letting senior staff make them do porter's work and suchlike. A mother and baby are admitted, and when amphetamines are found in their blood the staff become concerned, but it is later found that a man was making methamphetamine in the flat below and letting drug vapour rise upstairs. He is later admitted to the hospital after his meth lab explodes.

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s29e26 / The Road Not Taken

28th Mar '15 - 8:50pm
The Road Not Taken

Zoe's day starts with a video call from Maggie. Zoe is then torn between treating a six-year-old girl who was run over by her father or a pregnant woman fearing her baby is coming. She prioritises the six-year-old girl; but she dies. Then, on the way home the pregnant woman suffers contractions, causing her ex-boyfriend to be distracted resulting in a car crash. When they return to the hospital, Zoe must choose whether to perform a caesarian or REBOA - she picks the REBOA, however both the mother and baby die. However Zoe then wonders what the outcome would be if she retook her day. Zoe retakes her day, this time prioritising the pregnant woman. The six-year-old girl dies. On the way home the pregnant woman is again involved in a car crash and is admitted again; however this time she performs a caesarian. The baby survives but the mother dies. Zoe then gets up half an hour earlier: this time everything goes right - the six-year-old survives, and so does the mother and baby.

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s29e27 / Something Borrowed, Something Blue

4th Apr '15 - 8:50pm
Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Connie continues to help her friend Alfred, who has motor neurone disease, and gives him special treatment. But as his condition deteriorates, she is placed in a quandary when he asks her to help him die. A former heroin addict lies about his past to protect his future wife, little realising the danger he is putting himself in, while a young woman is brought in after deliberately crashing her car to claim on the insurance. Ethan discovers that Cal stole his money, Taylor disappears and Iain applies for a new job.

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s29e28 / Under Pressure

11th Apr '15 - 8:50pm
Under Pressure

A pregnant young woman gives birth in the back of Dixie's ambulance - but when her pushy teacher arrives at the hospital claiming to be adopting the baby, Connie suspects the confused new mum was coerced into the agreement. A schoolboy takes revenge on the bully who is making his life a misery, although it backfires when both his tormentor and his teacher are badly injured. Cal is hurting following Taylor's disappearance and apologises to Ethan for stealing his money

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s29e29 / The King's Crossing

18th Apr '15 - 8:50pm
The King's Crossing

A construction worker outside the hospital loses control of his digger, taking out the power in the ED and half-burying a young woman - who just happens to be his own daughter who had come to see him. Alfred is rushed in with pneumonia and when Connie insists the team don't intervene, Rita becomes suspicious. Cal receives a phone call from a distressed Taylor and finds her in a public toilet with a knife in her leg, having got mixed up with the wrong people. It's a bad wound and she is refusing to go to hospital, so he realises he needs Ethan's help. But things don't quite work out as expected

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s29e30 / The Rita Supremacy

25th Apr '15 - 8:50pm
The Rita Supremacy

As a new shift starts at Holby, Connie wakes up in a police cell, desperate to prove her innocence in the Alfred case - but she reckons without Rita's interference. Two teenage lovers are brought in after a house fire suspected of being arson, although things soon get confusing when the girl's mum appears and no one seems to be telling the truth. A young woman catches Lofty's eye when she comes in with an infected tattoo.

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s29e31 / The Department of Secrets

2nd May '15 - 8:50pm
The Department of Secrets

It's the day of Connie's trial for Alfred's hug - will Rita come forward with the evidence required to clear her name? A young girl from a care home is admitted after cutting her wrists, and the staff have reason to suspect she is being abused. An elderly woman ends up with hypothermia after swimming in the sea. But when her daughter turns up at the hospital, it seems there's more to the patient's story than meets the eye

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s29e32 / Exile

16th May '15 - 8:50pm

Charlie goes to Bucharest to track down his missing son Louis, taking Connie with him. They discover that Louis is addicted to heroin, and owes money to some shady characters. Charlie tries to stop his son from selling his kidney on the black market to pay his debts, while Connie offers moral support to Louis' girlfriend and finds comfort with a local doctor - only to realise he may not be trustworthy

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s29e33 / Against the Odds

30th May '15 - 8:50pm
Against the Odds

Marcus, a young, talented skater, gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and ends up robbing an arcade run by the unscrupulous proprietor Keong. When the situation escalates, a skate-shop owner tries to stop the incident coming to a tragic end. Meanwhile, in the Emergency Department, Charlie worries about Louis's wellbeing following his return from Romania, and Lily helps a young woman - who happens to be one of Keong's employees - escape a difficult situation involving a wager placed on her ailing mother's odds of survival by her decidedly dodgy boss.

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s29e34 / Fix You

6th Jun '15 - 8:50pm
Fix You

Cal and Ethan plan to travel to Finland, to help a patient take part in a potentially life-saving clinical trial. However, they soon find themselves entangled in a wider family crisis involving a son who is unable to come to terms with the seriousness of his mother's illness. Meanwhile, Zoe tries to connect with the victim of a car accident who seems to be unable to speak, Dylan's successes as the clinical lead are brought to an abrupt end when Connie takes back the role, and Zoe decides to move into a flat with Max after growing weary of life with the gang

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s29e35 / The Way Home

13th Jun '15 - 8:50pm
The Way Home

Louis sticks up for a lost teenage girl, unwittingly leading to his heroin addiction becoming common knowledge, and forcing Charlie to take action. Meanwhile, a patient dies while under Dylan's care following a botched team-building exercise, and Connie returns with a new leadership technique, leaving her colleagues less than impressed

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s29e36 / The Golden Hours

20th Jun '15 - 8:50pm
The Golden Hours

Dixie tries to help an unstable mother, Suzy, who is grieving for her baby, but soon suspects that she has abducted another one to replace her own, leading to a dramatic turn of events that puts Suzy and the child's lives at risk. Cal reluctantly teams up with a leukaemia patient to work together to raise money for charity by producing a nude calendar, while Charlie finds Louis trying to take heroin and takes him to see the body of a dead addict for shock therapy, leading Louis to issue one more cry for help

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s29e37 / A Moment of Clarity

27th Jun '15 - 8:50pm
A Moment of Clarity

Charlie continues his efforts to help Louis manage his heroin withdrawal, but seems to be fighting a losing battle with his son, while Cal convinces a pushy mum to come clean to her daughter after she fails to reach a beauty pageant. Robyn and Zach finally share a kiss, Dylan's bad day suddenly improves after he mistakenly pockets a 'lucky' talisman, and Zoe and Max fall out over money, with Max choosing to spend a night sleeping in the car after his embarrassment becomes too much for him to bear

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s29e38 / Heart over Head

4th Jul '15 - 8:50pm
Heart over Head

A mother on the run from the police sacrifices her life for her pregnant daughter, while Dylan learns the power of belief through a patient who has a holistic therapist, and decides that the number four is unlucky for him. Charlie's continuing battle with Louis takes a dramatic turn when he finds his son in a drug den, and his threat to inject himself if Louis does finally leads to his offer of help being accepted. Meanwhile, Cal reveals he is taking exams with Ethan, Robyn breaks up with Zach, and Lily is on the hunt for a partner

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s29e39 / Holby Sin City

11th Jul '15 - 8:50pm
Holby Sin City

Ethan is caught up in a complex hug case when he falls for an enchanting woman called Bonnie, who brings nothing but trouble. This special episode, written by Mark Catley, sees Hanssen give his team in the Emergency Department a pep-talk during a night shift, ahead of a dramatic evening. Iain and Dixie find a distraught Bonnie in a tattoo parlour with her boyfriend Clyde bleeding on the floor, and though she claims her lover left a suicide note, Ethan is suspicious that she is the one who pulled the trigger

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s29e40 / If You Could Bottle It

18th Jul '15 - 8:50pm
If You Could Bottle It

An unlikely hero leads the team to a crucial diagnosis and things get worse for Dylan as he struggles with his obsessive behaviour compulsions. Rita helps a desperate man to realise that he needs help, and new nurse Jacob Masters makes quite an impression on the staff, especially with Connie

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s29e41 / The Next Step

25th Jul '15 - 8:50pm
The Next Step

Jacob starts his first day at Holby's accident and emergency department, and he immediately has to put his powers of persuasion to use when a lie nearly costs a girl her life.

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s29e42 / Dark Horses

1st Aug '15 - 8:50pm
Dark Horses

When a dad is given an ultimatum - move away with work or lose his job - Charlie helps him do the right thing for his daughter. A son attempts to break off his father's recent engagement to a younger fiancee and lands her in the Emergency Department, but Max is on hand to convince him to respect his father's decision. Meanwhile, Honey's plans to impress Ethan are ruined when Lily continues to pursue him, and Max and Zoe decide not to break the news of their engagement - but it soon gets out

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s29e43 / The Long Haul

8th Aug '15 - 8:50pm
The Long Haul

Following an accident in his truck, Dylan's father Brian is admitted to the Emergency Department. It is clear he and and his son are not on good terms, and Dylan takes out his anger and frustration on Dervla, causing the hound to run away. Louis steals Tess's crucifix so he can get money for drugs, but Charlie tracks him down and, realising he has developed deep vein thrombosis, takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jacob's romantic side is revealed and Lily lets Ethan go

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s29e44 / Knock Knock Who's There?

15th Aug '15 - 8:50pm
Knock Knock Who's There?

Dylan creates a scene in front of his colleagues when he hits back at staff nurse Lofty, so Connie gives him one day to prove he is fit enough to carry out his medical duties. Tess's son Sam visits the hospital and introduces her to her first grandchild, meaning she has a difficult decision to make. Meanwhile, after helping Max out with options for the big day, Big Mac is overjoyed when he is asked to be best man at his wedding to Zoe, and Ethan takes the opportunity to ask Honey out after her unsuccessful date

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s29e45 / Forsaking All Others, Part One

22nd Aug '15 - 8:50pm
Forsaking All Others, Part One

Zoe visits Dylan and persuades him to get help for his OCD, and Lily desperately seeks her parents' approval after being promoted to registrar. Meanwhile, the team helps a father forgive his daughter after he discovers she gave her mother the pill that caused her untimely death. Elsewhere, a man lies to his girlfriend about an accident involving her seven year old son, but Ethan convinces him to come clean. Plus, Ethan and Cal find out they have failed their exams, and Louis refuses to see Charlie at rehab

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s29e46 / Forsaking All Others, Part Two

23rd Aug '15 - 8:50pm
Forsaking All Others, Part Two

The day of carefree porter Max and senior consultant Zoe's wedding finally arrives, but it seems someone has developed cold feet. The drama continues at the reception when a drunk Louis lashes out at Max, and in all the commotion, a flame heater is knocked over, resulting in a deadly blaze. Meanwhile, back at the ED, a patient blames Louise for causing her miscarriage when she treated her as a nurse at another hospital, and Dylan tries to bring his anxieties under control after being diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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