Season 12

s12e01 / Give My Love to Esme

11th Sep '97 - 8:50pm
Give My Love to Esme

An explosion rocks the shopping centre putting A&E on red alert but Charlie worries as Baz and Louis had gone shopping.

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s12e02 / Private Lives

13th Sep '97 - 8:50pm
Private Lives

After a young girl is beaten up, the team try to warn her the dangers of being a prostitute as the team find other injuries on a woman bought in after falling down the stairs.

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s12e03 / Nearest and Dearest

20th Sep '97 - 8:50pm
Nearest and Dearest

The team get a shock when a patient is shot dead in reception as Tina receives a reprimand from Charlie.

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s12e04 / What Friends Are For

27th Sep '97 - 8:50pm
What Friends Are For

Kate find herself struggling with money trouble as Richard and George find themselves clashing over patients.

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s12e05 / The Things We Do for Love

4th Oct '97 - 8:50pm
The Things We Do for Love

The staff aren't happy when money made available is being used for security as the team deal with two families locked in dispute.

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s12e06 / Counting the Cost

11th Oct '97 - 8:50pm
Counting the Cost

A shop manager is reluctant to call an ambulance for a worker who is working there illegally as Liz's boyfriend has left her for another woman.

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s12e07 / Always on My Mind

18th Oct '97 - 8:50pm
Always on My Mind

Jack finds himself in trouble when a patient he declares dead is found with a pulse and is revived as Kate is starting to feel the strain of her secret addiction to shopping.

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s12e08 / Finders Keepers

25th Oct '97 - 8:50pm
Finders Keepers

After wrongly declaring a patient dead, a complaint has been made against Jack as a bisexual is being stalked by an old flame.

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s12e09 / Whatever It Takes

1st Nov '97 - 8:50pm
Whatever It Takes

On their way back to Holby with a patient, Josh and Liz come across a car crash and stop to help as an injured 17 year old is admitted with an older woman and a baby.

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s12e10 / A Taste of Freedom

8th Nov '97 - 8:50pm
A Taste of Freedom

Kate finds herself the subject of gossip over whether or not she was caught shoplifting as Charlie's birthday doesn't prove to be a happy one.

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s12e11 / Bad Company

15th Nov '97 - 8:50pm
Bad Company

Jack finds himself with complaints about his conduct and suspects Charlie might be involved as the team deal with a clown who has fallen several feet.

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s12e12 / Moving On

22nd Nov '97 - 8:50pm
Moving On

Liz's last day at Holby finds her and Josh trapped in a lift following a domestic incident as Baz and Charlie get themselves ready for their holiday in Australia.

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s12e13 / Power of Persuasion

29th Nov '97 - 8:50pm
Power of Persuasion

Eve Montgomery brings in a soldier who has been injured but Mark is unaware that she will soon be working at Holby as a runner is found unconscious in the toilets.

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s12e14 / Out of Control

6th Dec '97 - 8:50pm
Out of Control

Mark has his doubts that the locum consultant isn't up to the job and is proved right as a young boy is injured during an fray between his father and teacher.

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s12e15 / Love's Labour

13th Dec '97 - 8:50pm
Love's Labour

Sam isn't happy that a patient doesn't want him treating him as he is gay as Baz returns to work after their holiday.

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s12e16 / Facing Up

20th Dec '97 - 8:50pm
Facing Up

Interviews for the role of Sister takes place with Mark and Eve being strong candidates as Josh tries to help a young boy caught in a house fire.

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s12e17 / The Golden Hour

27th Dec '97 - 8:50pm
The Golden Hour

A massive pile up occurs on the motorway cause trouble for the department as Sam discovers his boyfriend is there with a woman.

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s12e18 / An Eye for an Eye

3rd Jan '98 - 8:50pm
An Eye for an Eye

The department in struck by a power cut causing trouble with Charlie finding Elliot unable to manage as Eve realises Charlie and Baz have split up.

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s12e19 / Loco Parentis

10th Jan '98 - 8:50pm
Loco Parentis

Sam has been staying with Sunny but is starting to get on his nerves as things don't appear to be going well for Charlie and Baz.

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s12e20 / Degrees of Separation

17th Jan '98 - 8:50pm
Degrees of Separation

After learning that Mark has a daughter, George has been avoiding him as Tina and Sunny get ready for a double date.

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s12e21 / Secrets

24th Jan '98 - 8:50pm

Josh isn't happy to learn the number of fake 999 calls have been from Liam trying to get his attention whilst Tina goes into work despite being raped as Elliot breaks down.

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s12e22 / Love Me Tender

31st Jan '98 - 8:50pm
Love Me Tender

One of the most powerful Casualty episodes ever. The truth about Tina's rape comes out and in some very emotional scenes she tells Eve in the staff room. At the end of the episode Josh and Penny are giving Tina and Eve a lift home in the ambulance. Tina asks Eve what she's going to do and Eve replies, "You're going to get through this"

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s12e23 / Taking Sides

7th Feb '98 - 8:50pm
Taking Sides

It is the day of the football match as Tina receives support from Eve to report her rape to the police.

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s12e24 / We Can Be Heroes

14th Feb '98 - 8:50pm
We Can Be Heroes

A trip to the solicitors for Baz finds herself being held hostage by an angry man as Elliot arranges a self defence course for several staff members.

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s12e25 / Everlasting Love (1)

21st Feb '98 - 8:50pm
Everlasting Love (1)

The day of Charlie and Baz's wedding arrives with Megan, Ash, Duffy and Mike returning but a fire requires the staff back at Holby as Tina's parents arrive to see her.

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s12e26 / Everlasting Love (2)

28th Feb '98 - 8:50pm
Everlasting Love (2)

Josh manages to save Charlie from being run over as George and Mark try to get Lamisha to report her family to the police.

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