Season 13

s13e01 / Internal Inferno (1)

5th Sep '98 - 8:50pm
Internal Inferno (1)

It is a busy shift for the staff as they try to treat a baby but the mother doesn't speak English but a fire at a school makes the shift even busier.

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s13e02 / Internal Inferno (2)

6th Sep '98 - 8:50pm
Internal Inferno (2)

The team continue the race to save casualties from the school fire but Mark has also been injured and in a critical condition after a car crash.

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s13e03 / Honey Bunny

12th Sep '98 - 8:50pm
Honey Bunny

Two youths attempt a robbery at on shop which fails leaving one of them injured as the team need a replacement for Mark who is still seriously injured.

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s13e04 / The Ties That Bind

19th Sep '98 - 8:50pm
The Ties That Bind

Duffy returns to work at Holby in the role of an agency nurse as the team deal with a woman who has been locked in a room.

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s13e05 / Toys and Boys

26th Sep '98 - 8:50pm
Toys and Boys

The team battle to save the life of a mother injured after saving a girl from being run over as Eve tries to help a homeless girl open up.

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s13e06 / Eye Spy

3rd Oct '98 - 8:50pm
Eye Spy

Mark is back at working following the car crash as Duffy is revealed to be considering accepting the job offer.

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s13e07 / A Place of Safety

10th Oct '98 - 8:50pm
A Place of Safety

Sunny tasks Josh with putting some money on a horse for him but emergency call outs delay this task as Max gets a call about his drug addict son Frank.

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s13e08 / She Loved the Rain

17th Oct '98 - 8:50pm
She Loved the Rain

It is a busy shift but Sean is acting strangely after the events of the previous week as a group of youths including Frank plan a robbery.

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s13e09 / Public Service

24th Oct '98 - 8:50pm
Public Service

Charlie is driving to work when a man gets his attention as his wife need help as Adam informs Sam that he is HIV+.

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s13e10 / It's Good to Talk

31st Oct '98 - 8:50pm
It's Good to Talk

Chloe is out for the day with Josh and Penny on the ambulance as a cross country run leaves a young boy in hospital.

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s13e11 / Next of Kin

7th Nov '98 - 8:50pm
Next of Kin

It is a busy shift as the team have to deal with a group of protesters trying to stop trees from being cut as Eve is met with resistance regarding her 5 week holiday.

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s13e12 / Home Truths

14th Nov '98 - 8:50pm
Home Truths

Sean is nervous as he faces the coroner over the death of a patient as his colleagues wish him luck as the team treat their patients including a young girl who has hit her head badly.

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s13e13 / One from the Heart

21st Nov '98 - 8:50pm
One from the Heart

The team find themselves puzzled about a man who collapses in reception without a pulse before coming back to life as Sean is worried about facing legal action.

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s13e14 / Trust

28th Nov '98 - 8:50pm

The team have a tough day as they deal with a prisoner who been brought in after an insulin overdose as Sunny goes with Amy to her ante-natal class.

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s13e15 / No Place Like Home

5th Dec '98 - 8:50pm
No Place Like Home

A young boy in a care home runs away after being teased about wetting the bed as he meets another homeless boy who is eventually beaten up.

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s13e16 / Making a Difference

12th Dec '98 - 8:50pm
Making a Difference

Penny and Josh are driving a patient back to Holby when a car ends up running a red light causing a crash as Duffy learns that Frank has run of with stolen jewellery.

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s13e17 / Miracle on Casualty

19th Dec '98 - 8:50pm
Miracle on Casualty

A mother leaves her baby alone whilst she pops down the pub but ends up staying longer than planned as the staff get ready for the Christmas party.

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s13e18 / New Year and All That

26th Dec '98 - 8:50pm
New Year and All That

Sunny can't help but keep going on about how he helped delivered Amy's baby as Mark is preparing to leave and go train to be a doctor as Josh is threatened over the money he owes.

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s13e19 / Trapped

9th Jan '99 - 8:50pm

Trouble escalates on a rough estate after a teenage lad is shot which soon escalates to outside the police station as Eve's friend Marius is found to have Crohn's disease.

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s13e20 / White Lies, White Wedding

16th Jan '99 - 8:50pm
White Lies, White Wedding

A letter received by Sean by mistake reveals that Eve and Marius are married as Penny tries to get Josh to seek help over his gambling problem.

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s13e21 / Team Work

23rd Jan '99 - 8:50pm
Team Work

Max learns that the hospital could be closed down to form a major department over at St. Thomas' as a football sees a player having a heart attack after scoring a penalty shot.

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s13e22 / Human Traffic

30th Jan '99 - 8:50pm
Human Traffic

Chloe is concerned that Tina is going to find out what happened with her and Sean as the departments complaint log is found to be full.

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s13e23 / Mother's Day

6th Feb '99 - 8:50pm
Mother's Day

Josh and Penny are at the scene of a car crash when a fireman slips and injures himself as a mother leaves her baby with her adopted mum to visit her birth mum.

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s13e24 / Face Value

13th Feb '99 - 8:50pm
Face Value

Josh and Penny are treating two patients at a derelict building only to find themselves trapped as when the floor collapses as George's research is going too slow for Max's liking.

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s13e25 / Crazy Love

20th Feb '99 - 8:50pm
Crazy Love

Sean is in need of support with the approaching court case and ends up snapping at Tina as George tells Duffy she is thinking about applying for another job.

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s13e26 / The Hardest Word

27th Feb '99 - 8:50pm
The Hardest Word

Thinks between Eve and Marius are awkward as the trust tries one last attempt at an out-of-court settlement as George has got herself a job interview at Broadway General.

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s13e27 / Love over Gold (1)

6th Mar '99 - 8:50pm
Love over Gold (1)

George is on her way home after her shift but a stop at the bank finds herself caught up in a bank raid as Chloe is a bit tight whenever pregnancy is mentioned.

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s13e28 / Love over Gold (2)

13th Mar '99 - 8:50pm
Love over Gold (2)

Following the bank raid, Josh and George find themselves being held hostage in the woods as Eve tells Charlie and Duffy Marius has returned to Romania.

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