Season 27

s27e01 / Kansas

18th Aug '12 - 8:50pm

Zoe's first day as the ED'S clinical lead gets off to a trying start when the team are faced with dealing with the aftermath of a tunnel collapse at a music festival.

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s27e02 / Cuckoo's Nest

25th Aug '12 - 8:50pm
Cuckoo's Nest

After baby Lucy is left home alone, Tamzin and Jeff are called out to rescue her. With no one to look after her and in her new role of boss, Zoe puts Dylan in charge of the baby's care until social services show up. After Lucy's condition suddenly deteriorates it is left to Tom to revive her. Tamzin and Jeff are asked to help a lap dancer who has collapsed at work. Sam treats a mystery man called Alan, who has lost his memory after being struck by car.

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s27e03 / Rock, Paper, Scissors

1st Sep '12 - 8:50pm
Rock, Paper, Scissors

Tom and Sam start to grow closer after they attempt to deal with a female cage fighter who insists on competing, despite their advice. Some really devastating news puts a wedding in doubt.

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s27e04 / An Amateur Sport

15th Sep '12 - 8:50pm
An Amateur Sport

Dylan and Tess offer advise to a vulnerable pregnant woman whose husband is pressurising her to have a C-section. Fletch offers support to a young swimmer.

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s27e05 / I'll See You in My Dreams

22nd Sep '12 - 8:50pm
I'll See You in My Dreams

The team is put to the test when Holby is hit by severe weather, and the stress of work and dealing with a face from the past leads Big Mac's health to take a dangerous turn.

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s27e06 / Evolve or Be Extinct

29th Sep '12 - 8:50pm
Evolve or Be Extinct

Medical drama. Fletch plays a practical joke on Lloyd after a staff night out, and Dylan attempts to teach a medical student about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

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s27e07 / Tough Love

6th Oct '12 - 8:50pm
Tough Love

Linda is upset after Denise announces her plans to leave Holby with the children. A disaster in a warehouse brings a family much closer together. As Linda finds it hard to come to terms with Denise's decision, she throws herself into treating Henry and Jules, a father and son injured in an accident at the warehouse. When things go missing the finger of accusation is pointed at Denise.

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s27e08 / The Kindness of Strangers

13th Oct '12 - 8:50pm
The Kindness of Strangers

Zoe oversteps the line when she attempts to help a vulnerable young woman, and Mac gets into serious trouble on his first day back when a patient with Alzheimer's appears to have swallowed some cleaning fluid.

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s27e09 / Harvest Festival (1)

20th Oct '12 - 8:50pm
Harvest Festival (1)

Zoe struggles to deal with the fallout of a suspected E. coli outbreak, and Dylan is touched by an elderly patient who has lost his beloved wife.

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s27e10 / Seeing in the Dark (2)

27th Oct '12 - 8:50pm
Seeing in the Dark (2)

The team struggles to cope following Zoe's decision to go public with the E. coli outbreak. Tom and Sam begin to grow closer at the staff Halloween party.

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s27e11 / When Love Breaks Down

3rd Nov '12 - 8:50pm
When Love Breaks Down

Dylan deals with a woman whose pregnancy is not all it seems, and teenager Angel is desperate to get some cash together to pay off her bullies.

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s27e12 / Out of the Blue

17th Nov '12 - 8:50pm
Out of the Blue

Tamzin refuses to treat a drunk and abusive patient and there are serious repercussions. Tom, Sam and Dylan need to find a way to work together to treat a family with a rare genetic disorder.

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s27e13 / Sixteen Candles

24th Nov '12 - 8:50pm
Sixteen Candles

An intruder sees a teenager's birthday coming to an abrupt end, sending a patient from Tess's past back to the ED. A woman ends up collapsing in shock after learning that she's the heir to her estranged aunt's fortune.

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s27e14 / My Aim Is True

1st Dec '12 - 8:50pm
My Aim Is True

Dylan's suspicions about Amanda increase. Tom finds himself being confronted by an unwelcome face from his past, as Zoe and Fletch treat a mother with Down's Syndrome in distress.

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s27e15 / The Blame Game

8th Dec '12 - 8:50pm
The Blame Game

Tom and new locum Dominic fall out over the correct course of treatment for a patient. Tamzin receives some news that could finish her career.

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s27e16 / I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

15th Dec '12 - 8:50pm
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

Tensions increase between Tom and Dominic as they argue over the treatment of a baby suffering with severe hypothermia. Dylan finally admits that he has not moved on from his break up with Sam.

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s27e17 / Rabbits in Headlights

5th Jan '13 - 8:50pm
Rabbits in Headlights

Four new student nurses called Ally, Aoife, Jamie and Robyn face a difficult first day in the ED, as they find it hard to cope with the devastating effects of a shocking coach crash.

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s27e18 / Smoke and Mirrors

12th Jan '13 - 8:50pm
Smoke and Mirrors

Zoe is worried that Jordan might not be facing up to the severity of Yvonne's condition after she is rushed to the hospital. Tom and Sam have to work together to uncover the secrets between three students. Robyn finds out that Aoife's boyfriend is not as perfect as he looks.

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s27e19 / No Other Medicine

19th Jan '13 - 8:50pm
No Other Medicine

Jordan fights to keep his girlfriend's life support machine switched on but when an ill young woman arrives in the ED, he's forced to reconsider his motives.

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s27e20 / Broken Heart Syndrome

26th Jan '13 - 8:50pm
Broken Heart Syndrome

It is Yvonne's funeral and Jordan finds it hard to say to goodbye. A face from the past turns his world upside down after showing up.

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s27e21 / Life Goes On

2nd Feb '13 - 8:50pm
Life Goes On

Jordan's return to the hospital comes to a dramatic climax after he is called upon to save the life of the individual to blame for his girlfriend's death.

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s27e22 / If Not for You

9th Feb '13 - 8:50pm
If Not for You

A familiar face shows up at the hospital after Charlie's former nursing deputy Ash who is now qualified as a doctor rejoins the team. He is forced to hit the ground running though as he treats a patient with suspected rabies. Aoife is forced to take control of her private life after ex-boyfriend Craig shows up.

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s27e23 / Ostrich Syndrome

16th Feb '13 - 8:50pm
Ostrich Syndrome

The team are plagued by the continuing flu outbreak, and with Zoe off sick, Ash and the rest of team are pushed to the brink as they find it hard to deal with the crisis. A man's efforts to track down his ex-wife result in a car crash, but once in the ED he reveals how she might be able to save their son, the boy she abandoned as a baby 10 years ago.

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s27e24 / Though Lovers Be Lost

23rd Feb '13 - 8:50pm
Though Lovers Be Lost

Zoe returns to work from sick leave and finds herself walking straight into a confrontation with Ash. Jeff needs to persuade a man to act in his son's best interest. Fletch is determined to help an elderly gentleman.

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s27e25 / Brave New World

2nd Mar '13 - 8:50pm
Brave New World

Big Mac believes that he could have finally found the woman of his dreams, and after she mistakes him for a doctor he doesn't set the record straight. Ash clashes with Zoe when he carries out a risky procedure without her knowledge.

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s27e26 / Cross Roads

9th Mar '13 - 8:50pm
Cross Roads

Ash and Zoe find it hard to get a teenage boy to accept the seriousness of his father's condition. Linda attempts to help a pregnant woman deal with her no-good boyfriend.

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s27e27 / With and Without You

16th Mar '13 - 8:50pm
With and Without You

Jeff finds himself in the middle a marital dispute. Robyn breaks a patient confidentiality. Linda attempts to give a woman with a learning disabled son a little bit of respite.

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s27e28 / And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

23rd Mar '13 - 8:50pm
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

A day out at the fair ends up not being much fun after Robyn skives off work to spend the day with old school friend Fran, who seems to spend most of her time putting Robyn down. Following an accident on the ghost train Robyn ends up having more to worry about than playing truant from work as she attempts to save her friend's life. Tom finds himself in trouble with both Sam and Zoe.

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s27e29 / Punch Drunk Love

30th Mar '13 - 8:50pm
Punch Drunk Love

Tom attempts to try and help a young man who he suspects may be the victim of a sexual assault.
Jamie is concerned that the stepfather of a young boy knows more that he is letting on about the boy's head injury.

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s27e30 / Hidden (1)

6th Apr '13 - 8:50pm
Hidden (1)

Zoe and Ash are forced to work together to reunite two schoolgirls who are hurt during a science exam. Tom attempts to help a frightened mother and son.

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s27e31 / Unsilenced (2)

13th Apr '13 - 8:50pm
Unsilenced (2)

Zoe goes out of her way to help and protect a young girl who she believes is at risk of female genital mutilation. Fletch deals with a man who needs to take responsibility for his health and lifestyle.

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s27e32 / Family Matters

20th Apr '13 - 8:50pm
Family Matters

Jeff is worried after his father and sister are involved in a car accident. Jamie finally manages to stand up to his overbearing father. Linda attempts to help a woman suffering with post-natal depression.

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s27e33 / Human Resources

27th Apr '13 - 8:50pm
Human Resources

When hoodies break into an off-licence, it is more than just a random attack, and a family must pull together to stop the gang's reign. When a confused and disoriented Godfrey brings his dog Lulu to the ED, it takes teamwork to discover the sad truth behind his condition.

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s27e34 / The Morning After

4th May '13 - 8:50pm
The Morning After

Ash's daughter is admitted to the ED after she is hit by a drunken police motorist. Tom's finds his judgement being called into question after he discharges a baby, only for the child to almost die.

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s27e35 / Isolated Incident

11th May '13 - 8:50pm
Isolated Incident

Tom attempts to help a group of relatives who are in denial about their problems. Linda takes sides after she believes that a patient is being harassed by a gang of youths.

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s27e36 / The Milk of Human Kindness

25th May '13 - 8:50pm
The Milk of Human Kindness

Tom wants to prove that a previous misdiagnosis is not affecting his current confidence. Tess attempts to help a young woman face her future.

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s27e37 / Love Is the Drug

1st Jun '13 - 8:50pm
Love Is the Drug

After Tess sees a stabbing taking place, she becomes personally involved with the victim and the attacker. Charlie attempts to help a couple whose relationship is feeling the strain of the wife's long-term illness.

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s27e38 / You Always Hurt the One You Love

8th Jun '13 - 8:50pm
You Always Hurt the One You Love

Lloyd becomes determined to learn the truth about a cannabis factory as he starts his final day as a nurse. Tess and Fletch attempt to counsel a young couple.

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s27e39 / Garage Flowers

15th Jun '13 - 8:50pm
Garage Flowers

Tom has to deal with a dilemma involving truth and confidentiality regarding the paternity of a baby. Sam attempts to help a man deal with his anger and offers him a chance to save his marriage as well.

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s27e40 / What Goes Up

22nd Jun '13 - 8:50pm
What Goes Up

Fletch goes with Dixie and Jeff as they are called out to help a diabetic woman in the city's highest tower block. After the nurse is involved in a run-in with a group of unruly teenagers threatening a man in one of the lower flats, he ends up having to perform an emergency operation.

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s27e41 / Letting Go

29th Jun '13 - 8:50pm
Letting Go

Tom and Sam end up clashing over the best course of action for a mother who is not able to cope any longer. Ash receives another visit from his daughter Ella.

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s27e42 / A History of Violence

6th Jul '13 - 8:50pm
A History of Violence

A man is brought in following being involved a mugging. When Sam and Fletch treat him, they begin to doubt his story. Robyn learns the facts behind a little boy's injured arm.

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s27e43 / Secrets and Lies (1)

13th Jul '13 - 8:50pm
Secrets and Lies (1)

Tom is paying a prison visit as a disturbance breaks out, and he discovers himself caught in the middle as trouble ensues. Zoe attempts to help a young girl who is determined to try and connect with her mother.

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s27e44 / Mistakes Happen (2)

20th Jul '13 - 8:50pm
Mistakes Happen (2)

The riot at the prison escalates, leaving Tom and Jeff in serious danger. At the hospital Tess treats two young sisters, while trying to come to terms with discovering that she is pregnant by Fletch.

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